Why Murray Gold Makes Doctor Who a Better Show


I was online a few months ago and there were a lot of people complaining about Murray Gold, saying his music has become old, tired and repetitive and saying that Doctor Who needed a new composer. While I can understand this argument (Murray Gold’s music has become repetitive at times), I still consider Murray Gold to be one of the best parts of Doctor Who!


Composer Murray Gold has been writing the music for Doctor Who since it’s revival (not reboot) in 2005. So he has been writing music for the show for close to ten years now and in my humble opinion he has been doing a bang up job!

There have been enough fans of the show on online forums saying that he has been writing music for the show long enough and it’s time to bring in a new composer. The main arguments are that his music is too repetitive and it’s getting old and tiresome. This brings me to my reasons why I believe that Murray Gold is making Doctor Who a better show, and despite what some fans say, he is still a very good composer for the show.



He Captures Moments Perfectly with His Music

I can think of any big moment on Doctor Who and can remember the music that was used to capture that particular moment. When The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) realized that his archnemesis The Master had returned, (in one of the best scenes and plot twists in all of Doctor Who), the music that plays leading up to that reveal was simply incredible! The music has this great build up adding to the suspense and drama of the moment! The track played in the scene “All The Strange Strange Creatures” is one of my personal favorites and is one I find myself listening to quite a lot.

When The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) is about to regenerate, the music that accompanies the regeneration scene is so sad, bittersweet, emotional and epic all at the same time! The track “Vale Decem,” (Farewell Ten) captures the character of the Tenth Doctor and is a fitting goodbye to one of the best Doctors.


He Writes Some Fantastic Scores

When you listen to the music during any episode of Doctor Who, you can tell that Murray Gold is a very talented composer. He has written some of the best music on Doctor Who and on television! Part of this I think is because Murray Gold understands the character and also the complexity of his character. The Doctor is one of the most complex characters on television, he is a lot more than just an alien time traveler. He has had numerous life-changing experiences, he has watched companions die in his arms, he has seen stars die, he has witnessed the most significant events in human history! So it makes perfect sense that the music needs to capture all of this and I think Murray Gold has done that splendidly!

For those who disagree I just have this to say go listen to “Doomsday,” “A Dazzling End,” “Vale Decem,” “I Am the Doctor,” “The Majestic Tale of a Madman in a Box,” “A Sad Man with a Box,” “The Doctor’s Theme (Series Four),” and “The Twelfth Doctor’s Theme,” and then tell me Murray Gold isn’t a great composer! You won’t be able to do it, I guarantee it!


His Music Can Bring You to Tears

I can remember when I first saw “The Name of the Doctor,” and the music that played when Clara told the Doctor (Matt Smith) that he had a secret on the planet Trenzalore and the moment the music started playing in the background titled “A Secret He Will Take To His Grave,” I almost started balling my eyes out! It didn’t help that the Doctor (Matt Smith) started crying. It was a very sad moment acted beautifully by Matt Smith and captured wonderfully by Murray Gold.

I also can remember when I first heard “Vale Decem,” when The Tenth Doctor was regenerating and how that song really pulled on the heartstrings.

I could name more examples, but I think you get the point.






He Has Written Some of the Best Doctor Who Theme Songs

I can say without a doubt that most if not all of the Doctor Who themes written by Murray Gold are in My Top 10! I love Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire, and Peter Howell’s themes, but Murray Gold has managed to add something new to the themes while also paying tribute to the classic themes. I personally love the new theme song that was introduced in Peter Capaldi’s debut season, Series 8. It has a steam punk feel to it, and brings something new to the theme while also using elements from the older themes. I love the high-pitched whine at the end too! There I said it!

He Writes Themes that Always Capture the Essence of a Particular Doctor



My favorite Doctor theme has to be “The Majestic Tale of a Madman in a Box”/”I Am the Doctor” (despite it being played to death throughout Matt Smith’s tenure on the show). It’s such an awesome theme because it captures the essence of the Eleventh Doctor as well as the overall character of the Doctor! It’s epic, it’s loud, it’s angelic, it’s just simply majestic 😉 Haha.

Murray Gold has written some fantastic themes for each incarnation of the Doctor, Nine’s theme was sad and captured the pain and guilt he had harbored, Ten’s theme was sad, but hopeful and also adventurous, capturing the guilt he felt and how he was trying to overcome that, Eleven’s theme was epic, adventurous, bad-ass and captured his upbeat, positive attitude and his determination. Twelve’s theme is very epic, loud, bombastic and captures his no nonsense attitude, his pragmatism, and his determination and his focus on the task at hand as well as his darkness. Suffice to say Murray Gold understands the Doctor very well and can stay the composer for the show as long as he wants, because in my mind he deserves it.

What say you? Do you agree/disagree with my article? Do you like Murray Gold? If you want a new composer, who would you bring on the show to replace Murray Gold? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


6 thoughts on “Why Murray Gold Makes Doctor Who a Better Show

  1. Great post. I agree the bit with the Master was excellent and it was the music when Derk Jacobi says calmly “I am the Master” that helped make it so effective. I loved the way the music built up to reflect the Master’s rage just before he killed Chantho.

    My favourite score of his was This is Gallifrey.

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  2. kevrob07

    Where is it you are hearing the “official” 12th Doctor’s Theme? I can only find remixes and captures of what fans are assuming to be the 12th’s theme, but no official release.

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    • I’ve heard it on YouTube and it’s the theme that plays whenever Twelve kicks into action. There has been no official release, but I’m almost positive it’s his official theme, it’s played in every episode of Series 8. It is first heard when The Twelfth Doctor reveals he is disguised as one of the Clockwork Droids in Deep Breath. It’s during his big speech when he says “Hello, hello rubbish robots from the dawn of time. Five foot one and crying, you never stood a chance! And you’re out of your depth sir, never try and control a control freak.”

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  3. Screensage–

    Hello! Good to see your post–loved it.

    Murry Gold captures my imagination almost without fail. He never writes against the grain–he is always moving the story and the characters forward. Do you know if he’s written for other shows? I haven’t read up on his background outside of Doctor Who.



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