The Walking Dead Season Five Episode 8: “Coda” Quick Recap/Review (8.5/10)


I have been very busy this week, so my reviews have been a little late and I just had a chance to watch The Walking Dead mid-season finale last night, and I wanted to talk about it. The Walking Dead mid-season finale wasn’t terrible by any means, but it wasn’t great either. I love The Walking Dead, but it has a tendency to kick into high gear for awhile, then eventually hit the brakes after a few episodes. Before I get into a rant, let me just tell you what I thought about the episode!


Okay so when we last saw Rick’s group they had just captured three police officers and from Tyreese’s suggestion, Rick decided to use the officers as bargaining chips to trade for Beth and Carol. One of the officers, Bob Lamson tricked Sasha and knocked her out and escaped the building where he was being held. 

The episode picks up and shows Lamson running and after awhile he is run down by Rick driving a police cruiser. After Lamson tells Rick that his group won’t survive, Rick shoots him in the head and tells him to “shut up.” (Rick continues to be a bad-ass)

Meanwhile, Father Gabriel finds the area where Gareth and his cannibal crew were enjoying Bob’s leg, and finds Bob’s charred leg. A group of zombies break through a window and Gabriel hobbles into the woods, eventually returning to the church. There is one slight problem though, Carl and Michonne barricaded the door from the inside, so Gabriel is stuck on the church steps screaming (because he is useless). Carl and Michonne hear his screams and after Carl attempts to take the wood covering the door off, Michonne starts chopping it with an ax. Gabriel is able to run into the church, but the group of walkers follow him, Michonne and Carl!

Gabriel leads them to his rectory and his secret passageway underneath the church. Gabriel stays behind and holds the zombies off holding a chair against the door, but eventually jumps down the hole in the floor leading underneath the church.

Michonne, Carl and Gabriel meet in front of the church and then close the church doors on the zombies inside. All of a sudden Abraham and his group show up in a fire engine! Everyone greets each other, and all is well…for now

Rick meets two officers on a roof and tells them he wants to trade two of their people for two of his: Beth and Carol. Rick waits to hear back from Dawn, and is escorted into the hospital by the two police officers. Rick and his group reach a door and on the other side of the hall past the door is Dawn with her group of officers and Beth and Carol.

Dawn tells her officers to lower their weapons and the officers escorting Rick and his group do the same. Rick and his group walk towards Dawn and Rick says he doesn’t want any trouble, that he just wants to trade her two officers for Beth and Carol. The exchange begins smoothly Beth being brought to Rick who hugs her and kisses her forehead. (Aww Rick is still a sweet guy)

Rick gets Carol and Beth back unharmed, when Dawn all of sudden says she wants Noah too! Rick says this wasn’t part of the deal, but Dawn claims that Beth was her ward, and now she needs someone to replace Beth, hence why she needs Noah. Beth says no, but Noah agrees to Dawn’s terms and walks towards her. Noah and Beth hug each other goodbye, and Beth has some words with Dawn and stabs her in the chest with a pair of scissors she hid under her cast! Dawn just reacting to the situation then shoots Beth in the head!

Rick, Daryl and the rest of the group raise their weapons! Dawn pleads with Rick, saying it was an accident, scared because she just shot Beth. Daryl steps forward and shoots Dawn in the head! Both groups start screaming at each other with their weapons drawn, but one of the officers (a female officer who was captured by Rick) tells everyone that it’s over, and Rick and Daryl both in shock that Beth is dead, turn and leave. The female officer asks Rick and his group if they want to stay, but he refuses and walks out upset at what just happened.

Abraham, and his group start walking through the parking lot of the hospital, when Maggie sees Daryl walking out carrying Beth in his arms! Maggie falls down crying, and begins yelling! (Poor Maggie, first Hershel, now Beth)

The group mourns together, as the episode ends. But wait, it’s not over yet! In a post credits scene we see Morgan who arrives at the area where Bob’s charred leg is stuck on a fence, it’s clear he is probably a little bit behind Rick and his group. Morgan kills a walker who is lying inside the doorway of the glass window that was broken down when Gabriel was there, and Morgan finds the church. Morgan finds the altar and begins to pray, and starts laughing. As Morgan is leaving the church he finds a map on the ground! He reads the words “Sorry for being an asshole. Come to Washington. The new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes.” (the message left by Abraham) Morgan reads the message and realizes he just missed Rick!

What I liked:

Rick shooting officer Lamson and saying “shut up” after, it was pretty bad-ass.

Beth stabbing Dawn with the pair of scissors, that was pretty awesome.

Seeing Morgan again, that was a surprise and I have missed him since we last saw him in the premiere!

Watching Daryl cry so hard when he saw Beth die, he really has become a caring and compassionate character.

What I disliked:

Not much happened in this episode, beside Morgan finding a map mentioning Rick and Beth dying.

The pace of this episode, it was another slow episode.

Father Gabriel, he is just such a useless character, he is a real liability because of his “demons.”

The build up of this big war between Team Rick and Team Dawn, it didn’t live up to the hype.

“Coda” was a decent episode, but it just didn’t deliver for a mid-season finale.

What say you? Did you enjoy the mid-season finale? Are you still excited for February when the show returns? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


One thought on “The Walking Dead Season Five Episode 8: “Coda” Quick Recap/Review (8.5/10)

  1. I agree that this was not the best mid-season finale. It was very slow and did not live up to the hype. I feel that the writers were relaying on Beth’s “shocking/emotional” death to compensate for what felt like rushed writing. Although dissatisfied, I will still tune in come February. Great review by the way!

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