Legion: Must Watch TV


I love all things related to comic books and TV, so believe me when I tell you Legion is an amazing show, that you need to be watching now!

I love X-Men, I grew up reading the comic books and also watching the 90’s animated series. I love the idea of people having these extraordinary abilities and finding it hard to adjust to society (which largely hates and fears them) and the magnitude of the power they have and what their role in society should be. I love me a good story that is relatable and also very engaging. So naturally when I heard Noah Hawley (creator of the FX series Fargo) was going to make an X-Men TV show (Legion) I was very very excited.

Admittedly I have never read any of the Legion comics, but I have done my research and needless to say he is a very very interesting character.

Now what makes Legion such a great show? Well it’s a few things, the acting is top notch, (Dan Stevens gives an amazing performance as the lead character, Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation fame really shows that she is a capable and talented actress playing David’s friend Lenny). The aesthic of the show is also just incredible, the visuals that depict what is going on inside David’s mind are for the lack of a better word mind-blowing. The pacing and writing of the show is great with every episode keeping you guessing and questioning what is really going on.

There have only been five episodes, but Legion has gotten so good! The thing I really love about the show is that it can’t be categorized into one genre. Legion is a drama and a psychological thriller with elements of horror, and the supernatural.

The show focuses on 30 year old David Haller (Dan Stevens) who spends his entire life believing he is a paranoid schizophrenic, but slowly discovers he is a mutant with very powerful telepathic, and telekinetic abilities, making his mind a very very dangerous weapon.

Legion is a one of a kind show, it really is a risk in a lot of ways, but I love how different of a show it is and how it continues to keep me engaged and is making me question everything that happens every single episode. I know that sounds like it would frustrate a lot of people but I mean that in the best way possible.

Legion does not insult the intelligence of its audience and therefore expects you be able to connect things and I personally hate being spoon-fed plot details and their importance and significance.

I cannot praise Fox, Bryan Singer and Noah Hawley enough for trying something different that really I think could be something if given the chance to last a few seasons.

Legion is a unique take on the noticeably old and tired superhero genre and tries to serve its audience a great character story and intriguing plot with interesting characters (who for the most part aren’t one dimensional).

Legion is a very engaging show that is trying to be unique in a sea of reboots and remakes and pulls it off wonderfully.

What say you? Have you seen Legion? If so, what do you think? Whatever your thoughts let me know!

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