Doctor Who Series 10 “The Pilot” Review/My Thoughts


It’s finally here, after two LONG years since we last had a full series, Doctor Who is back! *cheers* and I will be giving my review on every episode during the series! Let’s talk about The Pilot!


What I Liked

-The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) as a Professor at a University and how Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) mentions how the Doctor has been teaching at this University for over 50 years! (That is a lot of time unaccounted for on screen).

-The Doctor notices Bill is coming to his lectures, even though she isn’t a student and works serving chips (fries for me because I live in America lol) to University students. The Doctor notices that Bill smiles when she doesn’t understand something, when most people frown, so the Doctor finds this intriguing and he offers to be her private tutor as a result. 

-Meanwhile the Doctor is on a secret mission with Nardole (who it seems is a robot now?) and they are guarding a mysterious vault underneath the University (which clearly has Gallifreyan writing inscribed on it, very interesting..) 

-Bill as the new companion, she seems perceptive and points out silly things about the Doctor that no one has brought up before or at least in a long time.

-The Doctor as the University Professor every student loves, it fits so well with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and I wished that was how he was from the start! 

-The Doctor, Peter Capaldi has really come into his own as the Doctor and I will miss him terribly. He really was amazing in this episode and has got me excited for more adventures!

-The Vault, it really has me intrigued and clearly will be the series arc, because they brought it up about 4 times in the episode haha. What is in that vault and why is the Doctor protecting it and what promise did he make and to whom?

-The chemistry between the Twelfth Doctor, Bill and Nardole. It’s great to finally have two companions again!

-All the easter eggs in the episode. The mug holding all the Doctor’s sonic screwdrivers and the pictures of River and Susan! 

-This episode as an introduction for a companion and re-introduction to the Doctor, that part was well done!

-Bill being a science fiction nerd, it should make for some interesting scenes and interactions between her and the Doctor!

This line: “The Doctor: It’s called the TARDIS. It’s short for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. You’re safe in here, you’re safe in here and you always will be.”

-Bill  believing the TARDIS looks like a kitchen because everything is so shiny and metallic, to the complete bewilderment of the Doctor haha. 

-The Doctor tries to take the TARDIS to the vault, (where Bill after much longer than more recent companions discovers the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside to which Nardole high fives the Doctor exclaiming “hey hey, we got there!” haha) 

-The Doctor reveals that he made a promise and has to protect the vault at all costs (who did he make the promise to and what is in that vault!)

-When The Doctor returns Bill to the University and is ready to wipe her mind justifying it by saying he is undercover and no one can know who and why he is there, but Bill says something that hits the Doctor so hard he changes his mind. Bill asks, “how would YOU feel if someone did that to YOU?” (cue Clara’s theme reminding us of the series 9 finale “Hell Bent”) 

-The coming soon trailer which showed us what to expect the rest of this series and two things that I noticed that immediately caused me to gasp were the Twelfth Doctor regenerating in front of a group of soldiers and John Simm’s Master being revealed (sporting a Roger Delgado beard!) and turning to look at what appeared to be Bill from the back of her head!

This begs two questions: One is the Doctor regenerating or is this another fake-out regeneration like the Tenth Doctor in “The Stolen Earth” or is it something different? Could we be seeing the Doctor shifting between faces in a way to tease the next Doctor? That could be interesting! Now onto the other big reveal John Simm’s Master making a comeback! What could this mean? Right off the bat I assume he is here to explain what happened to him after the events of “The End of Time” and how he regenerated into Missy (Michelle Gomez) or what if he doesn’t regenerate into Missy but someone else! Also, I have a strong feeling he will be channeling more Roger Delgado which may have been something he wanted to do from the get-go, but Davies wouldn’t let him. Either Way I am so excited for the rest of Series 10!

What I disliked:

-The main plot, it was weak and the villain was also weak. Unless they fully explain what it was that was talking through the puddle and what it means, I will still feel this way.

-Nardole, I have no idea why he is still with the Doctor, and he doesn’t seem to have a real role yet. I just need a justification for his presence in the TARDIS.

-Bill’s “love story” with Heather, it seemed really forced and I didn’t really buy it. I just needed more reason to believe they were “in love,” because it seemed like a lot of that was cut out. 

-The resolution of the story felt kind of weak to me. Love conquers all is getting to become a tired plotline under Steven Moffat.

“The Pilot” was a decent series opener and a decent episode to get us re-acquainted with the Doctor and to introduce a new companion to the crazy world of Doctor Who! I cannot wait to see how this series unfolds!

What say you? Did you enjoy “The Pilot?” Are you looking forward to the rest of the series? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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