Joker Spoiler Review


Well I’ve now seen Joker twice and can say with the utmost confidence that this is one of the best films I’ve seen in a LONG time.


Joker stars Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck who is a man trying to find his place in this world, but is struggling to be accepted by society due to his mental illness all while taking care of his ill mother played by Frances Conroy.

Arthur suffers from a neurological disorder that causes him to laugh uncontrollably when he is stressed out, or under duress. It creates some very interesting scenes in the film, because Arthur laughs at times when it’s inappropriate and you can tell how much he doesn’t want to laugh in these different situations but it’s a condition that he has no control over which in turn makes his life more difficult and causes most of the conflicts in the film.

Arthur is trying to stay positive in this cold, dark, depressing, and unforgiving world of 1980’s Gotham City, but society just keeps kicking him down. It’s ultimately how society treats him (including his adoptive mother, Penny) that leads to him finally becoming The Joker.

There is so much to love about this film, but these moments stuck out the most for me:

– There just aren’t too many films made like this these days.

– I appreciated a dramatic character piece which served as the origin story of an iconic character.

– Arthur’s laugh being a neurological disorder. I never thought of making The Joker’s laugh a part of him before he embraced The Joker persona. It was a stroke of genius by Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips.

– Arthur’s attempt to try and stay positive in a world that is constantly kicking him down.

– The revelation that Arthur wasn’t born with his neurological disorder but rather it was the result of his adoptive mother’s boyfriend repeatedly abusing him.

– The revelation that Arthur’s neighbor (Zazie Beetz) always being there for him when he needed her to comfort him was all a delusion.

Arthur’s laugh, it gave me goosebumps!

Arthur’s struggle to be accepted by society.

The revelation that no one besides Gary ( a co worker of Arthur’s) really cared for Arthur. It was heartbreaking.

The idea that there are no good people in this world.

The subway scene. It was intense but showed perfectly how society didn’t accept Arthur.

The whole scene on the Murray Franklin show. It was incredible. Especially the line about how if Arthur died on the street people would just walk over his dead body.

The social commentary on how the media reports about rich people ie talking about rich men as star athletes when they are suspected rapists.

How the media reported the deaths of the three men murdered in the subway (two of which were killed in self defense by Arthur), as if they were fine gentlemen, when in actuality they were creeps and scumbags and potentially rapists.

The idea that society created one of the most terrifying villains in popular culture.

The Joker being the catalyst for a revolution due to economic inequality in Gotham City.

Arthur being indirectly responsible for the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

The social commentary of the film and it’s message of how we should be kinder to others.

Overally I really enjoyed Joker and give it a 9/10!

What say you? Have you seen Joker? What did you think? Whatever your thoughts, let me know!

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