Avengers Infinity War Spoiler Reaction/Review


I saw Infinity War on opening weekend but wanted to wait to a spoiler filled review, but here it is and boy is there A LOT to talk about!


Avengers: Infinity War is the 19th MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) film and is a culmination of 10 years worth of stories and character development.

The Russo Bros. had a lot to accomplish in this film and we all knew it would be no easy task.

I will say this right off the bat Infinity War is a very entertaining film. You could argue that you won’t get as much enjoyment out of it if you haven’t been following the Marvel films since 2008’s Iron Man. This movie is for the fans like me who have watched 18 films filled with incredible stories and character development that led to this big event, which is stopping Thanos from getting his hands on all six Infinity Stones.

Before I go any further I am just going to say this *SPOILER WARNING*

So going into Infinity War, we the audience knew that characters were going to die. The Russo Bros. and Marvel kill off a ton of characters.

Thanos strangles Loki, after a failed attempt to stab him in the neck. The Black Order kills Heimdall.

Gamora is killed by Thanos as a sacrifice to be able to use The Soul Stone.

Vision is killed by Thanos by using The Time Stone to turn back time after Scarlett Witch just destroyed The Mind Stone killing Vision. So Vision died twice…that’s rough.

Then comes the big moment. After getting his new weapon Storm Breaker, Thor throws his axe right in Thanos’ chest (failing to kill him) and Thanos snaps his fingers (a nice reference to The Infinity War comic) and then stuff happens.

A number of characters turn to dust starting with Bucky, then Black Panther, a bunch of Wakandans, Groot, Scarlett Witch, Mantis, Drax, Peter Quill AKA Star Lord, Doctor Strange, and finally Peter Parker/Spider-Man (in one of the best acted scenes in the movie by Tom Holland).

There is a post credits scene where everyone in New York is turning to dust including Agent Maria Hill and finally Agent Nick Fury who manages to send a message to Captain Marvel (Brie Larson).

This movie was very intense like I expected it to be and it left me wanting more.

I was shocked at a lot of the deaths even though I knew people were going to die. The most shocking death to me was Spider-Man’s because you really understood how scared Peter was being this young kid who just wanted to be an Avenger. It was a very heartbreaking moment for Tony as well. He mentored Peter and felt responsible for his death and I hope they touch on that in Avengers 4.

My favorite moments:

-Tony and Peter Quill bickering with each other.

-Hulk losing to Thanos and Hulk refusing to appear again out of shame and fear

– The fight against Thanos on Titan, that was an amazing action sequence

– Doctor Strange seeing over 14 million possible outcomes in the fight against Thanos and discovering there is only one scenario where the heroes win.

– Peter Quill calling Thanos Grimace haha

– Captain America’s first appearance in the movie, it was perfect.

– Red Skull’s cameo!

– Seeing Spider-Man web swinging on Titan saving all the heroes

– Doctor Strange fighting Thanos

– Thor’s whole arc in the film and how awesome it was when he arrived on Wakanda!

Overall I enjoyed Avengers Infinity War, it was a very entertaining film and I cannot wait to see how all of this is resolved!

I am going to give Infinity War a 9/10!

What say you? Have you seen Infinity War? Did you like it? Whatever your thoughts let me know!

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