Why The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) Has The Potenial To Have The Most Epic Regeneration


If you are a Doctor Who fan (AKA Whovian) then you are well aware that this is Peter Capaldi’s final season portraying The Twelfth Doctor and it seems like it’s going to be epic!

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My Reaction/Thoughts to Jodie Whittaker Being Cast as The 13th Doctor


Well after months of speculation and guessing, we FINALLY know WHO (see what I did there?) is going to be the next Doctor on Doctor Who and it’s a BIG deal!

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Doctor Who “Thin Ice” (Series 10 Episode 3) Review¬†


Well Doctor Who just had it’s third episode of the series and I have to say I enjoyed it! 


What I Liked

– Seeing Sarah Dollard return to write for Doctor Who. I enjoyed “Face The Raven,” in Series 9 and I think she should become a mainstay on Doctor Who.

– 1814 London, it seemed like an interesting time.

– A period episode that WASN’T during the Victorian period. I love the Paternoster gang, but there are other time periods besides the Victorian era.

– I enjoyed the relationship building between the Doctor and Bill. Bill is really starting to grow as a character and I like her chemistry with the 12th Doctor.

– The idea that you don’t pilot the TARDIS, but that you negotiate with it.

– Twelve mentioning how he had been to the Frost Fair a few times, that was a nice nod to past adventures.

– How the Doctor admired the sales man “con artist” and was able to steal half a dozen or more pies from him without the man realizing it haha.

– Bill seeing someone die, she had to learn sooner or later that traveling with the Doctor isn’t all fun and games.

– When The Doctor took his screwdriver from the little boy who was drowning rather than saving him. That was pretty dark.

– Bill’s reaction to the Doctor after he let the little boy die and her being disgusted and angry with him.

– When the Doctor says:  “I am 2,000 years old, I don’t have time for outrage.” That line spoke volumes for his character.

– The Doctor explaining to Bill that he has to move on from all the bad things that happen(while on his many adventures) including people dying because otherwise it would drive him insane and he wouldn’t be able to save more lives. He wants to save the lives he can.

– The idea that there was a creature living under The Thames in London in 1814 and probably long before that.

– The Doctor tricking the foreman into revealing everything about Lord Sutcliffe’s secret operation, that part was hilarious! 

– Using the creature’s waste as a source of fuel and how the foreman had no idea it was fish poop.

– Bill’s reaction when she says “no shhh..!” Then it cuts off, that was pretty funny.

– Twelve punching Lord Sutcliffe in the face for being a racist!

– The Doctor’s speech about the value of a life, it was very moving and just showed how Capaldi nails those epic and moving speeches every single time.

– Bill hearing the Doctor’s speech about the value of life and realizing how compassionate he is and how complicated of a man he is as well.

– The creature not being the villain, but instead being a victim and the real villain being a rich man.

– The Doctor asking permission from Bill to either keep the creature chained or to free it. This echoes what happened in “Kill The Moon,” but Twelve approached and handled it much better this time around. 

– The Doctor forging Lord Sutcliffe’s will to give his inheritance to the poor street urchins after his “unfortunate” demise.

– The Twelfth Doctor flipping a coin to get Nardole off his back about his “oath” to decide whether to stay put at the University or to keep traveling and go on many more adventures.

– Hearing banging on the vault from the inside. Who or What is in there! Is it The Mondasian Cybermen? Is it a portal to another planet, “The Tenth Planet” or another dimension? Is it The Master? 

– Nardole and his sort of interaction with who or what is in the vault. That part had me very intrigued.

– Is it more important that someone doesn’t gain access to the vault or that who or what is inside gets out?

What I disliked:

– The premise, it’s been done before. This was a retread of “The Beast Below,” with shades of “Kill The Moon” mixed in there.

– Lord Sutcliffe, he was a pretty cheesy villain and was a throwaway character.

Overall I enjoyed the episode, and I am enjoying Series 10, it feels refreshing and new to me. 

I cannot wait to see what happens this series and next weeks episode looks particularly creepy!

What say you? Did you enjoy “Thin Ice?” What do you think is in the vault? Whatever your thoughts let me know!