How I would Have Set Up The DCEU


Wonder Woman, the fourth film in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) is due out this month and it got me thinking how poorly this whole film universe was set up and how I would have done it…


The DCEU was something that Warner Bros. was planning for awhile, which is surprising considering the films they have made in the past few years.  Every film that has come out since Batman V. Superman (2016) has felt rushed, with an incoherent script and has quite frankly been a mess.

The biggest mistake I think Warner Bros. made was thinking (or rather believing) that they could play a game of catch up with Marvel Studios! News Flash Warner Bros. Marvel had an eight year head start, or 5 year if you count Man of Steel as their starting off point for the DCEU. To even BELIEVE you could catch up to a film franchise that has raked in billions of dollars isn’t just laughable, but completely absurd!

Why not have this mentality, “guys we are behind in the superhero game so let’s just focus on making solid movies.” I get it Warner Bros. is trying to compete with Marvel, but there is no way that is happening, unless Wonder Woman and The Justice League are great films. Marvel has reigned supreme for almost 9 years now!

So where did Warner Bros go wrong? It started with Batman V. Superman. Warner Bros knew they could get butts in seats if they marketed two of the most iconic superheroes battling it out: Batman and Superman.

The problem with the title Batman V. Superman was it was misleading, leading to the change in title to Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Once that title change happened every fan knew that it was a set up for a Justice League film.

The idea of a Batman VS. Superman movie was genius, it was just poorly executed. Fair warning here there will be spoilers here, so if you haven’t seen Batman V. Superman or may possibly want to, stop reading now! Okay, so in terms of the plot in Batman V. Superman there was WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON!

Lex Luther Junior was introduced, and his general hatred/jealousy for Superman

Kryptonite was introduced,

Bruce Wayne/Batman and his motives were explained (setting up his fight with Clark Kent/Superman),

Doomsday was created,

The other members of The Justice League were referenced

Wonder Woman made her first appearance

The question of whether the world needs Superman and if he should be controlled was brought up (due to the destruction of Metropolis in “Man of Steel”)

Lex Luthor’s plot to pit Batman and Superman against each other, while he was busy hatching an evil scheme in the background.

A semi-Batman film

A semi-Man of Steel sequel

A semi-Justice League film

The “Death” of Superman

The Need to Form The Justice League

An Imminent Threat

I am sure there are more sub-plots, but as you can see that is too much to cram into one movie!

Basically, Warner Bros. was trying to cram five or six films into one, which is insanity!

As for the other recent film, Suicide Squad was rushed (David Ayer was only given 6 weeks to write the script, which is completely unheard of in Hollywood!) The plot was a little weak and some of the visuals (mainly The Enchantress in her regal outfit, swaying her body like one of those wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube men (Family Guy reference haha) was so laughably bad!)

I rambled a bit here (oops) so anyways…This is how I would have set up the DCEU!



A  Man of Steel Sequel

It was fine for them to introduce Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman V. Superman, but to try and make a Batman movie in the middle of a semi-Man of Steel sequel and a set up for a Justice League movie was a HUGE misstep.

I would have just made a Man of Steel sequel (introducing Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman) and setting up their distrust towards each other.

This would give us two movies to flesh out their characters and really explore their motivations and their philosophies towards handling criminals etc. and also how they both have the same goals (in terms of protecting the innocent from evil) but just have different ideas and perspectives on how to reach those goals.


A Batman VS. Superman Film

As I mentioned earlier a Batman VS. Superman movie was a genius idea, it was just poorly executed.

After we had explored the motivations of both characters we could give both characters reasons for distrusting each other and rather than only having a 15-20 fight between the two characters, we could have a longer maybe 30 minute fight between the two characters. The film much like the actual Batman V. Superman (tried to be) would be a philosophical battle as well as a physical battle between the two heroes.

I would introduce Kryptonite and Lex Luthor (as well as his motivations for hating and envying Superman) and the film could end with him discovering the Kryptonite and his plot to use it against Superman.


A Batman Solo Film 

After having set up the threat of Lex Luthor, (unbeknownst to our heroes) I would make a solo Batman film, where Bruce Wayne is in business with Lex Luthor (completely unaware of his devious intentions) hoping to make some technological achievements.

Bruce Wayne would figure out Lex Luthor’s evil plans (which would involve using Kryptonite to kill Superman) and despite warning Clark (Superman), Superman would die. Lex would tell Batman that a threat is coming, now realizing the world is more vulnerable with Superman dead.

Bruce realizing the world is in danger, needs to form a team, which Superman and Batman were planning on doing before he died. Batman recruits Wonder Woman and they begin their search for the rest of the meta-humans, leading to a Justice League film!

What say you? Do you like my ideas? Do you like the DCEU? Is the DCEU beyond saving? Whatever your thoughts let me know!




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