The Flash S3E19 “The Once and Future Flash” Review


Well The Flash is finally back after being on a three week hiatus! This episode was awesome, minus that final tease!


What I liked:

The idea of Barry traveling into the future to get answers as to the identity of the speedster villain Savitar.

The excitment on Cisco’s face when he saw 2017 Barry in 2024. To Cisco the REAL Barry he knew and loved was finally back and he loved seeing his “classic costume.”

How desolate Barry’s apartment looked in 2024.

How abandoned and disheveled STAR Labs looked in 2024.

Seeing the Barry Allen of 2024 being a broken and beaten man (complete with a full emo haircut!)

Seeing the effect that Iris’ death had on Barry in 2024 and the rest of Team Flash.

Top and Mirror Master controlling Central City now that The Flash stopped fighting crime.

Finding out Cisco lost his hands during a fight with Killer Frost (Caitlyn Snow) and that he now has robotic hands and can no longer use his vibe powers. That really shocked me and it seemed crazy to think that Caitlyn would do that to one of her friends, especially Cisco!

Finding out Killer Frost joined Savitar and knew Savitar’s real identity.

“You are going to be so surprised when you find out.”

Finding out that Barry in 2024 abandoned his team and friends on his quest to defeat Savitar and realizing that it didn’t matter that he beat him because Barry lost everything because of it. The idea of Barry shutting out everybody, especially Joe was really sad.

Future Barry not knowing the identity of Savitar, I wasn’t expecting that. Unless he was lying…

Cisco trying to keep 2017 Barry in 2024 to help him get the team back together.

HR Wells as a romance novelist and ladies man, that was pretty funny haha. His threesome joke was hilarious!

A catatonic and paralyzed Wally, who after trying to take on Savitar had his spine shattered and apparently saw something that shocked him so much it made him go catatonic.

2024 Joe West visiting Iris’ grave and sitting by Wally’s bed every day, it was heartbreaking. He basically lost both his kids and it was very sad to see Joe so hopeless.

Finding out that Barry is the glue that holds the team together. Barry inspired his future self to get back out there and be a hero again!

2024 Team Flash back together again! Julian, HR, Joe and Cisco it was awesome!

The reveal of 2024 Flash’s costume! That gold trim is awesome! Can we please have this costume next season!

2024 Flash teaming up with 2017 Flash and Top and Mirror Master running in fear!

2024 Barry giving 2017 Barry a hardrive that has information to help Barry trap Savitar in the speedforce and that he will need the help of a physicist Tracy Brand.

2024 Ciso to 2017 Barry: “You know you’re my bff, right?” I love Cisco

Barry hugging Joe after returning from 2024, that was a touching moment.

Savitar finding Killer Frost and revealing himself to her to get her to trust him.

Caitlyn’s reaction and immediate response of “what do you need me to do?” This means whoever she saw is someone she would trust without question, it’s very intriguing. I immediately thought of Ronnie and that he somehow survived the singularity at the end of season 1.

The reaction of Caitlyn to the reveal of Savitar. It narrows it down a bit as to who Savitar could be. Right now I think it’s either Ronnie Raymond, Future Cisco, Future Barry, Eddie Thawn or Harrison Wells (the original).

What I disliked:

Emo Barry’s haircut, but it’s still not nearly as bad as Flashback Oliver’s long goofy hair haha.

Teasing us YET AGAIN with the reveal of Savitar! It better be good whoever it is! I want a good motive and explanation too!

Either way I am enjoying The Flash and I cannot wait to see the big reveal next week!


What say you? Have you been watching The Flash? Do you have any theories as to who Savitar is? Whatever your thoughts let me know!





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