Batman V Superman/Suicide Squad Trailer Reactions/Reviews (10/10)


Well it was a very interesting Comic Con this year! In addition to the first look at Series 9 of Doctor Who we got trailers for Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad and they did not disappoint!


Okay so we finally got some more context in terms of what the story is going to be in regards to Batman V Superman and it is looking promising! The trailer shows Superman walk in to the senate floor and has to answer questions concerning the events of “Man of Steel,” which was his intense fight with fellow Kryptonian Zod. We then see Bruce Wayne in Metropolis as he is witnessing the destruction that is being caused because of Superman, presumably unaware that Zod is causing a lot of the destruction. Bruce runs through a cloud of dust and debris to save a little girl and he looks up in the sky in anger, clearly angry at Superman.

Batman speaks to Alfred talking about how he spent twenty years protecting Gotham from dangerous people and believes that Superman has the potential to wipe out the whole human race and that he needs to be destroyed. Alfred (Jeremy Irons) disagrees and tells Bruce “he is not our enemy.”

We then see Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) talking to a Senator saying “you want to know the oldest lie in America Senator, devils don’t come from Hell beneath us, they come from the sky.” Then we see a bunch of clips of Batman and Superman fighting! Followed by Lex Luthor gazing over a glass container of Kryptonite!

The trailer ends with Superman tearing off the roof of the Batmobile and Batman just stands up not the slightest bit scared or intimidated as if to say “let’s do this.”

WOW! This trailer has me so excited and I am just going to say this now, I think Ben Affleck is going to kick some serious ass as Batman and will surprise a lot of people! My only concern is Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor he seems too nerdy and wimpy to come off as a suave, confident and intimidating villain.


So as I mentioned above there were two trailers, so let’s not forget about Suicide Squad!

The trailer opens with Amanda Waller, the head of ARGUS, which is a secret government agency (Viola Davis) talking about recruiting a bunch of well trained and super-powered individuals to go on convert missions to save the world. She goes on to say that they would have plausible deniability and if anything goes wrong they can blame it on the bad guys carrying out the missions.

We then see a montage of all the people who are being recruited including Dead Shot (Will Smith),and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie).


Then there is a montage of action and dramatic scenes and the trailer ends with the first look at The Joker! (Jared Leto) He seems to be torturing someone and says “Oh I’m not gonna kill you. I’m just gonna hurt you really, really bad.”

Oh wow this movie has a lot of potential, just like Batman V Superman, I am cautiously optimistic and hope that these films deliver. Despite what other fanboys/fangirls say, I like the dark and gritty universe Snyder and Warner Bros. are building and if he pulls it off, it could give Marvel a run for their money.


What say you? Have you seen the trailers for Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad? If so, what were your initial thoughts and reactions? Are you excited for these movies? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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