Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer #2 Reaction/Review



Well apparently we got ANOTHER Series 10 trailer of Doctor Who and wow does it have me intrigued!

The trailer revisits a lot of scenes we saw in the previous trailer minus a few new ones.

We get a real great sense of the crazy adventures Nardole and Bill will be going on with The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi).

We see a new shot of the ice warriors and the new villains the monks phasing through a wall to attack someone. There are some weird termite looking bugs that are coming through a wall but it looks like it is coming from another dimension, how exciting!

We see Twelve get knocked back by another creature and the watery Dalek zombie lady. The show reminds us that this is indeed a “Time for Heroes!”

After the trailer ends we get a quick shot of Twelve grabbing his chest and struggling to hold onto a railing and his hand is shown to be glowing gold (which is a clear indicator that Twelve is about to regenerate) which is quite a shock and has everyone talking!

Here are my thoughts on that final scene that seems to show Twelve regenerating.

The first being that Twelve is in fact going to regenerate at the end of Series 10 and Chris Chibnall may have already cast the new Doctor.

The other being that it is just a tease and is meant to get people to watch Series 10 and it could be a classic misdirection. Maybe Twelve is about to regenerate but doesn’t change his face similar to when The Tenth Doctor did at the end of “The Stolen Earth.” I personally would not enjoy that, if you are going to have the Doctor regenerate just commit to it because you can only use that plot device so many times.

Another possibility is that Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi and Chris Chibnall have all lied and maybe they are going to have a surprise regeneration at the end of Series 10 rather than in the 2017 Christmas Special.

I would be a fan of this because I feel like sometimes The Christmas Special isn’t the right time for a Doctor to regenerate. I want them to keep us guessing and not always have a Doctor’s regeneration in a Christmas Special. I could see Steven Moffat doing this as a way to keep things fresh. This would also build up anticipation for the Christmas Special knowing it will be the debut of a new actor portraying the Doctor!

I know some fans might think “but I want Capaldi to get one more episode before he regenerates!” This I can understand and I don’t disagree with, although I love the idea of starting a new Doctor in a Christmas Special.

The last possibility is that Twelve beginning to regenerate could serve as a cliffhanger leading right into the 2017 Christmas Special. This is something I could get behind, but it all depends on the writing and if it is written and executed well I will be all for it!

Maybe Twelve is in the middle of a conflict regenerates into 13 and then has to deal with another enemy and has no time to really to breathe, that could be very interesting!

I always wanted to see the Doctor killed by an enemy leading to an intense regeneration and after regenerating, the Doctor just gets down to business and defeats said enemy! Every idea is done to the writing and the execution of the writing.

I love the idea of changing it up and shocking us withe a regeneration before the 2017 Christmas Special!

No matter what happens I am very excited to see the return of Doctor Who this month!

Mark your calendars fellow Whovians, Doctor Who returns on April 15th!

What say you? Did you like the new Series 10 trailer? What do you think of that final tease? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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