The Boss Baby Movie Review


Well I finally got a chance to see the latest offering from Dreamworks, and I have to say I really enjoyed it!

The Boss Baby is the latest Dreamworks animated film and is directed by Tom McGrath and stars Tobey Maguire, Alec Baldwin, Miles Christopher Bakshi, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel and Steve Buscemi.

The plot centers around Timothy Templeton who is narrating the story of how he met The Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) when he was 7 (Miles Christopher Bakshi) and is told from the persective of a now adult Tim (Tobey Maguire) as he remembers the events.

Tim is a fun, energetic 7 year old with an overactive imagination and has a great life, his parents Ted (Jimmy Kimmel) and Janice ( Lisa Kudrow) are both successful working for a great company called Puppy Co. in the marketing department.

Despite Tim’s parents being very busy with work, they still have time to give him attention and they make Tim great breakfasts, read him bed time stories while his mom sings and his dad plays guitar. They make sure to show Tim he is loved in the middle of their crazy and busy life. Life is great for Tim and he couldn’t be happier.

Then on one fateful day The Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) arrives and everything changes and hilarity ensues.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot but long story short Tim discovers that his new baby brother is actually an agent sent on a secret mission by his company Baby Co. Tim and The Boss Baby are forced to work together and I think you can figure out the rest haha.

I really enjoyed this movie. The plot was interesting enough and I loved the characters. There are sequences where we see Tim and his overactive imagination (where he is fighting space aliens and also pirates on a floating ship akin to Peter Pan) and it really makes you understand what it was like to be that age.

Tim also has this alarm clock called “Wizzy” which is a clear reference to Gandalf from The Lord of The Rings films and he has some great one liners that reference those films.

You sympathize when the new baby (Alec Baldwin) is getting more attention then Tim and from his perspective it’s like his parents don’t have time for him and that they don’t care about him anymore. That part was pretty emotional, and the ending was as well.

The acting is great as well, especially Alec Baldwin. He was perfectly cast as The Boss Baby. One of the best parts of his character is seeing a baby dress and act like a business executive, who carries around rolls of bills and enjoys Spicy Tuna Rolls haha.

Miles Christopher Bakshi (7 year old Tim) is great in the film as well and he really plays well off of Alec Baldwin and it really adds to the comedy of the film.

Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow are perfectly fine as Tim’s parents, but aren’t in it enough to really say much more than that.

Steve Buscemi plays the villain of the film and he is pretty great as well. He has that perfect voice that works well for an over the top villain.

The acting overall is pretty superb and Alec Baldwin is definitely the highlight. There are some great sequences where the Boss Baby and Tim have to pretend they are getting along in order to convince their parents and it’s funny seeing Alec Baldwin talk back to Tim or spit food in his face while sitting in a high chair.

The Boss Baby is a movie for everyone and may even hit some people hard because of the message about how important family is and how precious having a family is especially if you never grew up with one.

Even now in my late 20’s I still enjoy seeing these animated kids movies and still find them entertaining even if they all are pretty formulaic.

If you love any of the animated Dreamworks films or are a fan of just great entertaining comedy films, definitely check this out.

What say you? Have you seen The Boss Baby? Do you enjoy Dreamworks’ animated films? Whatever your thoughts let me know!



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