My Thoughts on Peter Capaldi Leaving Doctor Who


If you are a fan of Doctor Who then you are aware that the current actor portraying The Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi announced he was leaving Doctor Who back in late January.

This news came as a bit of a shock to me and it didn’t simultaneously, due to the fact that Peter has said in interviews that the show leaves actors little time to do other projects and it is also physically taxing on the cast.

Peter Capaldi suffered an injury while filming and I think he just wants to be careful as he is getting older. You don’t heal as fast as you age and you have to be mindful of that, when you are asked to play a very physical role as an actor. So I believe that is one of the reasons he decided to call it quits.

The thing that surprised me is that Capaldi is leaving only after 3 series, because I expected him to stay at least until the end of series 11. Capaldi is a life-long fan of the show and it seems like it was a dream come true for him to portray such an iconic character.

Capaldi also cares very deeply for the show and that’s another reason I think he is leaving. He is giving Chris Chibnall a fresh start, with a new Doctor and possibly a new companion?

My biggest worry was that Capaldi had been ousted by the BBC due to his lack of popularity with the teenage audience that grew accustomed to the Doctor being dashing and having sexual tension with a female companion. Well to those fans I say, sorry but that’s not what Doctor Who is about! Yes, the modern era has shifted it’s tone from the classic era, but I for one love it when the companion isn’t all googly-eyed and love struck around the Doctor.

I really do feel bad for Capaldi because he was definitely short changed in terms of writing (much like Matt Smith) which was something that interfered with his Doctor really being consistent.

My hope is that Capaldi’s final series is one that showcases the best parts of his Doctor: the crazy doctor, the lovable asshole, the compassionate sweet Doctor and the intense “no second chances” Doctor. The Doctor that would attract any companion to join him in terms of just being fascinated and completely ecstatic over the idea of travelling throughout all of time and space!

I guess I am most disappointed with the news of Capaldi leaving because in my opinion he is the best actor the modern era has had in the lead role. He has given fans the most nuanced portrayal of the Doctor and is the perfect amalgam of classic who and modern or new who.

He has showcased his strengths and range as an actor in some good episodes ie “Deep Breath,” “Listen,” “The Magician’s Apprentice,” “The Girl Who Lived,” “Face The Raven,” “Heaven Sent” etc.

He has made medicore episodes better just by giving it his all and really making the script better than it has any right to be ie”In The Forest of The Night,” “Hell Bent,”and “Kill The Moon.”

Peter Capaldi has solidified himself as one of the best Doctors and I really do hope he gets some good stories and a fitting end to really put him near the top on terms of the all time best Doctors! It’s not too late, Steven Moffat has written good episodes and can do it again!

Apparently Chris Chibnall asked Peter to stay for one more series and that’s a very sobering thought and it could be because casting a new Doctor is such a daunting task and Chibnall wanted more time. Also writing for Peter Capaldi is like a Doctor Who writers dream come true!

It will be very interesting to see The Twelfth Doctor and seeing his Doctor from the perspective of a new companion. I have a feeling the Series 10 opener will be very akin to “The Eleventh Hour,” which would be a pretty smart move.

Steven Moffat did say that Series 10 will be like a sort of reboot and that the first episode will feel like a pilot to a new show, color me intrigued!

I just hope Series 10 ends up being a solid series and that Peter Capaldi gets a good sendoff that really is fitting and well deserved for his Doctor.

Peter Capaldi is one of my favorites (if not favorite, still need to think about it). Roll on Series 10 and hopefully we get a great final series for Peter Capaldi and a great sendoff for The Twelfth Doctor!

What say you? Are you surprised by the news that Capaldi is leaving? Who would you like to see as the Thirteenth Doctor? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Peter Capaldi Leaving Doctor Who

  1. Its sad as he never got a good series. TBH I think out of the first two series he had only 2 good stories, and about 9 absolute stinkers. His era imo is the worst which is a big shame.


    • I agree but I think we still have to wait to see how Series 10 turns out before saying Capaldi’s era is the worst.

      I think Capaldi has had more than 2 good stories. I think Deep Breath, Listen, Flatline, Dark Water, The Magician’s Apprentice, Under The Lake, Before The Flood, The Zygon Invasion, The Zygon Inversion and Heaven Sent were all good stories.


      • IMO Dark Water was along with Death in Heaven the worst DW story ever made. Missy, the worst version of the Master that was nothing but pandering to SJW fans, and the Cyber Brig alone make it the worst.

        Also IMO Deep Breath was terrible too. 5 minute convos about flirting, Clara suddenly having a problem with the Doctor being old even though she met John Hurt?

        Magician’s Apprentice, similarly was abysmal. To start with Missy LOL. Also the Daleks my fave badguys were so lame. They didn’t kill anyone, they didn’t do anything, and then were beaten by a clogged pipe.

        Listen was also boring too. Just Clara and Danny sitting around in a restaurant, mixed in with a pointless sequence from the future, where they said there was a monster and then there wasn’t. Also it didn’t make sense as Danny dies so Orson could never be born.

        Heaven Sent was good, but completely overrated IMO.

        I’d still say the Capaldi era was the worst as even though its not done yet, the bad stories have been so mind meltingly awful that it would take an entire seasons worth of stories on the level of Genesis of the Daleks to cancel it out.

        And with the news that Pissy Missy will be back next year I’d say that was next to impossible.

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