Why Peter Capaldi is One of The Best Doctors


It’s been awhile since I posted something, I am busy with a new job, so I am trying to find the time to make new posts on here.

Well now that the Doctor Who Christmas Special has come and gone, we are now in that weird place where we have to wait eight months until the new season starts (sigh) and in the meantime have to wait to hear the occasional news story about the filming of Series 9 in Cardiff. Now that we have one full season of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor in the books and we know the type of Doctor he is we can make an assessment of Capaldi’s performance up to this point.


I will be the first to admit that it took me a few episodes to adjust to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, partly because I really loved Matt Smith as the Doctor and also because Capaldi seemed unlikable in his first couple of episodes. Now that I have seen 13 episodes of Capaldi as the Doctor, I can say without a doubt that Peter Capaldi is one of the best Doctors! It’s easy to make a bold statement like that, but don’t worry I will give my reasons why!

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He is Pragmatic

Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor makes it abundantly clear that he doesn’t have time to apologize for his actions, especially if it leads to the death of someone who he encounters and is trying to protect on his many adventures. Twelve is more concerned with the task at hand, which is usually defeating the villain or trying to understand what the villain wants and or how to defeat the villain. He doesn’t have time to apologize when someone dies under his care, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, Twelve just realizes apologizing isn’t going to help them (the people he and his companion Clara Oswald encounter on their many adventures) and honestly is time that could be better spent on trying to defeat the enemy or obstacle in their way. This pragmatism is a new personality trait for the Doctor and hasn’t been seen in long while, Ten and Eleven were more compassionate men and would apologize if they knew someone was about to die under their care. Twelve is more about focusing on the task at hand and as a result comes off as a jerk some times.


He is Very Dark

When it comes to Twelve’s personality he can get very dark at times. The newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor when faced with the Half-Face Man comes to the realization that he might have to kill him. The Half-Face Man ends up being impaled on a spire in Victorian London and we never find out what happened! Did the Doctor push him onto the spire? Did the Doctor convince The Half-Face Man to jump? Either way both options are pretty dark and indicate the lengths The Twelfth Doctor is willing to go to to protect those he cares about. 


He is Unforgiving to His Enemies

When Twelve is faced with formidable foes and they end up killing people under Twelve’s care, he becomes a very unforgiving man. When The Twelfth Doctor is faced with two dimensional creatures who are killing people and wearing their bodies as camouflage, the Doctor (after being revived by Clara) decides that he offered an olive branch to the dimensional creatures and they ignored it and realizes they need to be stopped! Twelve steps out of his TARDIS and uses his sonic screwdriver on the aliens, banishing them back to their own dimension! This Doctor does not mess around!


He is a Badass

No matter what type of situation The Twelfth Doctor finds himself in, he always finds a way out. He is a man with a plan and is determined and will not take crap from anyone! Twelve is blunt and comes off as mean but sometimes the truth hurts! Haha He does not care what people think of him, so as a result he can be very rude and mean but hilarious at the same time! Despite not being as approachable as previous incarnations, The Twelfth Doctor still cares about his companion Clara Oswald  (Jenna Coleman) and you can tell she has had a huge impact on him. Twelve isn’t afraid to challenge his enemies and like his previous incarnations is usually ten steps ahead of everyone else.


He Acts like a Child Sometimes

Even though The Twelfth Doctor may appear old on the outside, he sometimes shows flashes of youthful exuberance. Twelve usually shows this side when he is enjoying himself or something new happens to him in terms of encountering enemies/obstacles. When the Doctor meets Santa Claus (Nick Frost) and gets a chance to drive his sleigh, he relishes the moment and it’s one of the few times we actually see Twelve smile! The Twelfth Doctor also acts like a child and shows flashes of youth when he is interacting with children, because he seems to want to impress them with his knowledge and showing them his TARDIS. Twelve like his previous incarnations has a thirst for adventure and loves travelling with his companion and travelling to different planets and experiencing something new.


He is a Lovable A******

Twelve does not give a care if you like him or not and despite him not being as immediately as approachable as his previous incarnations, he is still likable, because he is STILL the Doctor! You still root for Twelve to save the day, and how can you hate those eyebrows?! He can be a rude, mean, blunt jerk, but he somehow still manages to be likable and he is still the genius Time Lord he has always been.

Well this concludes Why Peter Capaldi is One of The Best Doctors!

What say you? Do you think Peter Capaldi is one of the best Doctors? If so, why? Do you agree/disagree with my reasons? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


10 thoughts on “Why Peter Capaldi is One of The Best Doctors

  1. Good luck on your new job! I’ve also been off the scene for a month or more, but I’m glad to be back, and to see new posts by you, too. I have to say, I agree with you completely, but it hit me reading your list that you’re basically arguing we love Capaldi DESPITE his entire character. Grumpy? Blunt? Doesn’t give a damn? We can only name a few times he’s smiled? Step right up, Peter–you’re a fantastic Doctor! *grin* Still, how can we come to any other conclusion? It’s Capaldi. It’s a talented creative team around him. It’s the Doctor after all! Thanks for the post.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love Capaldi, I was just pointing out how even though he is a jerk (a reason a lot of people hate his Doctor) he is still a great Doctor. Compared to Eleven, Twelve is FAR less cuddly and approachable lol.

      Wow a month, that’s crazy! Thanks, I am enjoying it so far. I work weekends now, but I feel more productive haha. I look forward to seeing new posts from you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Isn’t it funny that the Doctor sometimes lulls us into complacency by being “cuddly and approachable”–yet, some of his most iconic regenerations have been nothing of the sort?

        I wish you success with balancing the new job on the weekends. Every post is an accomplishment in my mind, and I hope writing them brings you as much joy as reading them does to me.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It is funny! It’s been awhile since the Doctor has been grumpy but its a nice change and I really think it works for Capaldi’s Doctor.

        I really appreciate that and thank you for the kind words! I love posting and I love to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions even if they differ from mine. I love reading your new posts and I wish you success in any future endeavors :).

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  2. Good to see you both back. Good article one of my fave twelfth Doctor moments is in In the Forest of the night. Now I HATED this episode, but I still liked the bit where he was with the little girl and he was trying to be strict with her and she was completely unscared.

    That to me is a classic Doctor moment because it demonstrates how likable he is as a character the way he is always able to get on really well with children, because as you pointed out in this article he is one underneath.

    We saw this with Matt Smith’s Doctor. Like when he was playing with the toy airplane in the shop with the kids around him.

    That’s why that wee girl isn’t scared when he is trying to be all scary to her and pointing at her and being strict, because she knows he is deep down a big, big, big softie and his bark is like a billion times worse than his bite.

    All she has to do is look a bit upset, or cry a bit and he will be like “Oh god I’m sorry, I’m so, so, so, sorry, please stop crying I’ll take you to disney land if you want” LOL.

    Again we also saw this with Courtney too.

    IMO that’s a great way of showing 12 isn’t all bad.

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    • Great example! That episode irked me so much that I must admit I glossed over its strengths in my mind, but his interaction with the girl was a revelation. It’s odd. So much has been made about the age difference between Capaldi and Coleman that I had been thinking of her as almost a child–not to mention the age difference between 12 and Clara. But he does treat her as a competent adult. His “softie” side comes out in the presence of actual children.

      I’ve been reading many of your posts (as I could), just not able to eek out the time to reply. I’m very grateful for all that you’ve shared. You’ve got one heck of a mind. Thank you.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I think 12 is very like 3 in some ways. Both Peter and Jon I think are the least hammy Doctors. Not that there is anything wrong with being hammy, but they do tent to play it straight more than a lot of others.

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  3. Yes, “loveable a******” really does sum up the Twelfth Doctor, and is one of the main reasons I like him a lot. As for whether he’s one of the best Doctors, I’d rather give him more time before passing full judgement, but he’s certainly up there right now.

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