Bleach Anime Series Review


When I was a kid I used to LOVE anime. I wanted to get back into it and luckily there was one I found on Netflix and it blew me away

When I was a kid back in the late 90s Cartoon Network had this block of shows dedicated to anime called Toonami. This program introduced me to anime, which is basically a Japanese cartoon, but it focuses more on story and character development. Through Toonami I was introduced to Yu-Yu-Hakusho (the main protagonist is Yusuke Uremeshi) and Dragon Ball Z (the main protagonist is Goku). These shows thrust me into another world where the action was intense and very fast paced.

Fast forward years later and I just stopped watching anime, until one fateful day I was surfing my Netflix and noticed this whole anime section! I had this urge to get back into anime and I didn’t want to watch just anything, it had to be good. When I commit to watching a show it has to be good, none of this “well there are two or three seasons that are kind of meh.”

Netflix recommended a bunch of shows based on what I liked and then I saw it, “Bleach.” I remembered hearing about it and I kept wondering why is it called “Bleach?” It turns out the creator Tite Kubo is a HUGE Nirvana fan and that is his favorite album by them.

Anyways, so I figured I would watch the first episode and see if I would like it. I watched the first episode and I was amazed! I downloaded a bunch of the episodes to watch on Netflix on my flight to Florida back in January and I blew through the first 2 seasons on my trip and finished 3 seasons in a matter of weeks!

So here is a quick summary of the plot:

The show focuses on 15 year old Ichigo Kurasaki who can see ghosts and is a tough teenager who can handle himself in a fight. He lives in a Japanese suburb called Karakura Town. One night he meets a mysterious Soul Reaper, and is granted powers and his life changes forever and that’s where the show takes off! If I say anything else it spoils the show.

I am currently reading the manga right now and the anime is very faithful to the manga, minus a bunch of filler episodes.

This is one of the few shows where I love most of the characters. The characters are all so well done and have their own personalities that make them unique and there a few who are complete badasses!

The show takes its time telling the story and doesn’t rush character development, which is one thing I really love about animes. By the time you get through the end of a season, you see how much these characters have grown.

The main character, Ichigo is a cocky, stubborn and tough kid who wants power but for the right reasons. His goal is to gain more power and strength to protect his friends and family. He is determined and never gives up even when he is facing death. He is very honorable and is a great brother to his younger sisters Karin and Yuzu. Ichigo is very protective of his sisters and does whatever he has to to keep them safe. Ichigo’s Dad is kind of a goofball and is always trying to test Ichigo’s reflexes by attempting sneak attacks on him (all of which usually fail haha.)

The other characters I don’t want to talk about because it spoils the show and enjoying the show as it unfolds.

I don’t know if this is sacrilegious, but I watch the english dub, because that is what I grew up on and I am used to it. I don’t like subtitles *shrugs*

Interestingly enough the american voice actors/actresses sound very similar to their japanese counterparts. The cadence and pitch is almost identical for the main cast.

Another aspect of the show that I love is the music, it just fits so well with the tone of the show and the music for the numerous battles that happen is incredible!

Bleach sadly was never completed (they ceased production on the show) and as a result they never got to cover the final arc from the manga. That is why I decided to start reading the manga. Despite them not finishing what was covered in the manga the episodes that are available are worth checking out! There are over 300 episodes, with a bunch of filler episodes. Plus all the episodes are less that a half hour, so you can binge them!

They are also working on a live action film adaptation that will be released in July, and I didn’t find that out until after I started watching the show!

Ichigo Kuraski has become one of my favorite anime characters after Goku, Vegeta, Edward Elric, and Yusuke Uremeshi.

If you are looking for a new show to watch or are a fan of anime or are looking to get into anime I would highly recommend Bleach!


What say you? Have you seen Bleach? Do you like anime? Are there are any animes that you would recommend Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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