How I would Write My Own Version of the Doctor


Doctor Who is one of the most amazing shows because of the very idea that the main character the Doctor can regenerate. Every time the Doctor is mortally wounded or killed, or dies of old age he can regenerate, which allows him to live on. There is a catch however, every time the Doctor regenerates he changes his face, along with his personality and his likes and dislikes and his sense of fashion. He also can regenerate into an old body or a young body, it’s a numbers game.


Currently the Doctor doesn’t have much control over the regeneration process, although the current incarnation of the Doctor, 12 is well aware that the face he chose is one he has seen before. Now why this is we (the audience) still have no idea. I personally believe that the Doctor’s regenerations are affected by his subconscious thoughts, for example when The Eleventh Doctor was about to regenerate into The Twelfth Doctor, he hallucinated seeing his companion Amy Pond. I think when Eleven (Matt Smith) regenerated into Twelve (Peter Capaldi) he was thinking about Amy, which explains why he has a Scottish accent.

If the Doctor’s regenerations are affected by his subconscious thoughts then that gives us endless possibilities for what could happen to future regenerations of the Doctor! This is where my ideas come in!


The Doctor’s Story/Character Arc

Every Doctor has had a character arc that gave their particular incarnation direction and also helped to develop their character as a whole. Nine had Bad Wolf, Ten had the four knocks, and Eleven had The Silence and The oldest question in the universe. If I were to write my own version of the Doctor, let’s just say he is an incarnation in the distant future, so I don’t know the 24th Doctor, I would have him be the incarnation after The Valeyard. For those unfamiliar, The Valeyard is a character who popped up in Classic Who during the 80’s during The Sixth Doctor’s time (Colin Baker) and was supposedly an incarnation of the Doctor who was an amalgam of the darker sides of the Doctor’s nature, an evil Doctor if you will. He appears sometime between the Doctor’s 12th and final regeneration. If you listen to the Big Finish Audio Story “Trial of The Valeyard,” The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) encounters The Valeyard and he is forced to defend him when The Valeyard is put on trial. The Valeyard claims that The Time Lord President, Rassilon instituted the 12 regeneration limit rule because Time Lords who regenerated past 12 became crazy. The Valeyard claims that when he was The Thirteenth Doctor he performed experiments to circumvent the rule of 12 when he was on his final life and as a result he became The Valeyard.


             The Valeyard

The Doctor’s Character Arc Continued

So back to my ideas, okay so my Doctor would be the incarnation after The Valeyard and much like The Ninth Doctor being the Doctor having to live with the consequences of destroying Gallifrey when he was The War Doctor (John Hurt), my Doctor would be the Doctor living with the consequences of what evil The Valeyard had committed. Now wait, there’s more! (Sorry for sounding like a pitch man from an infomercial haha)

When The Valeyard regenerates (I understand he supposedly was on his final life and was trying to steal the Sixth Doctor’s remaining regenerations, but someone could rewrite it at some point), as a last act of revenge against the Doctor, The Valeyard would regenerate into someone he killed (in my scenario he would be a young man, preferably mid to late 20’s) forcing the Doctor to live with the constant reminder of what he had done as The Valeyard!

This would give the Doctor that guilt and journey towards redemption that made him such a compelling character back when he was played by Christopher Eccleston (Not to say the Doctor isn’t compelling anymore I just think that making him guilt-ridden adds to his self-loathing and the complexity of his overall character).

The fact that The Twenty-Fourth Doctor would have the face of someone he killed as The Valeyard would be a constant reminder of the consequences of his actions when he goes too far and becomes too dark and detached from reality. This would be part of the Doctor’s story arc and how he redeems himself and eventually would come to see the face he regenerated into as a reminder of how he should always strive to do good and be a good man.


The Doctor’s Personality

Every incarnation of the Doctor is affected by the events that their previous incarnation was involved in. My version of the Doctor would be no different, being the Doctor having to live with the guilt of what he had done as The Valeyard, The Twenty-Fourth Doctor would be sort of grumpy much like Twelve, but would have aspects of Two, Four, Eight, War, Nine, Ten, and Eleven’s personality! He would be a brooding Doctor in a young man’s body, much like Matt Smith’s Doctor and would have moments where he acted like a child! He would have the wisdom of The War Doctor and would at times be completely absent minded like The Eleventh Doctor. One thing would stay the same though, he would be a complete badass! The Twenty-Fourth Doctor would be a return to the “No second chances that’s the sort of man I am.”


The Doctor’s Outfit/Costume/Appearance

Every Doctor has an iconic costume that is usually a reflection of their personality and my Doctor would be no different. I am a little unsure of exactly what The Twenty-Fourth Doctor would wear, but it would definitely have to be a dark outfit that reflects his dark and brooding personality. I’m thinking a black and purple suit with a black and or purple tie and a long black coat with the collar popped, almost like a darker version of The Tenth Doctor’s outfit.

The Doctor himself would have a few days growth, because having a beard adds to his ruggedness and “don’t mess with me attitude.” He would have a short haircut, and it would be slicked back giving him this serious look, but also being approachable at the same time.

Well this concludes How I Would Write My Own Version of the Doctor!

What say you? Do you like/dislike my ideas? How would you write your own version of the Doctor? Who would you cast as the Doctor? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


4 thoughts on “How I would Write My Own Version of the Doctor

  1. There is such potential in the Valeyard and I love the idea that the doctor would be forced to face the guilt over what the Valeyard has done.

    I often wondered if the Doctors unconscious mind had an effect on his regenerations. Its a really neat idea if it did.

    I think it would be interesting to have a more rugged looking Doctor too. Often the Doctor is a bit aristocratic. He usually has long hair and a clean shaven face so it would be quite interesting to show a more stripped back version.

    Would definitely evoke Eccelston.

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    • Thank you and I have too. Steven Moffat said in an interview before Series 8 premiered that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor being Scottish was due to the fact that 11 hallucinated Amy Pond before he regenerated. Moffat explained that’s why 12 is Scottish in the context of the story, which I find to be fascinating and is ripe with possibilities!

      Yes exactly, that’s why I loved The War Doctor so much because he was rugged and was rocking a sweet gray goatee and it was the first time the Doctor had a beard which was a nice change.

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  2. Wonderful idea. That level of guilt might actually drive him mad. Perhaps he would be too broken to have a long-term companion, just allying himself with interesting people on an adventure-by-adventure basis. Maybe he’d need to find companions who couldn’t judge him for whatever reason–robots, androids, other long-lived and objective species. Of course, you’d have to have a main villain who reminded him of his mistake at every turn. Maybe a Time Lord, or someone gossipy. His final moments would need to bring him peace with the one he killed. What fun! Thanks for the what if.

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