My Favorite Modern Doctor Who Themes


I have been MIA for quite awhile, and part of it was that I lost interest in blogging and another part was that I lost my wordpress password haha. Nevertheless I am back! Seeing as how we are only two to three months away from the Series 9 premiere of Doctor Who, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a list of My Favorite Modern Doctor Who Themes!

Recently the Series 8 soundtrack of Doctor Who was released and we finally got a chance to hear the full theme for the Twelfth Doctor! Now that I’ve had a chance to hear all the modern Doctor themes in their entirety, I’ve finally decided how I would rank them! Okay here we go!


4) The Doctor’s Theme (Series One)

The Ninth Doctor’s theme is one of my favorites because of the simplicity of the overall theme, with female vocals evoking this sad tone. The theme really captures the sadness of The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) *SPOILERS* being the Doctor who has to live with the consequences of what he did to end The Time War between his own people and their mortal enemies The Daleks. The Ninth Doctor doesn’t consider himself a hero and hates himself for destroying his own people, Gallifreyans to save the universe, essentially committing genocide, something that causes him to become a guilt-ridden, and self-loathing man. This theme really captures all those aspects and Murray Gold absolutely nailed it with this track!

3) The Doctor’s Theme (Series 4)


The Tenth Doctor’s theme is very similar to The Ninth Doctor’s minus a few details. The Tenth Doctor’s (David Tennant’s) theme has the same choir and vocals as Nine’s theme, but then there is this great build up that leads into an epic part! Ten’s theme really captures the sadness of the Doctor along with the sense of adventure you must get from traveling with him! Ten’s theme captures how ancient and amazing the Doctor is along with capturing the sense of adventure one would get while traveling with the Doctor! This is another fantastic track by Murray Gold!


2. I Am the Doctor/The Majestic Tale (Of a Mad Man in A Box)

Until I heard “A Good Man?” (Twelve’s Theme)” this was my favorite Doctor theme, because it was just so different from all the other themes! “I Am the Doctor” really captures the majesty and adventure of The Eleventh Doctor along with his happy go lucky personality!

“The Majestic Tale (Of a Mad Man in A Box)” is a variation of “I Am The Doctor” and is slower and has a heavier sound than “I Am The Doctor.” The theme evokes the god-like qualities of the Doctor and just how epic, magnificent and mysterious the Doctor is! Murray Gold continues to amaze me!


1) A Good Man? (Twelve’s Theme)/ (The Majestic Tale of ) An Idiot With A Box

The Twelfth Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) theme is different than any of the other themes in the sense there are different elements to it. It starts out with that high-pitched harmonica/guitar sound that is very creepy and haunting. Then it changes to this happy jingle until it builds up to this epic cinematic Dark Knight, Hans Zimmer-esque theme! This theme evokes the gravitas of Twelve and quite frankly how bad-ass he is! It has this loud and in your face sound that really captures the majesty and adventurous side of the Doctor! This theme has become my absolute favorite despite how great and flawless “I Am The Doctor” is. Murray Gold you musical genius! Here have a listen and tell me this theme isn’t awesome!

“(The Majestic Tale of ) An Idiot With A Box” is just a re-arrangement of Eleven’s theme “The Majestic Tale (Of A Mad Man In A Box), with a few minor changes. The main theme is a little different, and has a part “A Good Man?” playing in the background. This theme is not as heavy as the “…Of A Mad Man In A Box,” and has a more upbeat sound to it, nonetheless it is still a fantastic theme!

Well this concludes My Favorite Modern Doctor Who Themes! What say you? Do you agree/disagree with my list? Which is your favorite Doctor theme? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Modern Doctor Who Themes

  1. Great post good to see you back in action again. My fave theme is probably the Rueful fate of Donna Noble. I find that to be the most moving, but it might be because Donna has the most tragic fate of them all.

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