Wonder Woman Trailer 3 Reaction/Review


Well the final trailer for Wonder Woman just hit the internet and I have to say I am excited!

I love DC and I want them to succeed because they have amazing characters, but the recent DCEU movies haven’t really impressed me and have been really disappointing.

There have been reports spreading that Wonder Woman is “a disjointed mess” and suffers the same pitfalls previous DC movies have of late.

I want to be over the moon excited for this film, but I guess my whole mentality with the DCEU is “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” I want to believe this movie will bring DC back and save this sinking comic book film universe, but I have my reservations.

The trailer shows Wonder Woman as a little girl being shown a sword (which she will eventually wield) by her mother Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) and then we see Diana as an adult training in Themyscira and is getting beat badly by another Amazon (Robin Wright, while Diana’s mother is heard in the background telling the Amazon to train Diana until she is better than even her) until Diana blocks her sword with her wrist cuffs and creates this shockwave that sends the Amazon flying backwards! The thing I liked was that Diana’s cuffs were glowing, perhaps hinting at the mystical and magical properties it possesses.

We see Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash on the beach of Themyscira (which was shown in the previous trailer) explaining to Hippolyta (Connie Nielson) after being questioned that he is trying to win The War to end all wars (WWI) which he claims they have no idea of the sheer magnitude of what they are up against. Diana explains to Steve that they are warriors and that The Amazons are the defenders of the earth. After realizing the earth is in grave danger, Diana volunteers to defend humanity and joins Steve Trevor to help him in the fight and they head off to London which Diana finds “hideous.” Haha Steve replies “yea…it’s not for everyone” The humor seems good in the film which is a good sign.

Diana’s mother (Connie Nielsen) mentions to another character (possibly Robin Wright?) that Diana can never find out the truth about where she comes from, most likely hinting at the fact Diana is a demigod and the daughter of Zeus (The Greek God who controls lightning and is the King of Olympus). This is one of the many different origin stories in the comics.

We see a series of action scenes with Diana kicking ass both in hand to hand combat and with her sword and shield! We then are shown the villain who wants to conquer the world and Diana interacts with him leading him to question who she is and Diana answers mentioning she is Diana Prince daughter of Hippolyta and how she will defend the world from tyrants like him and then cue epic tribal Wonder Woman theme with awesome logo!

Overall I think it was a solid trailer that gave us an idea of what the plot is without giving away too much, which is great! Diana was kicking ass and I cannot wait to see her in action! I like Chris Pine as Steve Trevor and I hope he has some good one-liners and is more than a one dimensional character!

Despite my reservations due to recent DC films I am cautiously optimistic about Wonder Woman!

I give the trailer a 10/10!

What say you? Have you seen the Wonder Woman trailer? Are you excited to finally see Wonder Woman on the silver screen? Whatever your thoughts let me know!

Check out the Wonder Woman trailer below!



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