Star Wars Rogue One Quick Spoiler Reaction/Review (9/10)


Well I finally had a chance to see one of my most anticipated movies of 2016 on Monday, Star Wars Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!


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“Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2” Trailer 1 Reaction/Review


Well its finally here folks the first full trailer to “Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2!” I just had a chance to watch the new trailer and here are a few of my thoughts

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5 Things I Want to See in “Rogue One,”


I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I was little, so you can bet I am absolutely pumped for the next entry in Disney’s new Star Wars cinematic universe, Rogue One! I have high hopes for this film but there are just a few things I want to see in “Rogue One”

Disney’s next entry in the start of their shared Star Wars cinematic universe chronicles the events of the rebels retrieving the plans to the Death star which The Empire will later use to destroy whole planets.

I for one am very intrigued at seeing these events shown on screen and also seeing the state of the galaxy at this time, which brings me to the first thing I want to see…




1 The Empire At Its Peak

Now the empire wasn’t formed until the events of the prequel film “The Revenge of The Sixth,” so we know what the beginning of the empire was like but what was it like at its peak? The Empire at this point should feel practically invincible because they now control the galaxy. In the Disney animated series “Rebels” we see how afraid people are of the empire and how powerless they feel to fight back. Based on trailers of “Rogue One,” we will see the Empire invading planets and massacring innocent people. One scene won’t be enough though, I need an explanation or better yet seeing The Empire just conquering whole planets and different groups of people. Simply put I want to believe The Empire is this threat that seems impossible to defeat. Give me reason to fear them again like I did in the original trilogy. If you can pull that off then I will be one happy Star Wars fan.




2. The Start of The Rebellion

Now this is the part I am very interested in finding out when I see “Rogue One,” because there are a lot of questions I have going into this film. The first being if the videogame “The Force Unleashed” is cannon, then doesn’t that mean Galen Marek (Starkiller) started the rebellion? It seems like Jyn Erso is going to the be leading the rebellion in “Rogue One,” but will she be a martyr? Either way I just want to see the start of the rebellion and how it leads into the events of “A New Hope.” It seems like we will have a group of ragtag freedom fighters willing to sacrifice themselves in order to just have a tiny chance of defeating the empire. I want to see people with personal vendettas against the empire or someone who has nothing to lose fighting back at the empire. I want to see Mon Mothma starting to build a large group of rebels and working in secret to bring down the empire. Give me a group of rebels running black ops! Taking out different Empire controlled areas slowly gaining the strength and will to fight back against an oppressive regime. I am sure we will get a good story in terms of how the rebellion was started and I cannot wait to see it all unfold.


3. The Relationship Between Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader

I want to see how Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader interacted with each other in the beginning. It seems to me like they may be rivals but may share the same goal of the empire becoming this totalitarian regime that controls that galaxy with no one standing in there way. I want to see how these two characters interact and I hope to see the two clash because dissension among the ranks is always interesting.



4. An Intimidating and Powerful Darth Vader

Needless to say the first time Darth Vader appeared on screen in the first Star Wars film, he was a very imposing and intimidating figure. As soon as he appears on screen you think to yourself “wow this guy is not someone you want to mess with.”

I want to see a return to this Darth Vader, the one who has gravitas and command presence. He is an iconic villain for a reason remind me why it’s as simple as that.


5. Darth Vader Hunting Down Jedi

In “The Revenge of The Sith,” Vader destroys most of the jedi, but some go into hiding when they realize the republic has fallen. I want to see Darth Vader searching for these Jedi and witness him killing ome of them. This is one thing that could really tie episodes 3 and 4 together showing us Vader hunting down the surviving Jedi.

These are just some things that I think could really make “Rogue One” a great addition to the Star Wars films.

What say you? Do you agree with my ideas? Are you looking forward to “Rogue One?” Whatever your thoughts let me know!