Justice League Trailer Reaction/Review


Well it’s finally here folks! The eagerly anticipated new trailer for the upcoming Justice League film hit the web earlier today and I have had a chance to watch it a few times and I am pumped!

I was very excited when Warner Bros. Announced they were releasing a new Justice League trailer on Saturday earlier this week. It is probably one of my most anticipated movies of 2017 and I just pray it’s a decent film.

The trailer opens with Bruce Wayne  (Ben Affleck) on a snowy mountain overlooking what I assume is Aquaman’s fishing village and is warning of a coming threat while he is searching for the metahumans he needs to form his team of heroes. Wonder Woman declares that the threat has already arrived as we see Cyborg’s father, Silas Stone (in his apartment? Along with a glimpse of a Mother Box and a parademon!)

Next we see Bruce meeting with Barry (along with a quick scene of him running in his Flash suit) and a quick scene of him using his powers to grab a Batarang thrown at him. Barry calls him “The Batman,” and asks Bruce what his super power is and Bruce replies “I’m rich” (Haha) This is hilarious because that’s been an argument amongst comic book fans for decades, what actually makes Batman a superhero..well he is super rich haha

Then we see Cyborg and Glimpses of him as Victor Stone in a Letterman jacket before he becomes an actual Cyborg. We see a quick scene of him destroying debris (with his arm cannons) about to crush some people, his father Silas and a colleague  (Maybe a flashback to his origin). Then a helmet covers his face and he flies into the clouds using rocket propelled boots. The CGI could use some work though…it isn’t fully polished just yet.

The trailer is essentially showing every League member in their glory and what they bring to the team. I like this more time for the other League members to shine!

Next up is Wonderwoman kicking ass and Amazons fighting an army of parademons! This is so epic!

Next Aquaman gets his time to shine when he throws his trident in mid-air right through the chest of a parademon. I have a feeling his is going to be awesome in this movie and silence a lot of haters.

We then see Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg ready to fight something or someone (possibly Steppenwolf) and Wonder Woman asks the group “shall we?” before walking down a hallway ready to fight someone/something (Steppenwolf perhaps?)

Next up is Wonder Woman kicking ass and Amazons fighting an army of parademons! (A flashback?)

We are introduced to James Gordon ( J.K. Simmons) who is standing a rooftop next to Batman and Aquaman and says he is glad to be seeing Batman playing well with others again to which Aquaman replies that he digs the Bat costume (awesome haha). Cut to Aquaman on top of The Batmobile, with Batman driving, when suddenly Aquaman launches himself  at a parademon and disappears behind offscreen!

Well needless to say I am excited, while still being very nervous because I just don’t want to go in with high expectations.

Don’t screw this up Snyder and you may win back the haters!

Despit my reservations, I still think this was a decent trailer, it’s a 9/10 for me!

What say you have you seen the new Justice League trailer? Are you excited for The Justice League movie? Whatever your thoughts let me know!

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