My Thoughts on The Flash


I have been quite busy with a new job and have been slacking off on posting, so I am going to try to be better about it and figure out when I will be making new posts.


So anyways, we just had the mid-season finale of the new hit show, The Flash. For those unfamiliar with The CW DC superhero universe, The Flash is a spin-off of the popular CW series Arrow, which tells the story of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) who during a catastrophic event is struck by lightning and after spending ninth months in a coma, wakes up to find that he has the power of super speed!

Barry Allen works with three scientists from S.T.A.R. Labs (where the catastrophic event originated) Caitlin Snow (AKA Killer Frost), Cisco Ramon, and Harrison Wells (who is a very ambiguous character with his own ulterior motives). I will just say this now, I love this show! The Flash is a very exciting, well-written show with a great cast. The over-arching plot of Barry trying to find the man in the yellow suit, who was responsible for killing his mother and framing his father is really quite interesting and keeps you coming back for more answers. The over-arching plot is fascinating and keeps you guessing, especially when it comes to the identity and motives of Harrison Wells.

The Flash provides a great counterbalance to Arrow, because of how fun, and lighthearted the series is with more humor, but still enough drama. Somehow The Flash blends well with The Dark Knight-like gritty universe of Arrow and the cross-over episodes were a great indication that a TV Justice League Universe could work if handled correctly.

I will say this and may receive a lot of flak for this, but I believe The Flash is better than Smallville already, and I can see it becoming one of the best superhero TV shows, long after it ends. If you have not seen The Flash, I would highly recommend it, because it’s a very fun and exciting show. It’s also amazing considering it’s budget that the special effects are pretty damn impressive. I look forward to seeing how The Flash will tie into the Arrow universe, and seeing what new characters will be introduced and what new shows will be coming our way!

Well that concludes My Thoughts on The Flash!

What say you? Have you seen The Flash? If so, what do you like about it? What DC universe hero do you want to see on TV next? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on The Flash

  1. We’re about three shows behind, so I don’t know which direction the series is headed in, but I’ve also enjoyed the world of the Flash. I like his boss/surrogate dad, and you’re right about the mysterious Harrison being interesting to speculate about. I haven’t seen any of Arrow yet. Do you like it as well?

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    • I agree, he is a very likable character and Harrison is so hard to pinpoint haha. I like Arrow as well, it’s different than The Flash, it’s much darker and more of a drama. Oliver Queen is a very complicated character, which makes Arrow very interesting. If you liked Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, then Arrow will be right up your alley! Haha


      • Sweet! I was a big fan of both. Plus it has Alex Kingston and John Barrowman, right? Or are they out of the series by now? I like them both so much, I’m sure I would have to love another show that had both of them in it. Is it one where I should start at Season One, Episode One, or do you think I could pick it up at the beginning of this season?

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      • Yes it does! I would start from the beginning the mid-season finale was on Wednesday, so new episodes won’t premiere until January 28th. Season one starts out slow, but by the mid-point you won’t want to stop watching haha.

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