Two Broke Girls: The Worst TV Comedy


My blog says I provide advice on what’s good and bad in TV and movies. Lately I have been talking about the good, time to talk about the bad. I was watching TV the other night and there was nothing good on. For awhile repeats of FRIENDS and Seinfeld were on TBS, but then Two Broke Girls came on and it was all down hill from there…

For those unfamiliar, Two Broke Girls is a comedy created by comedian Whitney Cummings and tells the story of two women (Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs) who work as waitresses in a New York diner, who are trying to save up money to start their own cupcake business.

Two Broke Girls is summarized as a comedy with forced jokes that mostly miss the mark. There is a lot of vulgar humor that seems to just be there to be edgy and shocking and it comes off as annoying and unnecessary.

The two leads are annoying especially Kat Dennings who plays the generic miserable and insulting character, her jokes are especially bad and I didn’t even chuckle when she tried to make a joke.

I couldn’t help thinking that this comedy was specifically geared towards the lowest common denominator as far as the audience is concerned.

This show was seriously painful to watch and I had a straight face the entire time I was watching. How this show has managed to be renewed year after year is beyond me.

I am a very big fan of comedies and I wanted to like this show but it just made me feel stupid and it really hurt my brain. My poor brain cells never stood a chance.

If this show was the only exposure a civilization from another planet had to humans or human culture, they would think that we were all a bunch of complete morons.

Two Broke Girls is the worst comedy on television and I will be avoiding it at all costs.

If you are looking for a good comedy I would recommend Friends, Seinfeld, The IT Crowd, Black Books or Brooklyn Nine Nine. At least you will laugh at some of the jokes.

What say you? Have you seen Two Broke Girls? Do you like it? Do you agree with me? Whatever your thoughts let me know!





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