The Flash “Cause and Effect”  (Season 3 Episode 21) Review


Well we finally found out who Savitar is and why he is, and needless to say things are going to get VERY interesting for Barry Allen and the rest of Team Flash!



-Finding out Future Barry was Savitar but that (like a lot of fans theorized) he was a time remnant who survives the battle against Savitar.

– 2024 Barry’s conversation with Barry about creating time remnants to try and defeat Savitar only for ONE to be left alive (the time remnant that is destined to be become Savitar) actually being important and having huge implications.

– Savitar Barry explaining that Joe, Wally, Iris and the rest of team flash shunning him in the future because they don’t see him as THE TRUE Barry Allen and an aberration. I find it hard to believe that Team Flash would shun any version of Barry Allen. Maybe there is more to this story.

– Savitar wanting to kill Iris to ensure Barry’s fall into darkness leading him to become Savitar (this seemed like the only logical explanation for Barry wanting to kill Iris and was a theory of mine). 

– The short fight between Barry and Savitar and seeing that Savitar’s suit can operate without him in it!

– When time remnant Barry runs into his Savitar suit, that was awesome!

– When Barry and Savitar both charge at each other and throw lightning at each other causing a huge explosion!

– Cisco explaining that Future Barry becoming Savitar is a closed time loop. In the future Barry uses time remnants to try and defeat Savitar and lets one live so that they can become Savitar. Savitar travels back in time creating the myth that he was the first speedster and gaining followers to help him in his crusade to amass power and become a god.

– Cisco realizing (and the show confirming) that the message from Future Barry in 2056 found in the Wave Rider in “Legends of Tomorrow” about warning not to trust anyone including himself was a warning about Savitar!

– Amnesiac Barry saying that Bartholomew Henry Allen is a bad name haha.

Amnesiac Barry wanting to be called Bart, which is a reference to Barry’s speedster grandson, AKA Impulse from the comics!

– Amnesiac Barry looking at his hands and then Wally after Wally explains that they are brothers, and Wally’s funny grin, that was hilarious!

– Amnesiac Barry and Iris falling in love again, that was a great scene.

– Tracy and HR’s chemistry and their obsession with caffeine. Those two are adorable! 

– Cisco and Caitlin working together again and seeing how much Cisco cares for her.

– Killer Frost’s eyes changing back to Caitlin’s for a split second. Maybe she isn’t lost forever and there is still a chance to bring Caitlin back?

– Tracy and HR coming up with the Speed Force Cannon/Bazooka!

– When Iris realizes Barry needs the pain and tragedy from his past to make him a great hero and helps him remember.

– Barry having to steal tech that will power the Speed Force Cannon (that was taken from the Dominators in that four show crossover early this year).


– How this episode felt like filler, besides finding out some interesting details about Savitar.

– Having to wait until now to find out about Savitar, why wait so long?

Overall, I enjoyed “Cause and Effect” and I am looking forward to seeing how Barry stops Savitar and saves Iris!

The Lego Batman Movie Review (10/10)


Well I have been kind of inconsistent with my posts and I apologize for that. I will now be posting new articles every Tuesday! I have been on vacation and  finally got a chance to see the Lego Batman Movie!

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