Stranger Things Season 3 Review (Spoilers)


Well I had a chance to watch the new season of The Netflix Original Series Stranger Things and I have to talk about it!

Stranger Things Season 3 takes place in July 1985 and we catch up with all the main characters. Steve Harrington is working at an ice cream shop called Scoops Ahoy after graduating high school and is unsure of what to do with his future. Dustin has just returned from camp and claims he has a girlfriend named Suzie (which none of Dustin’s friends believe is real haha). Mike and Elle (Eleven) are in a relationship and it’s upsetting Jim Hopper (who is now Eleven’s surrogate father). Joyce is trying to get over losing her boyfriend Bob (Sean Astin) and it’s clear her and Jim Hopper are meant for each other. Nancy and Jonathan are working at the local newspaper while Nancy is trying to deal with being bullied and being taken seriously by the men at the newspaper. Mike’s mom, Mrs. Wheeler seems to have a crush on Billy (being very attracted to him) but ultimately ends up staying faithful to her husband. Will is terrified because he has a strong feeling (due to being the first host) that The Mind Flayer has returned all while trying his hardest to keep the group together due to the worry of losing his friends to new friendships/relationships and dating.


I really enjoyed Season 3 of Stranger Things. Here are my overall thoughts

What I Liked:

All the 80s references ie The Night of The Living Dead, Back to The Future, Terminator, Magnum PI etc.

The Starcourt Mall and how it was almost its own character.

Steve’s pathetic attempt to get girls post breakup with Nancy. It was cringey but also funny.

The Russian assasin and how he was basically a Russian Arnold Schwarzenegger. I kept expecting him to quote the Terminator films haha.

Mike and Eleven having a relationship. It seemed like a natural progression since Season 1. They made an adorable couple

Dustin and his girlfriend Suzie singing the theme from Never Ending Story. It was pretty funny.

Hopper and how he looked like Magnum PI and was totally badass the whole season.

The Russians trying to open the portal to the Upside Down in 1984, which then led to waking up the piece of The Mind Flayer left behind from Season 2.

The return of The Mind Flayer and how its goal was to kill Eleven first because it understood how much of a threat she was to it.

Finding out The Russians built The Starcourt Mall as a cover for their base of operations allowing them to try and open the portal to The Upside Down.

Steve teaming up with Robin and Dustin to break the Russians coded radio transmission and infiltrate their secret base.

Erica and how she was able to negotiate ( free ice cream for life) with Dustin, Robin and Steve because she realized how valuable she was due to being the only one capable of fitting into the ventilation shaft.

The big fight with The Mind Flayer and how it almost seemed like The Mind Flayer was going to win.

Lucas finally getting a chance to kick some ass when he was hacking at The Mind Flayer.

Hopper and Joyce teaming up to infiltrate the Russians base.

Hopper sacrificing himself to save Hawkins.

Eleven seeing Billy’s memories and how much it hurt him when his mother abandoned him to his abusive father.

Eleven reminding Billy of his mother to get him to come to his senses. That whole scene was amazing and touching.

Billy sacrificing himself to save Eleven. He had an amazing character arc.

Eleven getting to read Hopper’s letter to her explaining the “talk” he was going to have with her about her and Mike.

Hopper’s “Keep the door open three inches!” line

Eleven, Joyce, Will and Jonathan leaving Hawkins. It was bittersweet, but we know they will be back in Season 4.

The post credits scene and the teaser of an “American” being held in one of the cells in Russia. Who is it?

How did the Russians find a Demogorgon? What are they using it for other than killing prisoners.

What I disliked:

The kids growing up so fast! I know the ending is coming and I don’t want it to end!

That I binged the season too quickly haha.

Overall I really enjoyed Season 3 and I am so excited for Season 4 and what comes next!

Burning Questions:

What happened to Hopper? Is he in the Upside Down?

Who is the “American” in the Russian cell from the post credits scene?

What are the Russians using Demogorgons for besides killing prisoners.

My final rating is a 9/10!

What say you? Did you watch Stranger Things Season 3? If so what did you think? Did you enjoy it? Were you disappointed? Whatever your thoughts let me know!

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