Doctor Who “Smile” Review


Well I have to say I am so HAPPY Doctor Who is back! This is shaping up to be a good series and I love the new companion!



– The continuing mystery of the vault and Nardole mentioning to the Doctor about his “oath” to guard it and not go “off world” (What happened between The Return of Doctor Mysterio and the Doctor meeting Bill?).

– The chemistry between Bill and the Doctor, they work so well together.

– The episode as a progression and evolution of the Doctor and Bill’s relationship.

-The direction: Lawrence Gough is an amazing director and has done an incredible job with these last two episodes.

– The emjoi bots, they were an interesting idea and being hugged to death sounds terrifying albeit a bit cheesy.

– The planet and the Vardy, nanobots are always terrifying (especially in a swarm) and seeing them desintegrate humans into skeletons was freaky and also terrifying.

-The twist that the whole planet was made of the Vardy (nanobots).

-The idea that the colonists could not see their moods because it would effect each other’s moods, that was very interesting.

-The inquisitive nature of Bill and how she asks questions that a lot of companions haven’t or don’t think to ask.

“How much did it cost?”

“I have no idea, I stole it.”

“Why did you steal it?”

“Because I felt like it.” The Doctor is a badass.

-Valencia, Spain where this episode was filmed. The whole setting was absolutely gorgeous!

-The idea of having to pretend to be happy to avoid being murdered. It reminded me of a dictatorship.

-Peter Capaldi, he really has hit his stride as the Doctor and he really felt like the Doctor in this episode. Why must they always leave when they are finally hitting their stride as the Doctor?

-The Doctor having this urge to travel because it seems like he hasn’t traveled in A LONG WHILE.

– The Doctor calling Nardole his “mum” that was pretty funny

– The episode leading right into the next one and them just landing in Victorian London.


– The emoji bots, they were an interesting concept, but they didn’t do much in the episode.

– The resolution to the episode, it felt like a bit of a copout.

– The resolution being the recurring punchline from the British comedy series “The IT Crowd.”

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

– The Doctor telling the colonists to make peace with the Vardy despite them murdering their family members. I understand because otherwise the cycle would repeat but it just felt incredibly insensitive to say to someone “I know they murdered everyone you care about, but now you got to make peace and be friends, okay?”

Despite this episode not being the best, there is still a lot to build from it and I love the series arc and the Doctor and Bill’s relationship. I am enjoying Series 10 so far and look forward to more adventures with The Twelfth Doctor before we have to say goodbye!



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