Better Call Saul Pilot “Uno” Review (9/10)


Well I just had a chance to watch the pilot of Vince Gilligan’s (creator of the critically acclaimed AMC drama Breaking Bad) new show Better Call Saul, which is a spin-off of the drama series Breaking Bad. 


The show focuses on the life of attorney James McGill (Bob Odenkirk) before he becomes criminal lawyer, (emphasis on criminal) Saul Goodman who ends up helping the main protagonists Walter White and Jesse Pinkman out of some “legal” trouble.

In case anyone hasn’t seen Breaking Bad or watched the pilot of Better Call Saul, I won’t spoil any plot details.

What I can say is that from the moment you start watching the pilot, you can believe this is happening in the same universe as Breaking Bad, and that somewhere out there Jesse Pinkman is a burnout high school student being yelled at by his chemistry teacher Walter White for not applying himself.

The mood of Better Call Saul is very similar to Breaking Bad, there is some comedy mixed with a lot of drama and of course some violent scenes. It definitely feels like it’s made by Vince Gilligan and the way it is written is very similar to Breaking Bad.

In terms of narrative structure, Better Call Saul takes place before, during and after the events of Breaking Bad. The show will tell the story of how criminal lawyer Saul Goodman became Saul Goodman.

I am looking forward to see where Better Call Saul is going and also look forward to cameos from Breaking Bad characters!

Better Call Saul has already been renewed for a second season, so AMC must really have faith in Vince Gilligan!

Better Call Saul has a lot of potential to be another great television series and possible cash cow for AMC and Bob Odenkirk has the comedic and dramatic acting chops to carry this new show!

I really enjoyed the Better Call Saul pilot and look forward to the rest of the season and overall series! If you are a fan of Breaking Bad or love drama shows with good acting, then definitely check out Better Call Saul, which airs Monday nights at 10 on AMC!

What I liked:

Seeing Saul Goodman again, it’s been awhile since I last saw him on Breaking Bad.

Finding out Saul Goodman was known as Jimmy McGill before the events of Breaking Bad.

Finding out that the show will take place before, during and after the events of Breaking Bad.

What I disliked:

Not getting to see Jesse or Walt, I miss them.

What say you? Have you seen Better Call Saul? If so, what did you think? Have you seen Breaking Bad? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


One thought on “Better Call Saul Pilot “Uno” Review (9/10)

  1. Sagescreen–

    Good post! My sisters are pretty obsessed with Breaking Bad. I hope they get the same enjoyment from Better Call Saul. Spinoffs can be tricky, and even with Doctor Who they aren’t all home runs.

    Were the new characters as interesting as the ones who were in the original show? That often determines if the project will be successful.


    Liked by 1 person

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