Justice League Theories


Well last week we were given a great look at Warner Bros. next film in the DCEU, in the highly anticipated Justice League.


There was a lot to analyze and enough new clips to develop some theories about possible plot points and the overall direction we are headed in the DCEU.

The first thing that is immediately noticeable is the absence of Superman (Henry Cavill). Now if you saw Batman V. Superman, HUGE SPOILER WARNING here okay still here? Superman died, so everybody was wondering why he didn’t show up in this trailer. Well there are a couple of reasons for this, one it’s WAY too early to reveal Superman in a trailer when the movie is still 8 months out. Another reason is that there is a twist involved, and Superman may be different and by different I mean evil. This would tie nicely into Batman V. Superman because in the film Bruce Wayne has a dream sequence that shows Batman in a post apocalyptic world conquered by Darkseid where Superman has turned evil and is ruthless. A bunch of parademons swarm Batman and knock him out leading him to be captured by Superman’s loyal soldiers. Superman kills his other captives and punches his fist through Batman’a chest forcing Bruce to wake up in the real world.



Now I called that whole scene a dream sequence but it is clearly a premonition or foreshadowing of dark events to come. This scene was probably one of my favorite things that has a lot of potential if it is executed well.

I believe Superman will be evil but it may not happen exactly as this premonition. I have no clue why Bruce had this intense and frankly disturbing premonition but I am sure it will be explained.

Okay so here is my theory Superman will be evil for a portion of Justice League but the rest of the team will find a way to bring him back to the light. I just hope that if this is true it isn’t shoved into the movie and becomes a lame subplot that bogs the movie down.

maxresdefault (4)


Another theory I have also ties into Batman V. Superman. After Bruce wakes up from his crazy foreboding dream, The Flash (Ezra Miller) appears and warns Bruce that he was right about Superman and to fear him. He goes on to say that Lois Lane is the key (referring to the fact that if she dies it will turn Superman dark) and he tells Bruce to “find us” referring to the rest of the metahumans who will make up the Justice League.

So what does this have to do with the new Justice League trailer? Well there is a quick scene of Barry running side to side quickly and I have a strong feeling that is him traveling into the past to warn Bruce.

My guess is that Bruce tells Barry to do it because he saw it and it has to happen otherwise Darkseid will conquer the Earth. Maybe there is some twist involved, that would be pretty awesome.

I really hope this is what happens because I would like to see some payoff to those cool scenes that are trying to set up some interesting ideas and plot points. Also I love time travel and the idea that Barry going back in time to warn Bruce being a “fixed point in time,” (Doctor Who reference) would be so interesting and could have huge implications.

Either way I am really looking forward to see if any of these plot points are explored more in Justice League and I hope we see some payoff to those plot points introduced in Batman V. Superman.

I cannot wait to finally see The Justice League on the big screen! YAY!

What say you? Did you enjoy the trailer? Do you agree with my theories? Do you have any theories of your own? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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