My Reaction/Thoughts to Jodie Whittaker Being Cast as The 13th Doctor


Well after months of speculation and guessing, we FINALLY know WHO (see what I did there?) is going to be the next Doctor on Doctor Who and it’s a BIG deal!

On Sunday July 16, it was revealed who would be playing the 13th Doctor on the BBC Sci-fi series Doctor Who. After a lot of speculation that Phoebe Waller- Bridge (Fleabag), Kris Marshall (Love Actually, Death in Paradise) and Jodie Whittaker (Broachurch) were the actors who were in the running to get the part, it turns out Jodi Whittaker won the role.

After this casting, I know that whenever a new name pops up closer to the announcement of the casting of a new Doctor, chances are that is actually the person who won the role. It happened with Peter Capaldi and now with Jodie Whittaker.

As to my reaction, I watched the clip of the reveal on Youtube (because I live in the states and was working and waiting to find out the announcement) I was shocked and confused.

My initial reaction was shock and worry because a female Doctor in the wrong hands could be written horribly and really change the character but in a very bad way. I am glad that this is happening during a changeover to a new Executive Producer, Chris Chibnall.

I think the announcement just came as a surprise to me because I was always knew they were going to cast a female Doctor, because Sydney Newman (the creator of Doctor Who) wanted to make the Doctor a woman way back in the 80s. Also Neil Gaiman established in the Series 6 episode “The Doctor’s Wife” way back in 2011 that Time Lords can change gender, which makes reproduction a bit confusing.

Steven Moffat also *SPOILER ALERT* made The Doctor’s old friend and now nemesis The Master a female, played by Michelle Gomez. So whether you like it or not, this was coming. Steven Moffat left the groundwork for it to happen and Chris Chibnall decided to make a quite frankly ballsy move and cast a woman in the role of an iconic male character.

After giving myself time to process this big announcement, I am excited. I realized if this is done well, it could actually give the writers a chance to take the show in so many exciting directions! It’s been clear since the end of Matt Smith’s era that Steven Moffat was running out of steam and ideas.

Doctor Who more than ever needs a new direction and new showrunner to give the show new, fresh and exciting ideas. Series 11 has the potential to be what Series 5 was for Steven Moffat and Matt Smith, kickstarting a new and exciting era for the longest running science fiction television series.

My only concern is changing the character so much so that it doesn’t even feel like THE Doctor anymore. All Chris Chibnall and his writing team have to do is simple:

1) Don’t change the fundamental ideas surrounding the character. Make 13 feel like the Doctor to the point where the audience forgets that Jodie Whittaker is on screen. That is how I have felt with every Doctor up to this point.

2) Don’t constantly remind the audience that The Doctor is a woman. Maybe in her first scene post 12’s regeneration a little joke referencing it would be fine, but don’t beat us over the head with it.

3) Make 13 a complete badass akin to Ripley in Alien. The Doctor no matter who plays them should always be a badass, it should be no different with 13.

4) Make the Doctor socially awkward at times and a bumbling Professor without being sexist. This can be accomplished and I think it is an important facet of the character. The Doctor is a genius, but misses social cues and can be slow on the uptake, which makes for some great comedic moments.

5) A great first scene after the regeneration and a great first episode that really shows to me and the audience that this IS THE Doctor. A grand speech or an awesome introduction showing the new companion the TARDIS.

6) Well written episodes and great solo adventures. Peter Capaldi suffered from poor writing and I would hate to see that happen to Jodie Whittaker.

7) If at all possible give us an explanation as to why after 13 regenerations, The Doctor is NOW a woman. Maybe it’s because *SPOILER ALERT* 12 is holding back his regeneration. Just a quick explanation, even if the Doctor says “I fancied a change being a man got a bit boring.” It’s not vitally important to have it explained but I think because it’s such a big change on the show, a quick explanation would help. Maybe this regeneration cycle is a bit more unpredictable.

I am just curious to see where Chris Chibnall takes the show and what the 13th Doctor is going to be like. Will she be friendly, goofy, silly and whom will Jodie Whittaker base her performance off of, will it be a completely new take or will she take ideas and personality traits from past Doctors?

Will Jodie Whittaker be what David Tennant was for the new generation of Doctor Who fans?

Needless to say I cannot wait to see Peter Capaldi’s finale episode and see what 13 has in store for us!

What say you? Do you like the casting? Are you upset/angry/confused? Whatever your thoughts let me know!

5 thoughts on “My Reaction/Thoughts to Jodie Whittaker Being Cast as The 13th Doctor

  1. Sorry a female Doctor IMO is a terrible idea and the final nail in the coffin for me.

    It has been established in canon technically by people like Neil Gaiman and Moffat, but that was only a few years ago and it still felt out of place.

    Technically I could come in now and write it that time lords change into Dinosaurs and it would be canon, as they never said they COULDN’T turn into Dinosaurs, but it would still jar.

    Jodie does not feel like the Doctor and never will. The fact that this was what Chinballs thought would revive the show and make it exciting again shows that he doesn’t actually have any fucking clue.

    I also resent that this only happened because of feminists bullying Moff into doing it their way. I will not be watching the new series ever again. Fuck it and fuck the feminist fans and fuck Moffat and Chinballs.

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    • Fair enough and I feel that way too. The people who only wanted to watch Doctor Who if she was played by a woman were very vocal. It just amazes me the vitriol that is happening on online forums over this. A lot of women are angry too, but because feminists don’t want to acknowledge that, they are saying that it’a sexist men who are the most upset. I wi give it until the first episode of Series 11 and if they fail it will be the end of Doctor Who for awhile at least.

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      • Feminists have been about as welcome in Doctor Who fandom as a fucking plague.

        Feminists can never EVER just like something. Every single other political group can. I am a Socialist do I demand that DW become a Socialist series? Nope I just watch it as a fun sci fi show.

        Similarly a conservative, Donald Trump supporter who likes Doctor Who doesn’t demand that the show showcase all of their political beliefs, have the Doctor wear a MAGA hat and say the Donald is a great guy? Nope they just watch it and leave their political beliefs at the door.

        Feminists however? They have to take over every single aspect of DW and I mean every single aspect.

        The Doctor, nay all time lord characters are genderless to suit their agenda which completely rewrites every character and not in a good way. Now Susan could be played by Brian Blessed. That turns it into a parody.

        On top of that other things like the Master and the Doctors relationship has to be changed to be gay love affair, Clara has to be retconned into every corner of its lore from Hartnell to the time war, and the show has to be stuffed full of anti men and anti white jokes.

        And of course feminists then have to bully anyone who doesn’t like their changes to other people’s characters because heaven forbid they actually you know go out there and dream up their own characters (the fucking parasites) so Doctor Who has to be completely rewritten as an SJW show.

        The tipping point was Pissy Missy. That should never have been allowed. Not only was she the worst incarnation of the Master there has ever been without doubt, but it was cause of her we are in this mess now.

        I also am a bit angry at a lot of the fans who are raging at this (which is pretty much all) but who didn’t stand up to the feminists too. On so many forums I’ve been saying that the SJW’s have been taking over DW for years and been dismissed as a crackpot, conspiracy theorist, and was actually told that “Oh Missy channelled Roger Delgado, Michelle Gomez was completely believable as the Master” and other nonsense that these people clearly didn’t believe, cause in order to believe that you’d have to be divorced from any kind of objective reality.

        Still these fans said that because they were too scared to say what they really thought out of fear of being called a sexist, and they probably thought that Chinballs would never actually go this far.

        Now he has and its all “OMG Doctor Who is ruined!” And I’m thinking “yes this is what I’ve been saying is going to happen for years!”

        Its sad being right in this case however.

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      • This is what I was afraid of and unfortunately in recent years has gotten too political and it’s been a huge turnoff for me. Every episode this season reminded us that Bill was a lesbian, like as if we didn’t already know! It got ridiculous, especially in the finale, when Bill had to remind The Doctor she was gay!

        I think casting a female Doctor was an attempt to boost the ratings and now the hardcore feminists and SJWs will be rubbing it in everyone’s faces. It’s sickening to see this, and I already have seen many fans most female who are claiming to not watch next season.

        I have no idea what will happen next, but the thing that bothers me is changing a show and or the character to suit the needs of a segment of the population that wasn’t even watching the show to begin with!

        The only way I see this working is if there are no references other than the regeneration to the Doctor being a woman.


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