Three Things I Need to See in Batman V. Superman


I am a huge fan of comic books and comic book characters, so needless to say whenever a new comic book movie is announced I get very very excited. This is especially the case when it comes to the upcoming release of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I have high hopes for this movie and believe it will deliver, but there are just three things I need to see in order for it to work for me…


Now I know the title of film promises a fight between Batman and Superman, but for Dawn of Justice to work for me there has to be a good fight between both our iconic superhero characters, which leads me to my first thing:

1) A Long Fight Between Batman and Superman That Serves A Purpose in The Context of The Story

Based on all the trailers that have been released, Bruce Wayne is afraid that Superman is too powerful to be left unchecked. Bruce was present during the events of “Man of Steel” , specifically the fight between Superman and Zod in Metropolis, and saw the amount of destruction their fight was causing. This seems like a legitimate and understandable reason for Batman to want to fight Superman, but the fight cannot be quick or too long, it has to have the right balance. I believe their fight is a distraction encouraged by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), all while he does some sinister things behind the scenes.

In order for me to buy the fight between Batman and Superman, I need to see a long fight and for the fight to have a point in the context of the film’s narrative. The fight also has to strike that right balance of being long but not too long. The fight cannot be too short because then it loses its impact and not to mention it would be a huge disappointment considering the hype over the epic showdown between two comic book icons.

2)  A Good Reason for Batman and Superman to Settle Their Differences Leading to the Formation of The Justice League

Not only does the fight between Batman and Superman have to be long but when they inevitably form a truce or become allies, there needs to be a good reason for their fight to end.

We cannot have a scene like this:

“Batman: You aren’t such a bad guy Superman, I don’t know why I was fighting you anyway? Friends?

Superman: Thanks Batman, sure we can friends. I can just forget how you tried to kill me.”

Now this hypothetical exchange is pretty cheesy and most likely won’t happen, but this is an example of how the way that Batman and Superman could settle their differences and me not buying into it.

What I need to see is Batman getting saved by Superman and or him witnessing saving an innocent bystander. If Batman gets saved by Superman all I need is a nod from both of them acknowledging “you are alright in my book,” and then they join forces to stop the threat which based on all the trailers looks to be Doomsday.

3. The Formation of the Justice League and Introduction of The Villain Without it Feeling Forced

Similar to my thoughts on Batman and Superman settling their differences, there needs to be a good and legitimate reason for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman and possibly The Flash and Cyborg to join forces and form The Justice League. I assume Doomsday is going to be too much for Batman and Superman alone, and Wonder Woman somehow ends up helping out and maybe The Flash and Cyborg show up, I don’t know.

I would be perfectly fine with a Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman team up to defeat Doomsday, then maybe a cameo by Cyborg and The Flash. Of course it would be amazing to see all five of the characters team up to defeat Doomsday or whoever the villain is.

If Doomsday is not the main threat in The Justice League film, then the villain’s introduction has to work in the context of the film and not feel forced. Now I mean it cannot feel rushed because it’s clear Warner Bros. is playing a game of catch up with Marvel as far as establishing their own cinematic universe. Everything has to have meaning and serve a purpose, it cannot be a ten minute fight between Batman and Superman and then they fight Doomsday and then form The Justice League. It has to flow nicely and make sense in the context of the narrative. There have been rumors of Darkseid being the villain in The Justice League and I think this would be perfect and very bold of Zach Snyder and Warner Bros to attempt.

There needs to be a reason for The Justice League to exist and in the Justice League cartoon that was on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s, it was an alien invasion that threatened the entire Earth.

Maybe we have Doomsday defeated but another unknown threat shows up leading to this scene below and the movie ends!


Either way I am eagerly awaiting the release of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and have already ordered my tickets!

Well those are my thoughts! What say you? Do you agree with my points? Do you disagree? Are you excited for Batman V. Superman? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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