Doctor Who Series 10 Official Trailer Reaction/Review


Well a new trailer for Series 10 of Doctor Who just dropped and I have to talk about it!

This trailer focuses more on the new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) being introduced to the TARDIS which Twelve refers to as “the gateway to everything that has happened or will happen” and her adventures with The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and we see a series of monsters and action scenes, and of course Nardole (Matt Lucas).

Bill seems to be having a blast with the Doctor and it seems at least from this trailer that Nardole will be part of the team making this a three person TARDIS team!

Bill asks the Doctor “how do we stay out of trouble?” Capaldi’s Doctor responds in the only way he knows how to with that smile that has “adrenaline junkie” written all over it, as if he is saying “who said anything about STAYING OUT of trouble?! I love it!”

We see a montage of all the monsters Twelve and his companions will face including The Mondasian Cybermen (who look especially creepy), The Ice Warriors, Robots who talk through emojis, The newly designed Ice Warriors and a possible return of the Dalek zombies ( there is a pale girl who says EXTERMINATE!) Finally we see Missy and she seems to just be hanging out, whether or not she is helping the Doctor remains to be seen.

The Doctor then mentions through voiceover that there is something coming after them and that it will keep them busy for awhile. Interesting….very interesting!

We then see Nardole throw Twelve a sonic screwdriver, but not just any sonic screwdriver! It looks to be a classic era screwdriver possibly The Fourth or Eighth Doctor’s? It definitely has me intrigued!

The trailer ends with Twelve walking towards the audience along Bill and Nardole and we are told again that it is a “Time for Heroes!”

Well I am very excited for this new series of Doctor Who and am looking forward to see what adventures and surprises await us!

What say you? Have you seen the new Doctor Who Series 10 trailer? If so did you like it? Are you excited for Series 10? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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