Why The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) Has The Potenial To Have The Most Epic Regeneration


If you are a Doctor Who fan (AKA Whovian) then you are well aware that this is Peter Capaldi’s final season portraying The Twelfth Doctor and it seems like it’s going to be epic!


Series 10 saw The Twelfth Doctor meeting a new companion Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) and facing the return and possible origin of The Cybermen along with the return of The Master (John Simm).

“The Doctor Falls,” ended with the Twelfth Doctor sustaining serious wounds from being shot multiple times by an army of Cybermen. Twelve is about to regenerate and holds it back, it seems he isn’t ready to change again. The episode ends with the TARDIS taking the Twelfth Doctor somewhere and him holding back his regeneration “refusing to change,” outside on a snowy ground (which explains where and why Twelve was regenerating at the beginning of “World Enough and Time.”

The Twelfth Doctor screams “refusing to change,” leading to a ln unknown figure appearing in the distance calling the whole “I will not change,” ridiculous. The figure walks closer and the figure is revealed to be none other than The First Doctor! (David Bradley)

12regenImmediately I began to think this coming Christmas Special is going to explain how all 13 Doctors were present to save Gallifrey in the 50th Anniversary Special, “The Day of The Doctor.”

My theory is that The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) will give The First Doctor (David Bradley) the coordinates to Gallifrey and he will start the calculations needed to help save Gallifrey in the 50th anniversary!

Seeing as Peter Capaldi made his first appearance in a brief cameo during that incredible scene where all 13 Doctors arrived to save Gallifrey (froze it and kept it hidden in a parallel pocket universe), it only makes sense that this coming Christmas Special will help fill in the gaps.

Presumably, Twelve and One will help each other come to terms with their respective regenerations and both will come together to save Gallifrey!

A rumor surfaced a few months back *MAJOR SPOILER WARNING HERE* that in The Day of The Doctor, the first appearance of Twelve with his intense eyebrows was supposedly the beginning of his regeneration! If this is true, this could be one of the most epic regenerations in the show’s history!

Imagine this: The Twelfth Doctor arrives to save Gallifrey and just stops fighting the regeneration and he is regenerating while his TARDIS is hurtling towards Gallifrey in the middle of The Time War! He regenerates into 13 and she is trying to take control of the TARDIS but it crashes and The Thirteenth Doctor is left unconscious! The camera pans over to The Doctor, who is revealed to be a woman!

Now I know it may be completely different than this, but I just hope for something similar to this to happen in the Christmas Special. In my opinion, we need to see how The Twelfth Doctor was there to save Gallifrey along with the other 12 Doctors.

This is something that would completely wrap up Peter¬†Capaldi’s tenure as The Twelfth Doctor and everything would come full circle!

How cool would that be if Capaldi’s cameo was both his first and last scene in the show! There would be this beautiful symmetry and also craziness when the audience realizes this. Steven Moffat did say that The Twelfth Doctor’s final episode would be a tale of redemption, so this would make perfect sense!

Twelve has lost so many people and seems to be fed up with everything and just wants to stop regenerating. Maybe saving Gallifrey will give him the redemption and allow him to be at peace and accept his inevitable death and regeneration.

Peter Capaldi despite being underserved with terrible writing deserves a fantastic sendoff and I think showing him save Gallifrey (as depicted in The Day of The Doctor) to die and regenerate would be the most beautiful sendoff and be fitting for one of the best Doctors!

What say you? Do you think The Twelfth Doctor  (Peter Capaldi) will have an epic regeneration? Are you looking forward to the Christmas Special? Whatever your thoughts let me know!



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