The Flash “Infantino Street” (Season 3 Episode 22) Review


Wow, these past few episodes of The Flash have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and this recent one really tugs at the heartstrings!



– How everything felt like it was coming together, just like when Barry saw Iris die when he accidentally traveled into the future.

– Killer Frost/Caitlin asking Savitar AKA Future Barry/time remnant Barry if he really has it in him to kill Iris considering he has all of original Barry’s memories.

– Savitar gaining new memories when Barry recruits Captain Cold to steal Dominator tech from ARGUS, that was pretty cool.

– Savitar explaining to Caitlin how she needs to be there to fight Cisco. Is he taking a heavy hitter out of the fight to ensure his victory?

– Captain Cold returning to help out The Flash, they make a good team. They are the perfect good cop/bad cop.

– Joe and Iris’ heart to heart and confession about lies they told each other.

– Barry realizing that he cannot actively be involved in any part of the plan to stop Savitar because he would remember.

– Barry using the face tech to sneak into the ARGUS facility as Lyla. I have a feeling this will be used in some way to save Iris in the finale.

– Captain Cold explaining how he plans heists: Make the plan, Execute the plan, Expect the plan to go off the rails and then Throw away the plan! Love it haha

– Joe’s plan to hide Iris on Earth 2, it wasn’t a bad idea.

– Savitar pretending to be Barry and tricking HR into revealing the whereabouts of Iris, that was absolutely terrifying and screamed evil genius! 

– Captain Cold telling Barry to use his inherent goodness to defeat Savitar.

– Savitar defeating Wally and  breaking his leg, that was intense!

– Cisco realizing that his fight with Caitlin in the snowy forest was destined to happen. Please don’t let Cisco lose his hands!

– Barry trying to stop Savitar with the speed force bazooka and finding out it had no effect on him! Wow

– Savitar revealing The Philosopher’s Stone is a calcified speed force energy and he was prepared for the speed force bazooka! That scene was incredible.

– When Barry is running to stop Savitar from killing Iris, and it is juxtaposed with Iris reading her part of her wedding vows, which she recorded earlier in the episode.

– The episode ending with Savitar actually killing Iris, it was heartbreaking but it worked so well.

– The last fifteen minutes of the episode, it was so intense and I was on the edge of my seat! It was an adrenaline rush!


These final episodes feeling like filler, despite having cool moments and great scenes. It’s too late in the season for superfluous scenes and filler. Let’s get on with the action!

This section is new, but I will give it a shot anyways!


-Why does Savitar need Caitlin to keep Cisco away from him, is it a distraction?

– Does Savitar know Cisco is the key to his defeat and is purposely taking him off the proverbial chess board?

– Did Iris really die? If so, is Barry going to change it somehow?

– How will Barry defeat Savitar?

– Will Barry get help from the speed force?

All our questions will be answered in the season 3 finale next Tuesday!