Batman V. Superman Quick (Non-Spoiler) Review (8/10)


Well folks I had a chance to see Batman V. Superman opening day and despite what the critics have to say (which is pretty unfair in my opinion) I had a pretty fun time with this comic book film!

Let me just start off by saying that critics are being way too harsh on this film. Does it have flaws? Absolutely. Is it a terrible movie? Absolutely not. I don’t understand why some critics are saying this movie sucks, or that is the worst comic book film ever made because those are unfair criticisms. Batman V. Superman has A LOT going on in terms of plot and this movie could have been split into at least three separate movies, but I still think it is an enjoyable movie and has some great ideas that look like they would be very interesting to explore in future DC Extended Universe films.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is directed by Zack Snyder who is known for such works as Man of Steel, Watchman and 300. He does a pretty good job in this movie, despite him being too stylized at times. Personally I don’t think that he should be in control of The DC Extended Universe because I think someone needs to rein him in to prevent him from making poor stylistic choices. That being said he has done a good job at establishing this universe, even if it feels a bit rushed.

Now one of the big question marks going into this movie was “Can Ben Affleck play Batman?” After having seen the movie, I can say the answer is a resounding yes. I don’t want to get too much into his character because then we will be getting into spoiler territory, but let me just say this Ben Affleck IS Batman. He absolutely nails it and I seriously hope this movie performs well in the box office because I want to see more of him and for him to get his own series of Batman films. This version of Batman is such a unique take and I love the idea of being introduced to a veteran Batman who clearly has been through a lot during his many years fighting crime as The Dark Knight. Ben Affleck’s Batman is the best part about Batman V. Superman.

Another big question going into this movie was “Was Gal Gadot the right choice for Wonder Woman and will she pull it off?” I can also say that the answer is Yes, however she is barely in the film, but her entrance is AMAZING and her scenes as Wonder Woman are fantastic. I cannot wait for her solo movie and I hope Gal Gadot gets a chance to own the role because she was a great part about this movie and I would like to see more of her.

Jeremy Irons is a great Alfred and has a much different dynamic than Michael Caine’s Alfred in The Dark Knight Trilogy. He seems to be more of a friend to Bruce and assists Batman a lot more during his missions. He is the voice of reason trying to get Bruce to see that Superman is not the enemy, but a potential ally, despite all the destruction he caused in Metropolis in Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill is a good Superman, but unfortunately he isn’t given enough material to work with and I really hope that changes in The Justice League and his next Superman movie, because I think there is potential for him to be a great Superman.

Now I am very sad to say that Jesse Eisenberg was miscast as Lex Luthor, he was just too over the top and delivered some cringe-worthy lines. I like the direction Zack Snyder and team went with for this interpretation of Lex but Jesse Eisenberg wasn’t the right choice. Jesse Eisenberg has very little range as an actor and always plays the same character: the socially awkward, oddball who always speaks in short sentences and has weird tics and quirks.

Hopefully he evolves or they bring in a better actor because he just didn’t work for me in this film.

Now without spoiling anything there are A LOT of interesting ideas introduced in Batman V. Superman that I would love to  see play out. There is a way we get to see future Justice League members in the form of quick cameos I will not say how, but I thought it was done well, even if some people may think it feels forced. This film feels like a very dark action sci-fi superhero universe, especially with some of the possible story-lines that are teased that could possibly come to fruition in Justice League or later.

I really do enjoy this universe and despite what some critics are saying that this movie isn’t fun because it doesn’t have a lot of humor and isn’t like Marvel, I am very much looking forward to Justice League. There are some things in this movie that I was not expecting and it shocked me, but I thought it was very very daring and ballsy for Snyder and company to do.

This superhero universe really intrigues me and if Justice League is done right, then we could have a potential DC Cinematic Universe and more DC characters and villains can be introduced.

Also this movie really asks some great deep philosophical questions: The main one of the film is “Does the world need Superman?” It’s a great question and it also leads into other ones such as “Should Superman be held accountable for his actions?” “Should Superman be held to a higher standard and be forced to work alongside the government, rather than taking matters into his own hands?” “Is he a force for good, or someone we should fear?” “Can he be trusted to protect us or will he turn on us?” These are some great questions that really are the main point of the movie and really propel the plot forward and make the movie that more enjoyable.

Now onto my negatives: first off this movie has A LOT going on. We have a Batman movie, a Superman movie, a Batman V. Superman movie, A Lex Luthor movie, and a set up for The Justice League. Warner Bros. should have waited and made three separate movies because this movie is all over the place in terms of story and editing and this movie could have been incredible!

The title is misleading too, there isn’t really a long fight between Batman and Superman and in my opinion the title should have just been “Dawn of Justice.”

Also unless you understand certain comic book story-lines you may have no idea what is going on. Now I will admit I am a DC fan but I am not up to date on every character, but I am aware of The New 52 and how this universe is a combination of different DC comic books as well as universes. There are some moments that I did understand and I hope that after this movie fans will go out and buy some comics because if Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. make a lot of money with this film, then we (the audience) may see a lot of great DC stories brought to the big screen!

Another negative is that if you saw the second trailer then it ruins the final act of the movie, and I really wished Warner Bros. had known enough not to show those awesome scenes because seeing the pivotal moment when our heroes come together could have been jaw dropping, but instead you know what is going to happen minus a couple of surprises. Never the less the final act is still very enjoyable.

Despite Batman V. Superman being a dense movie with too much going on and being rushed to start a Justice League film, it was still enjoyable and I will definitely see it again. Batman V. Superman is ambitious in its scale, and possible introduction of story-lines to come and it has a lot of potential. The movie uses comic book characters to tackle deep philosophical issues as well as issues facing our society today. There are also tons of easter eggs in this film and is probably worth a re-watch to catch them all.

Here is my advice (coming from a non-biased moviegoer who went into this film with zero expectations), don’t let the critics decide what you think of this movie. They are being unfair with their criticisms and being way too harsh on this film. If you liked, enjoyed, or loved Man of Steel see Batman V. Superman, you will enjoy it. If you want to see an enjoyable movie with a lot of interesting ideas, and awesome moments then check out Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Despite the film being 2 hours and 31 minutes long, I really want to see this movie again to take it all in and really dissect what is going on and what it means for future DC Extended Universe films.


What say you? Have you seen Batman V. Superman? If so, what did you think? Do you think the critics are right, or are they being unfair and too harsh on this film? Whatever you thoughts let me know!


3 thoughts on “Batman V. Superman Quick (Non-Spoiler) Review (8/10)

  1. It’s funny that even though my overall score for the film is at the opposite end from yours, I agree with a lot of what your review says. Yes, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Jeremy Irons all deliver good performances. Yes, Jesse Eisenberg is miscast. And yes, the deeper issues have potential. But there was too much else wrong with the film for me to enjoy it: the mess of subplots, the bleak tone, the lack of action and an interesting story, etc.

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  2. I understand your criticisms but im glad that we agree on the same points.

    For me I am just so excited for a Justice League movie because I loved The Justice League Animated Series and I feel like there were a lot of interesting ideas teased in Batman V. Superman. I love some of the comics they seem to be boring ideas from and I am excited!

    The good news is that Zach Snyder is done directing DC Extended Universe films after Justice League Part I and hopefully whoever directs the sequel to Man of Steel makes Superman more hopeful and respresenting the ideals that the established Superman stands for in the comics.

    Warner Bros. green lit a trilogy of Ben Affleck Batman films and rumor has it that Ben will direct them as well, so it is a win-win for Warner Bros.

    I have a feeling Batman will go back to his established character and joining The Justice League will make change his ways.

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  3. I’ve only seen a few episodes of the Justice League animated series, but I would be happy with a tone more similar to that. Hopefully Ben Affleck will do a good job if he ends up directing subsequent Batman films!


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