Star Wars Rogue One Quick Spoiler Reaction/Review (9/10)


Well I finally had a chance to see one of my most anticipated movies of 2016 on Monday, Star Wars Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!


Okay so I had a chance to see Rogue One yesterday and wow just wow! This movie fits in so well with the Star Wars films and is a great addition to the Star Wars universe!

A quick summary of the story here. Rogue One takes place RIGHT before and I mean exactly RIGHT BEFORE Episode VI: A New Hope and it tells the story of how the Rebel Alliance stole the Death Star plans from The Empire.

The moment I heard that Disney was planning on making a film that chronicles the events referenced in A New Hope made me very excited! I have to say folks this movie does not disappoint!

Here are my quick thoughts on what I liked/enjoyed and disliked/didn’t enjoy. There will be spoilers so please stop reading now if you don’t want to know!

What I liked:

The overall tone of the film and how it felt like the stakes were so incredibly high.

The characters even though they weren’t all fleshed out. Jyn, Cassian, Krenick and K2-SO were my favorites.

Moff Tarkin being in the film even though he was CGI. He needed to be in the film even if Peter Cushing (RIP) isn’t alive to reprise the role.

Galen Erso telling his daughter Jyn that he purposely constructed the Death Star to have a weakness which is the exhaust port being small enough for one blast to it to be enough to destroy the reactor! That was brilliant!

The power play by Tarkin taking credit for The Death Star and making himself in charge of the project going forward.

Seeing Vader on Mustafar just chilling in a bacta tank before Krenick shows up.

Bail Organa showing up in the film for a few scenes, it was a great callback to Revenge of The Sith.

Bail referencing Obi-Wan! I wanted Ewan to show up so bad!

Jyn’s inspirational speech to the Rebels on Yavin IV and how she goes ahead with the mission to Scarif despite the council’s objections all to the delight of Mon Mothma lol

The whole battle on Scarif it was so well shot and the soldiers landing on the beach was reminscent of soldiers landing on the beaches of Normandy during World War II.

The arrival of the Rebel Fleet (along with The Ghost from Rebels) to help the main characters! I geeked out so hard!

The stock footage taken from A New Hope showing Rogue Leader, Gold Leader, Red Leader and Rogue 5 which Luke replaces in A New Hope!

How all the characters died heroically. It made perfect sense because this was a suicide mission.

Vader chasing the rebel soldiers who have the copy of the plans that will get to Princess Leia!

A group of rebel soldiers stuck in a dark room only to all be brutally killed by Darth Vader! This was the Vader scene that I had been waiting for and I loved it!

The rebel soldier who realizes he is going to be killed by Vader and just gets the plans to another solider who ends up on The Corvette and we know that this is the beginning of A New Hope!

How A New Hope happens minutes after this film. Never have I seen a movie that literally picks up where the last one left off, it felt so seamless and so well done. It was perfect!

What I Disliked:

No opening crawl! If any Star Wars movie needed it, it was this one!

The score it wasn’t memorable despite a few themes like The Imperial March and the ending theme.

The weird mind reading squid, it felt out of place.

The CGI for Moff Tarkin, it should have been shot better.

I wanted to watch A New Hope as soon as this movie ended! Lol

Overall I really enjoyed Rogue One and think it fits well in the Star Wars canon and the film universe as a whole.

What say you? Did you enjoy Rogue One? Do you like Disney’s Star Wars? Whatever your thoughts let me know!




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