Doctor Who Series 8 Original Soundtrack Review (10/10)


Series nine of Doctor Who will be back on our screens this Fall and because of my need to deal with Doctor Who withdrawals, I decided to buy the original soundtrack for Series 8! I have had a chance to to listen to it and wanted to give my overall thoughts, opinions and impressions on composer Murray Gold’s latest music! 

Series 8 premiered last August and marked the debut of Peter Capaldi as The Twelfth Doctor. As soon as Series 8 ended, I was waiting impatiently to hear when the official soundtrack would be released, especially the full theme for The Twelfth Doctor!

I am not going to sugar coat it folks, I love this soundtrack! Murray Gold continues to prove that not only is he a capable musician, but a damn good composer too! He has managed to write original music while throwing elements of tracks from previous seasons of the show. If anyone believes Murray Gold’s music is old and tired, I implore you to listen to “A Good Man (Twelve’s Theme) or “The Majestic Tale (Of An Idiot With a Box)” and you will change your mind!

Now I have been asking myself why is Murray Gold so spot on with his music? Well I believe there a couple of reasons for that, one, Murray Gold is a talented composer, his music is so good, it’s like major motion picture film quality. Second, I believe Murray Gold understands the character of the Doctor! Especially when it comes to a particular incarnation of the iconic character. “I Am the Doctor” was just fitting for The Eleventh Doctor, because it was so fast paced and upbeat which really captured Eleven’s (Matt Smith) personality!

As far as as Twelve’s theme goes, which is so aptly titled “A Good Man?” it is different than any other previous Doctor theme that Murray Gold has written. It has a very Dark Knight Hans Zimmer sound to it. It starts out with this really haunting theme played on the guitar, then it changes to this very whimsical chime that just doesn’t seem like something you would hear associated with The Twelfth Doctor (but I think it reflects the Doctor’s thirst for adventure and his softer and caring side). The theme then leads to this build up where we hear drums and the strings played rapidly with a big horn leading to the best part of the theme in my opinion. This theme clearly captures the gravitas and pure no nonsense and pragmatic attitude of the Twelfth Doctor. Twelve’s theme is just so versatile and is proof that Murray Gold can switch it up with his music!

Another favorite track of mine from the soundtrack is “The Majestic Tale (Of An Idiot With A Box)” It is pretty much The Eleventh Doctor’s “The Majestic Tale of (A Madman In A Box)” but with a few changes. For starters, it’s much more upbeat and fast paced. It has elements of “A Good Man?” in the background to give it this nice balance of fast but also very epic and bad-ass music.

Pretty much every track from the first CD, which is up to episode 4 of Series 8 is just flawless music. Speaking of episode 4, the track “Fear” is also one of my favorites, it is played in a very pivotal scene in the fourth episode (no spoilers this time), and really captures the mood of the overall scene (again no spoilers). It’s very sad, but hopeful music, that is actually quite beautiful!

The soundtrack I got comes with three CDs, the first two are episodes 1-12 of Series 8 and the third is The Christmas Special “Last Christmas.” The soundtrack also comes with a booklet with notes and comments from Murray Gold about what went into each track, especially coming up with The Twelfth Doctor’s theme. It’s pretty cool to get an idea of what the process is like for Murray Gold when he is composing music. The soundtrack also has original art for each episode, they look like movie posters advertising each episode title, it’s pretty awesome.

Overall I love The Doctor Who Series 8 Soundtrack and would recommend it to anyone who is a Doctor Who fan or just a fan of good music. Of course it’s more fun to listen to the music after having watched the full season, but out of context The Twelfth Doctor’s theme still sounds pretty freaking cool haha.

It’s hard for me to give the Doctor Who Series 8 Original Soundtrack a score lower than 10, because I love it that much! So call me biased I really don’t care, I love this music and that’s why I am giving it a 10/10!

What say you? Have you heard the Doctor Who Series 8 Original Soundtrack? If so, what did you think? What do you think of The Twelfth Doctor’s full theme? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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