The Walking Dead Quick Episode Reviews 510-512


I haven’t posted in awhile and that’s because I was sick for the past week or so. I finally had a chance to catch up on The Walking Dead and decided to give my thoughts and opinions on the last three episodes that aired. A lot has happened since the mid-season premiere, and hopefully things continue to pick up until the season 5 finale.


I will be the first to say that I love The Walking Dead, it’s a very interesting show with interesting and deep and complex characters. Now that being said, it definitely has its flaws, every season starts out strong then seems to slow down for awhile and then pick up just in time for the season finale. I have enjoyed the last three episodes, because there have been some developments and new characters have been introduced, keeping the show fresh and exciting. Okay let’s talk about episodes 10, 11 and 12!


Episode 10 “Them” (8.5/10)

Episode 10 continues to focus on the trials and tribulations of Rick and his group as they search for food, water and shelter, still mourning the deaths of Beth and now Tyreese. Rick and his group are tired, thirsty and members of the group including Maggie and Daryl are starting to lose hope that they will survive.

Rick and his group are just walking along the road when they are met by a herd of walkers. Rick sees a ditch on the side of the road and decides to lure walkers one by one into the ditch. Rick’s plan is working fine and the other members of the group are following suit, when Sasha all of a sudden attacks one of the walkers! Rick and his group are forced to start killing the walkers and after they successfully kill all of the walkers, Michonne scolds Sasha for being reckless and warns her that if she continues to act reckless she will end up just like her brother Tyreese (ouch, the truth hurts!).

Rick and his group find a case of water bottles in the middle of the road with a sign that reads “From a Friend.” Rick is skeptical of the “gift” and refuses to drink any of it, after one of the members tries to drink some.

It then begins raining and Rick and the group collect rain water in water bottles, hats, and pretty much anything they can find. The rain turns into a thunder storm and the group looks for shelter. Daryl while out on his own, trying to deal with his emotions finds an abandoned barn where the group takes shelter. After a few hours a herd of walkers approaches the barn and the group tries to keep the door blocked with their bodies until they eventually manage to hold off the walkers.

Sasha and Maggie go for a walk and are met by a stranger named Aaron, who claims to be a “friend” and wants to speak to the leader of their group.

What I liked:

Seeing how the deaths of Beth and Tyreese are affecting different members of the group.

Michonne scolding Sasha for being reckless.

The introduction of Aaron, can the group trust him?

What I disliked:

That it took three episodes for something interesting to happen.


Episode 11

“The Distance” (9/10)

Episode 11 picks up where episode 10 left off, Sasha and Maggie bring Aaron back to the barn to speak with Rick. Aaron says that he has been sent by a community not far from the barn Rick and his group are taking shelter. He claims to be a “friend” that Rick can trust, and tries to prove to Rick that he isn’t lying by showing pictures of the community he belongs to. Before Aaron has a chance to talk, Rick punches him in the face, knocking him out! (‘atta boy Rick!)

While Aaron is unconscious, Rick has him tied up. Rick has every reason to be cautious, he has been through too much at this point to take any chances. Aaron wakes up and understands Rick’s unwillingness to trust him, but tells Rick that he means well and has come to recruit Rick and his group for his community. Aaron reveals that him and his community have been watching Rick and his group for awhile, and know they are survivors and would be great additions to his community.

Aaron says he only came with one other person, and they took separate vehicles. Rick sends some people to verify his story (which turns out to be true) and after Rick talks it over with his group, they decide to go with Aaron to this community.

Rick and his group take two separate vehicles, and after Rick talks with Aaron about this new community, he discovers a microphone in the glove compartment! They have been listening the whole time! Glenn is driving and crashes into a herd of walkers! A flare shoots over a water tower in the distance and Aaron freaks out and books it into the woods! Glenn chases after him and reluctantly saves him from a group of walkers!

Rick, Glenn, Michonne, and Aaron meet up with Carl and the rest of the group who have found Aaron and his partner Eric’s (who has broken his ankle) shelter.

The next morning, Rick, Aaron and the rest of the group drive and eventually arrive at the Alexandria Safe Zone.

What I liked:

Rick’s unwillingness to trust Aaron, he has very right to be skeptical at this point and he would be stupid not to be.

The introduction of Aaron, he seems interesting.

Glenn’s reluctance to save Aaron from the walkers.


Episode 12 “Remember”

Episode 12 picks up where episode 11 left off. Rick and his group are introduced to the members of Alexandria, including the leader Deanna. Rick and the group have individual video interviews with Deanna, where they talk about their pasts and their experiences trying to survive.

Rick warns Deanna not to accept everyone into their community because it’s all about survival now and people will take advantage of weakness in this world. Rick and Carl are given their own home and Rick decides to clean up and shaves his trademark beard! (goodbye Rick’s beard, you made him more badass, RIP)

Not everyone seems willing to accept this community. Carol lies about her past and makes herself appear weak when talking to Deanna (very clever Carol!) Daryl also isn’t willing to accept Alexandria and refuses to shower! LOL

Glenn and Tara go on a run with Aiden (Deanna’s son) and Aiden’s recklessness almost leads to Tara being killed by a walker! After Glenn fights Aiden,Deanna intervenes and tells everyone that Rick and his group are a part of Alexandria now. Deanna  offers to make Rick and Michonne constables and Rick accepts.

Rick talks to Daryl and Carol and they both worry that living in Alexandria will make them weaker, but Rick says they have been through too much for that to happen. Rick says If the other members of Alexandria are too weak to defend the community, then Rick and his group will take over.

What I liked:

Seeing that Carol and Daryl aren’t buying into Alexandria’s way of life.

Glenn punching Aiden, he deserved it!

Rick declaring that if it comes to it he will take over Alexandria, he is such a bad-ass!

What I disliked:

Rick shaving his beard, he should have just trimmed it.

Overall, I enjoyed the last three episodes of The Walking Dead and am very much looking forward to seeing what happens especially in the season finale!

What say you? Have you enjoyed The Walking Dead so far? Do you prefer Rick bearded or clean shaven? Can the people of Alexandria including Aaron be trusted? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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