Iron Fist Reaction/Review (9/10)


Well I just had a chance to watch the first season of the new Netflix Marvel series “Iron Fist,” and I just have to say to hell with the critics!

I like to read early reviews for movies and especially TV shows. I was a bit surprised when Netflix’s new Marvel series “Iron Fist,” was getting bad reviews because up to this point Netflix has been doing a pretty good job producing these Marvel TV shows. It occurred to me after having finished the series why critics may have been so harsh.

The critics only had access to the first six episodes of the series, and may have been hoping for things to move along faster than what they were expecting. There is a lot to explain because the show has a lot of characters and has to make every character relevant.


I just have to say, if you like Marvel and what Netflix has been doing with their TV shows, watch it, because I for one enjoyed it. Yes maybe the pacing is a bit slow at times, but they are trying to introduce the main character all while giving us backstory on the other characters. There is 15 years of backstory and history between characters we need to know about while still giving us the main character and their journey to becoming the hero they are meant to be.

Iron Fist is a superhero origin story and so yes the whole origin story is probably played out at this point, which is why the new Spider-Man movie skips that because we don’t need to see that. It’s been done to death.

Iron Fist tells the story of 25 year old Danny Rand (Finn Jones) who after been believed to be dead for 15 years shows back up in New York trying to reconnect with his family friends Joy (Jessica Stroup) and Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey).

Danny Rand’s parents died in a plan crash when he was 10, that he miraculously survived and was rescued by monks who raised him and trained him in martial arts. Danny won the right to become the Iron Fist, the protector of K’un-Lun (one of the seven capital cities of Heaven).

Danny returns home to find out that his company is being controlled by a criminal organization called The Hand (which he is sworn to destroy as his duty as the Iron Fist). Danny with the power of the Iron Fist is able to channel his chi energy into his hand, giving it this yellow flourescent glow and making it virtually indestructable and extremely powerful too. He along with the help of another martial artist Colleen Wing (Jennifer Henwick) and the one character who ties all the Marvel series together Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) try to stop The Hand.

Iron Fist is an entertaining show, with interesting characters and pretty good writing. Finn Jones is a very likable hero and Jennifer Henwick is a reminder that women can be strong and kickass characters (who don’t just serve as a romantic interest).

David Wenham is downright terrifying as Harold Meachum and serves as a great villain throughout the entire season. He is the perfect manipulative, unpredictable and conniving villain that you love to hate but can’t deny is a pretty cool character.

After having finished the first season, I think I understand why critics didn’t enjoy Iron Fist, the show has a lot to juggle and by a certain point you aren’t quite sure who the big bad is, because they try to make you think it’s one thing, but it all seems like it is building up to something. The ending is very interesting and opens the next season up to a lot of possibilities.

The action in the show is great too and the choreography for the fight scenes is amazing. I loved every action scene, especially the ones with Danny fighting one on one with a formidable opponent.

I am looking forward to seeing how Danny Rand fits in with the other Defenders and what the dynamic will be between the four characters!

If you have been looking forward to Iron Fist, don’t listen to the critics and watch it. Make up your own mind and decide if you like it yourself! I enjoyed it and think it is a great addition to the other Marvel series. I still think Daredevil is the best, but this one is good on its own and I cannot wait to see more adventures with Danny Rand!

A sidenote, I will have the theme song stuck on my head for quite awhile haha.

What say you? Have you seen Iron Fist? Do you like The Marvel Netflix series? Whatever your thoughts let me know!



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