The Flash “Finish Line” Season 3 Episode 23 Review


Well Season 3 of The Flash has officially ended and what a finale it was!

What I Liked:

– How the episode picked right up from where the previous episode ended.

– Finding out the fate of Iris

– The twist of H.R. using his transmographer device to switch places with Iris

– Seeing the flashback to explain how and when Iris and H.R. switched places

– Barry trying to reach the good person in Savitar and their short moment of bonding

– Savitar once again proving that he is completely evil when he tricks Team Flash into thinking he will join them (although I think Barry knew he couldn’t turn him good)

– Cisco’s insult about Savitar’s “thin crust pizza” he calls a face, that was funny!

– Savitar’s backup plan to splice himself and spread himself throughout all of time. This villain came prepared!

– Savitar threatening to kill Caitlin if Cisco didn’t agree to modify the speedforce bazooka

– The return of The Black Flash and Caitlin freezing and presumably killing him and saying “Later Hunter.” I am pretty sure he will b3 replaced because he is the Grim Reaper for Speedsters.

– Julian creating a cure for Caitlin’s metahuman ice powers.

– Cisco using the bazooka to free Jay from the speedforce!

– Gypsy saving Cisco and using a breach to escape Savitar’s lair!

– Jay, Wally, and Barry vs. Savitar!

– Barry phasing TRB (Time Remnant Barry) out of his Savitar armor and taking it over and how he made the suit red and looked far more sinister than Future Barry did in it.

– Barry beating the crap out of Savitar and destroying the armor!

– Iris shooting and killing Time Remnant Barry who was about to sneak up behind Barry and kill him.

– Barry revealing H.R.’s final words to Cisco were “Tell Cisco this took strength and he gave it to me.” That part really hit me in the feels!

– Cisco and Gypsy vs. Savitar

– Caitlin saving Cisco from Savitar

– H.R.’s funeral and the quote on his gravestone

“The two important moments in our life are the day we are born and the reason we find out why.”

– Mark Twain

– Caitlin trying to figure out who she is and taking time away from the team

– The speedforce needing a prisoner or speedster to keep it stabilized

– Barry realizing he needs to enter the speedforce as penance for Flashpoint and Savitar

– The Speedforce in the form of Barry’s mother mentioning how this is Barry’s “finish line,” which is a euphemism for death.

– How this could possibly tie in or explain the 2024 newspaper headline:

“Flash Vanishes, Missing in Crisis!”

– How this references the comics event when Barry “dies” and Wally becomes “The Flash”

What I disliked:

– H.R. dying, I loved his character.

Burning Questions

– Will they fast forward and Barry will return years later?

– Could Barry get his 2024 Flash costume when he returns from the speedforce?

Overall I enjoyed “Finish Line” and it will be a long agonizing wait until The Flash returns next Fall!


The Flash “I Know Who You Are” Season 3 Episode 20 Review 


Well the moment all Flash fans have been waiting for has finally arrived, the identity of the speedster villain Savitar!


Savitar has been revealed at last and he is *drum roll please* leave now if you don’t want to know!

Okay…Savitar is a Future Barry Allen! To be more accurate a scarred and much older Barry Allen.

Now I am sure a lot of people are not surprised by this revelation considering a few important facts and details we knew about Savitar.

For one thing he knew EVERY member of Team Flash intimately, to the point we knew he had to have been a member of the team.

He knew specific details that ONLY Barry knew about, like how Cisco met his evil doppleganger Reverb on Earth 2. Savitar knew about Flashpoint and what would happen to Wally (how Wally got trapped in the speed force), how Caitlin would betray the team and how Iris would die (although that could change).

The big detail that made me think Savitar was a future Barry Allen was how he kept repeating, ” I am the future flash,” but it sounded like a pause in between future and flash to throw people off.






-The opening scene showing Barry confront Savitar and reveal he KNOWS who he is.

– Finding out that the scientist Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek) is not yet the genius noble prize winning scientist she will be in four years.

– Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost and how she is now a villain. I wonder how long that will last.

– Seeing how Savitar cares about Caitlin and wants to see her reach her full potential as Killer Frost. He is probably manipulating her but it makes sense that Future Barry would reveal himself to Caitlin.

– Ciso’s intense and emotional speech to Julian about being afraid he will kill Caitlin with his Vibe powers (explaining why he held back when fighting her). Cisco is well aware of how powerful he is and despite Caitlin losing her way, he doesn’t want to hurt her.

– How Caitlin knew EVERY single word Barry was going to say to convince her to come back to the light and also knowing Cisco would hide up in the rafters.

– HR flirting with Tracy and also encouraging her to become the genius scientist she will be in 2021.

– Killer Frost learning to use her powers and using the ice as a surfboard to travel throughout Central City.

– When Barry realizes who Savitar is and we see a montage of all the scenes that foreshadowed it since Savitar said he was from the future.

– When Savitar finally reveals he is in fact a Future Barry Allen who is scarred and much older.

– When Future Barry says: “Like I told you from the beginning I am the future Flash.”

– How much the reveal of Savitar being Future Barry Allen makes sense considering the evidence.

– Not knowing why and how Barry turns into Savitar. I like the mystery.

– The ending scene where Barry Allen and Future Barry are on opposite sides of the screen and we know there is going to be an epic showdown.

– That it took so long for the writers to reveal who Savitar actually is, it seems a little silly to me.

Overall I really enjoyed “I Know Who You Are” and I cannot wait to see how Barry will deal with Savitar knowing he is his own worst enemy!

Who is Savitar? Some Popular Theories on The Speedster’s Identity


I follow a lot of shows and one of my favorites is The CW’s The Flash (despite some noticeable flaws) and there is a lot of mystery behind the identity of the main antagonist…

On The Flash, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has had to deal with a lot of threats, the two biggest ones being speedsters ie Reverse Flash and Zoom. So it’s no surprise that The Flash’s current foe is yet again another speedster. The difference being this speedster who calls themself “Savitar,” (after the Hindu God of Speed) seems to have a very personal connection to Barry Allen.

Here are the facts so far:

At some point in the future, The Flash is going to trap and imprison Savitar in The Speed Force, causing him to develop this intense hatred for Barry.

Savitar knows every member of Team Flash. He even prophesied “..One shall betray you, One shall fall, One will suffer a fate far worse than death.” So far we have seen two of those scenarios come to fruition. Caitlyn betrayed the team when she kept part of the Philosopher’s Stone to try and get rid of her cold powers and Wally West was trapped in the Speed Force, which is a fate far worse than death.

Savitar seems jealous of Barry’s life. He mentions that he is “…a good guy. The boy Joe raised. The man Iris loves. You have everything and deserve none of it.”

Savitar claims to have not wanted to start a conflict with Barry but that the conflict resulted in Savitar losing everything.

Savitar also claims to be Barry’s greatest foe.

Savitar says that Barry is there when he is created.

All these facts lead me to believe that Savitar is someone who is close to Barry, and most likely a member of Team Flash. But who has the most reason to hate Barry enough to ruin his life?


Wally West (Flashpoint)

He was a speedster in Flashpoint and lost that the moment Barry changed the timeline back. So it’s possible this version of Wally found a way back into existence and resents Barry for taking his powers away and it would make sense why he was trying to restore all the powers back to the people who had them in Flashpoint. This seems to be the big theory going around right now and I think it holds some weight.

jaygarrick3Jay Garrick

Now I know what you’re thinking, why would Jay possibly be Savitar? He is a good guy. Well, if you are caught up you would know that Jay recently took Wally’s place in the Speed Force (because the rules of the Speed Force dictate it). Yes this was a self-less act and it seems silly for Jay to develop this hatred for it, but what if he is there for much longer than he expected and it changes him. We have no idea what nightmares Jay would see in The Speed Force, so it is possible it could be enough to drive him insane and insane enough to want revenge. What an emotional punch in the gut that would be to see Jay Garrick, Barry’s mentor turn into his greatest foe!


Joe West

Now this is a theory making the rounds. What if Barry’s adoptive father is his greatest enemy. Now the only motive I could see is if Joe lost everything, maybe he loses Wally and or Iris and he reaches his breaking point. This would be quite a shock and would really kill Barry, more than the reveal of Reverse Flash and Zoom. I don’t see it happening, but it’s still fun to think about!


H.R. Wells

Now this is interesting, but another evil Wells, really? The basis for this argument is that he addresses Wally as Wallace like Savitar and that he seems to know things that don’t really add up. He knew a little about the Speed Force, but I personally think it’s too predictable and overdone for the writers of The Flash to do. Please let it be anyone else! No more evil Wells!

flashvsflashA Future Version of Barry Allen

Now this one is very intriguing because it could tie into things happening on “Legends of Tomorrow,” where it was revealed that a future version of Barry Allen sent a message to Rip Hunter (Arthur Darville) and warned that not even Barry could be trusted. That is very ominous. So how does this tie in? Well what if Barry cannot be trusted because he is on the path to becoming Savitar and he does something so unthinkable that he cannot be trusted by anyone including Oliver, Kara, and The Legends.

This would be a cool twist on the comic storyline where a future blue Flash goes back in time to kill Barry Allen because he realizes he is going to screw up the timeline.

What if Barry Allen sometime in the future falls so far and so he goes back in time to stop his past self. It would bring new meaning to all of those quotes from Savitar especially “…you have everything and deserve none of it”

Savitar has a point because Barry (who in his defense had just lost his father to Zoom) selfishly changed the time-line to save his parents and it had a HUGE impact on everyone, especially after Barry restored or at least tried to restore the time-line. Cisco’s brother died, Caitlyn had ice powers, John Diggle’s daughter became a son, Wally West was no longer a speedster etc.

Maybe Barry after being tired of losing so much does even more damage which leads to Barry becoming Savitar and Savitar is trying to right those wrongs. Maybe in his effort to become faster, he inadvertently turns into Savitar. I don’t know this is all speculation. It would be pretty deep and profound if Barry turned out to be his greatest enemy. Afterall you know what they say, you are your own worst enemy. Either way I think Savitar is someone Barry knows and not a brand new character, and I cannot wait for the reveal!

What say you? Do you agree with these theories? Who do you think is Savitar? Whatever your thoughts let me know!