The Flash: Who is Harrison Wells?


There are a lot of good TV shows on TV but my favorite right now has to be CW’s The Flash. The story line is very engaging, keeps you coming back for more and the characters are very interesting. There is one character in particular who is very very interesting and he is still somewhat of an enigma, that would be the character of Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh).


Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is such an intriguing and ambiguous character. At times his motives seem noble, but then there is a development that makes you believe he has ulterior motives. One thing is for sure Harrison does care about Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin). He protects him and wants to see him reach his full potential, but this begs the question, why and what’s his endgame?

If you have been watching the show, then you know by now that Harrison is The Reverse Flash, whether or not he killed Barry’s mother remains to be seen. Apparently at some point in 2024, Barry Allen disappears and Harrison is well aware of this and seems to be making sure that this future happens. Unless Harrison is trying to prevent Barry from disappearing.


Now here’s the million dollar question, WHO is Harrison Wells? The way I see it there are a few possibilities: he is The Reverse Flash and is responsible for killing Barry’s mother, he is The Reverse Flash but from a different future than the one who killed Barry’s mother, he is a future version of Barry Allen who is trying to prevent Barry’s disappearance, but has other motives as well.

If Harrison Wells is responsible for killing Barry Allen’s mother, I don’t understand why he would protect him unless he just wants Barry to trust him. I think that it’s more likely Harrison Wells is a Reverse Flash from a further future than the one who killed Barry’s mother, maybe he is one side of The Reverse Flash, one that is good and the one that killed Barry’s mom is bad. I also think it’s likely that Harrison Wells is a future version of Barry Allen, who is trying to prevent Barry from disappearing because he knows what will happen if he does. Either way it’s all speculation, but it’s fun to think about, and I hope that whoever he turns out to be, that it’s not predictable.

We now know that the night Barry’s mother was killed an adult Barry Allen was there trying to stop The Reverse Flash from killing his mom. So why was Barry there and was he always there, because he was saved by a speedster, it would make sense if he saved himself. How was Harrison involved if at all? There are a lot of questions, but sadly we won’t find out anything until March 17.

What say you? Do you watch The Flash and if so what do you think? Who do you think Harrison Wells is and do you trust him? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


2 thoughts on “The Flash: Who is Harrison Wells?

  1. Hi Screensage–

    I’ve seen the show and am about 6 episodes into it. We kind of got inundated with distractions the past few months, so I’ve been looking forward to seeing more, but we haven’t got there yet.

    I love time travel conundrums. From what you describe, I’ll definitely enjoy what’s ahead of me. It sounds a little River Songish–I hope, anyway!

    Thanks for the article. You’ve really given me something to look forward to.


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