Justice League Sneak Peek Reaction/Review


Well another Justice League trailer landed online this past week and there is so much to talk about!

A lot of news was announced at Sandiego Comic Con, this past weekend and of course that also means new trailers!

DC and Warner Bros. released a new trailer/sneak peek at the upcoming Justice League movie hitting theaters in November!

What I liked:

-Seeing Wonder Woman at the beginning of the trailer. After the great success of Wonder Woman this summer, it was a smart move showing her to the audience in the trailer.

– Seeing Wonder Woman fighting crime and kicking ass in modern Day France/England?

– The return of Themyscira and the first hint at Steppenwolf.

– Steppenwolf’s line “No protectors, No lanterns, no Krytonians. This world will fall like all the others.” First off The Lanterns exist in this universe!(Does this mean Hal Jordan hasn’t been chose yet, is Abin Sur still the protector of Earth!So many questions!) Steppenwolf’s line really gives you a sense of how doomed Earth is and how confident he is that humanity has no chance of survival. It was a great way to tease Steppenwolf as the big bad and hearing Ciaran Hinds voice was awesome as well.

– Seeing The Justice League come together and what each member will bring to the table.

– Batman showcasing his different gadgets, including his Batmobile and going toe to toe with a parademon!

– Ezra Miller’s version of The Flash and his line “It’s great you guys want to do battle, but I have never been in a battle. I usually push people and then run away!”

I like the idea that he is one of the most powerful members of The Justice League, but he has no idea of his true potential and is a scared kid who feels out of his element in this fight against parademons and Steppenwolf. I have a feeling he will be one of the standouts of the movie.

– Aquaman just enjoying fighting the Parademons and surfing one through a building like a laidback surfer just enjoying riding the waves! He seems to be having a blast in the movie and I have a feeling Jason Mamoa will be another standout in the film.

– Batman’s line about Superman “He was a beacon of hope and he showed people the good in themselves.” This is a clear indication that DC is making Superman into the character he should be and it was very fitting in the trailer.

– Cyborg showing his ability to hack and control technology.

Cyborg: Relax Alfred. I’ll take it from here.

Alfred: ….I’m sorry, do I know you?

I love Ray Fisher’s robotic tone too it really sells that scene!

– The Flash running and the slow mo shot of him pushing Wonder Woman’s sword towards her all while she is falling and trying to grab it!

– The humor and Ezra Miller’s comedic timing, he will own this role!

– The Flash to Commissoner Gordon

“Oh wow, they just vanished, that’s rude.” Then The Flash Vanishes! Haha

– The improved CGI with Cyborg, it looks more polished.

– The effects for The Flash, they look incredible!

– The tease of Superman’s return at the end and surprising Alfred!

Overall I would give the second Justice League Trailer a solid 10/10!

What say you? Did you see the new Justice League Trailer? What did you think? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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