The Walking Dead Quick Episode Reviews


I haven’t had a chance to review the last few episodes of The Walking Dead, so I’ve decided I’m just going to do quick reviews of the episodes I’ve missed. A lot has happened in the past few episodes, and there’s a lot to get through, so let’s jump into the reviews!



“Slabtown” (Season Five, Episode 4) (7/10)

This episode revealed what happened to Beth, and who grabbed her. Beth was “saved” by a couple of police officers who took her to a hospital in Atlanta, where one police officer Dawn is in control of a group of people, including other cops and people they saved, who have become indentured servants. Beth tries to escape with the help of another prisoner, Noah, but Noah is the only one who gets away. Beth watches as Carol is pulled in on a gurney and is pretty worse for wear.

What I liked:

Finding out what happened to Beth, I thought it was interesting

Being introduced to new characters, especially Noah, he seems like he has a lot of potential.

The WTF moment of Carol being brought into the hospital at the end of the episode.

What I disliked:

The pace of the episode, it was really slow and boring actually. The episode was kinda dull too, not much happened, which was kind of a disappointment.

Focusing an entire episode on Beth, I just don’t find her that interesting, and would prefer to see what’s happening with all the characters.



“Self Help” (Season Five, Episode 5) (7/10)

This episode focuses on Abraham’s group: Rosita, Glenn, Maggie, and Eugene, but more specifically Abraham. We get some flashbacks showing Abraham in a grocery store killing a man with a can of beans, which scares his wife and kids and they leave him as a result. Eugene reveals that there is no cure for the zombie virus and that he lied about needing to get to Washington, knowing that he would die without people to protect him. This angers Abraham and he beats him within an inch of his life, and in a flashback we see Abraham ready to leave the grocery store when Eugene is surrounded by some walkers. Abraham saves him, and leaves, but Eugene tells him he is on an important mission. Abraham stops and has this look of determination, having found a new purpose and mission. This flashback makes it all the more sad, seeing Abraham in present day on his knees, not having any idea what to do next, because he realizes his purpose and mission was a lie.

What I liked: 

Seeing a little bit of Abraham’s past, it felt long overdue.

Seeing how Abraham and Eugene first crossed paths, and how heartbreaking it was to see Abraham full of hope, when you knew Eugene was lying to him.

Eugene revealing that there was no cure, and that he just lied to survive.

Abraham beating the living crap out of Eugene for lying, I would have done the same. 

Seeing Rosita stand up to Abraham, I guess we know who wears the pants in this relationship.

What I disliked:

The episode, not much happened, it was kinda slow, and I love The Walking Dead, but when you have two slow episodes back to back, there is a problem.

Abraham’s flashbacks happening so late, he is an interesting character and this didn’t add too much to his character.

The reveal that there was no cure in Washington, D.C. and that Eugene was just lying to survive. It didn’t have the impact or hold the weight that it should have.



“Consumed” (Season Five, Episode 6) (7/10)

This tells us what happened to Daryl and Carol when they went after the car that took Beth. Daryl and Carol follow the car to Atlanta and find shelter in an abandoned law office, where Carol worked before the apocalypse.

Daryl and Carol try to make their way inside the hospital, and are threatened by Noah himself! He was hiding amongst some walkers who are trapped in sleeping bags. Noah is armed and gets Daryl to relinquish his crossbow and opens all the sleeping bags and tents releasing a group of zombies on Daryl and Carol. Daryl and Carol make their way through the zombies and run into Noah who is trying to make his way through a door. After a book case lands on Noah, and a walker is released and begins to attack him, Carol pleads to Daryl to save him. Daryl reluctantly shoots a crossbow killing the walker and helps Carol lift the book case, saving him. Noah tells Daryl and Carol that he knows where Beth is and tells them that the hospital is filled with armed police officers. Noah, Daryl and Carol make their way out of the building, but Carol decides to see if the coast is clear and she is suddenly hit by a car! Two officers exit the vehicle and lift Carol onto a gurney. Daryl tries to rescue Carol, but Noah tells Daryl that the people at the hospital can help her. The police car drives away and Daryl steals a truck and drives out of Atlanta with Noah.

What I liked:

Carol’s flashbacks, you could tell she didn’t enjoy being on her own.

Seeing Carol and Daryl together again, you can tell they really care about each other, and they make a great team.

Finding out how Carol ended up being wheeled into the hospital on a gurney.

Noah having to restrain Daryl from trying to rescue Carol when she was taken by the police officers. Poor Daryl was just reunited with her and now he is separated from her, and you can tell it’s hard for him to stand back and do nothing.

What I disliked:

The pace of this episode, this is three episodes in a row that have been slow, what is happening?!

Daryl forgiving Noah, after Noah released a group of walkers on him and Carol. I understand Noah was just trying to survive, but come on Daryl!

Carol and Daryl climbing into that hospital van, what was the point?! They just ended up battered and bruised, it seemed silly to me.



“Crossed” (Season Five, Episode 7) (8/10)

This episode focused on all the different groups, so we got to see what was going on with every group. Daryl returns to the church to tell Rick and the group what happened to Beth and Carol and Rick decides he is going to take a small group of people with him (which includes Noah, Daryl, Sasha, and Tyreese) to Atlanta. Rick believes that they will have the upper hand because they will have the element of surprise.

Meanwhile, Abraham is still sitting on his knees on the road, and refuses to move and drink any water. Rosita offers water to Abraham telling him he needs to drink it and he knocks the bottle out of her hands, things get heated between Rosita and Abraham and Maggie pulls out her gun and warns Abraham that she will shoot him if he does not sit back down. Abraham obeys Maggie, and Tara, Rosita and Glenn decide to go looking for more water and food. Rosita tells Glenn that she was with a few different groups and met Abraham in Dallas and decided to join him on his mission to Washington. Glenn is still upset with Eugene, after the revelation that he lied about there being a cure in D.C., but Tara believes he had every right to lie to ensure his own survival.

Back at the hospital, Beth has a talk with Dawn, who after telling another officer to take Carol off life support, decides to give Beth keys to the medicine cabinet. Dawn explains that she thought Beth was weak, but realizes she was wrong after finding out how she tried to escape. Dawn now respects Beth and is giving her the chance to save her friend Carol. Beth asks Dr. Edwards what she can do to try and save Carol and he tells her that Epinephrine will help, but there is no guarantee it will save Carol. Beth creates a distraction having another prisoner pretend to keep coughing hard, while she retrieves the epinephrine from the medicine cabinet and proceeds to inject it into Carol’s I.V.

Meanwhile back in Atlanta, Rick creates a distraction in a little abandoned alley, luring two cops to the scene. The cops see Noah and recognize him but are disarmed by Rick and his group who appear out of hiding. Rick tries to negotiate the release of Carol and Beth, but more officers show up in a police car and save the two unarmed officers. The police car drives away, but Rick is able to shoot out one of the tires leading to a corner that is filled with zombies who are melted into the street. Rick and the group see the two officers running and chase after them, Daryl stays behind and searches the police car and then a trailer, when suddenly another officer appears out of nowhere and attacks Daryl! The officer ends up on top of Daryl choking him and there is a melted walker that is within inches of Daryl! Daryl pokes his fingers in the zombie’s eyes and pulls the skull off the walker’s body and hits the officer in the head!

Rick returns and is about to shoot the officer when Daryl tells Rick that three hostages are better than two. Rick brings the three officers to the building where he and his group have set up camp, and ties the officers hands with zip ties. Rick, Daryl, and Noah leave to go try to negotiate the release of Carol and Beth from the hospital, while Sasha is left standing guard over the officers. One of the captured officers tells Sasha that one of his fellow officers is outside melted to the sidewalk (now a zombie) and he feels guilty for what happened to them because they saved his life but ended up stuck to the pavement. The officer named Bob ( I think the fact his name was Bob clouded Sasha’s judgment because her boyfriend’s name was Bob, who she just recently watched die in front of her)  asks Sasha to shoot the walker from the building and that he can tell her where they are outside. As Sasha is preparing to shoot the walker, and asks where the walker is, the officer stands up and charges at Sasha hitting her head against the window and knocking her out!

What I liked:

The episode focusing on all the groups, I understand it’s good to focus on one group for an episode, but those episodes tend to be slow and boring.

Seeing Rick prepared to fight the hospital group to get back Beth and Carol, he really has become merciless at this point.

Daryl pulling off that walker’s head to use as a weapon, that’s some quick thinking and also kind of ingenious!

Tyreese talking to Sasha about Bob, he is a good brother and he knows she isn’t doing well right now.

What I disliked:

Some of the pacing of the episode, it was a better pace than the previous three episodes but still was slow at points.

Daryl almost dying, he is one of my favorite characters, he better not die this season!

Sasha being gullible and not realizing that the police officer Bob was just trying to escape captivity!

I really enjoyed “Crossed” and cannot wait to see Rick fight the hospital group in the mid-season finale!

What say you? Did you enjoy these episodes of The Walking Dead? Have you enjoyed Season Five so far? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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