My Thoughts on Doctor Who 2014 Christmas Special “Last Christmas”


Well we finally know the title of this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special, it’s called “Last Christmas.” Now what could this mean? Could it be implying that it’s Clara Oswald’s last Christmas? Could it be the Last Christmas if The Doctor doesn’t save the world from this new alien threat?

We know that this episode will feature Nick Frost (Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz) as Santa Claus and will also feature Michael Troughton (Second Doctor Patrick Troughton’s son). The biggest news though is the rumored departure of Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald!

Personally I hope Clara does leave in The Christmas Special, I have nothing against Clara, she is a great companion, but I think it’s time someone else joined The Doctor in The TARDIS. Clara matches up just fine with The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi), they both have fantastic chemistry, and I think after all is said and done, Clara will be remembered as being Twelve’s companion.

Twelve needs a new companion, one who is more suited for his darker Doctor. If Clara does stick around for series 9 or part of series 9, I won’t be upset, as I said I love Clara, she is a great companion. I just think that Clara’s story has been told, she was The Impossible Girl, and now it’s someone else’s turn!

Based on the new trailer, “Last Christmas” seems to be hinting at the departure of Clara, and possibly a sad one as well. I think it would help develop the character of The Twelfth Doctor if he is unable to save Clara, and she dies tragically. How else could Twelve get darker? I understand there are numerous ways you could make The Twelfth Doctor become darker, but Clara dying tragically seems like the best way. Imagine The Twelfth Doctor fails to save Clara from these unknown aliens they are faced with and as a result The Doctor becomes withdrawn and more cold and heartless. Picture The Eleventh Doctor in mourning in “The Snowmen” but even more depressed and A LOT LOT darker.

This Christmas Special also will see the introduction of Santa Claus (Nick Frost), who is called into action to help The Doctor and Clara stop aliens at The North Pole. We know that The Doctor and Santa have a history, and that they seem to butt heads, but in the words of Twelve “question is how long have they known each other and what happened that changed their relationship?”

In the Children in Need clip we saw, it seemed like Santa and The Doctor were rivals, and The Doctor was not pleased to see him at all haha. Santa didn’t seem all that jolly either, is Moffat lying? Will Santa be a bad guy, or am I reading into their interaction too much?

Suffice to say this episode will be interesting! Santa working alongside The Doctor, and Clara possibly leaving The Doctor, that sounds really cool to me!

This year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special looks to be a fun, and interesting episode, with some great additions, including Nick Frost and Michael Troughton! Despite how I felt about the Series 8 finale, “Death in Heaven,” (it was disappointing) I am very much looking forward to “Last Christmas!” That title has me very intrigued, what does it all mean?! Well only 12 days until we find out!

This concludes My Thoughts on The Doctor Who 2014 Christmas Special!

What say you? Are you excited for “Last Christmas?” Do you think Clara is leaving in The Christmas Special? Is it a good idea to have Santa in this episode? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Doctor Who 2014 Christmas Special “Last Christmas”

    • I think 12 is wearing that sweater that he wore in “Listen,” and “In The Forest of The Night.” It’s the sweater that looks like it has holes in it, but I just think it has sparkly dots on it.


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