My Top 10 Episodes of Doctor Who Series 8 Part II


Well Series 8 of Doctor Who is over and so I thought I would do a list of My Top 10 Episodes of Doctor Who Series 8! I have already done Part I, so without further delay here it is fellow Whovians, Part II!



5. “Into The Dalek” (Series 8, Episode 2, 2014)

In this episode, The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) discovers there is a Dalek that is malfunctioning, turning it into a “good” Dalek. The Dalek believes all other Daleks must be destroyed, which intrigues the Doctor. The Doctor, Clara, and a group of soldiers are then miniaturized and sent into the Dalek that The Doctor calls “Rusty.” The Doctor discovers there is a radiation leak that caused “Rusty” to turn good and once he seals the radiation leak, Rusty returns to being a “normal” Dalek and begins killing every soldier on the ship he is being imprisoned on. Once the Doctor kind of gives up and almost seems relieved that the Dalek has returned to his normal programming, Clara slaps the Doctor and makes him realize they can turn Rusty good again.

This leads to one of the best scenes of the Series and whole show where the Doctor is able to insert himself into Rusty’s mind, with the help of Clara. The Doctor tries to get Rusty to see all the beauty and wonder of the universe, but eventually Rusty just sees the Doctor’s supreme hatred for the Daleks! Rusty begins to focus on that hatred and believes the Daleks must be destroyed! The Doctor eventually realizes that he cannot change a Dalek, they are programmed to destroy, even if it’s other Daleks.

I loved “Into the Dalek,” it returned the Daleks to their former glory and redeemed them. Also this is the episode where we begin to understand how The Twelfth Doctor handles life or death situations, not apologizing when one of the soldiers dies inside the Dalek, even though the soldier trusted the Doctor with his life. This episode also again brought up the idea of the Doctor’s intense hatred for the Daleks, which is very interesting considering The Twelfth Doctor is a much darker Doctor than we have had in awhile.

Phil Ford who wrote this episode is one of the best writers on Doctor Who and I really hope he returns next season.


4. “Deep Breath” (Series 8, Episode 1, 2014)

This episode saw the newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his companion Clara Oswald in Victorian London reuniting with the Paternoster Gang (Jenny, Strax and Madame Vastra). Clara is still in shock over the regeneration of the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), and is finding it hard to adjust to the new Doctor’s personality. He is older, grumpier, and more rude than he has been in awhile and thinks that humans are a bunch of “pudding brains,” haha. The Doctor discovers that Clockwork Droids are killing people in London, and harvesting their bodies for spare parts.

The Doctor eventually defeats the leader of the Clockwork Droids known as The Half-Face Man and leaves Clara in Victorian London for awhile. The Doctor eventually returns for Clara and Clara discovers that he redecorated The TARDIS and is now sporting a new outfit. The Doctor re-introduces himself, but Clara is still not convinced he is the Doctor. Clara receives a phone call from The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) on Trenzalore right before he regenerated! He asks Clara to stay and watch over the Doctor because this new Doctor is more scared than she could possibly imagine and The Eleventh Doctor finally says goodbye to Clara. Clara after a few seconds looks in the Doctor’s eyes and believes it is him and hugs him, which the new Doctor isn’t prepared for haha. Finally we see The Half-Face Man wake up in a garden and is introduced to a woman who goes by the name Missy, and she claims he is in The Promised Land/Paradise.

I enjoyed “Deep Breath,” it was a very fun and and exciting season premiere. I still consider “The Eleventh Hour” to be one of the best Doctor introduction stories and it will take a fantastic episode to beat that one!

“Deep Breath” introduced us to The Twelfth Doctor and his new personality, while also showing us this new relationship he is going to have with his companion Clara. This episode felt very Sci-Fi horror to me, very reminiscent of Tom Baker’s era on Doctor Who. I’m glad to see Doctor Who is returning to its roots and I hope this trend continues. As far as Doctor introduction stories go, this one wasn’t half-bad.


 3. “Mummy on The Orient Express” (Series 8, Episode 8, 2014)

This episode saw The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) taking Clara on The Orient Express, a train that flies through space! The Doctor discovers that people are being killed by a Mummy known as The Foretold and has to race against time to find out why this is happening! The Doctor discovers that only those are about to die can see The Mummy, and that once you see it, you only have 66 seconds to live! Eventually it is revealed that the whole train ride was a trap, and was an experiment! There are many different passengers on the train who are experts in some kind of scientific field of study and the computer controlling the train known as Gus wants everyone to find out The Foretold’s true nature.

The Doctor eventually discovers The Foretold was a soldier from a war that ended a long time ago, and that there was some future technology that was keeping it alive! Gus decides that no survivors are necessary and begins to suck the air out of the train, then suddenly the train explodes.

Sometime later, Clara wakes up on a beach next to the Doctor, who tells her that he saved everyone and dropped them off on the nearest civilized planet. Clara talks to the Doctor about choices and The Doctor then tells Clara “Sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones. But you still have to choose.” 

On The TARDIS, Clara lies to the Doctor and says Danny is okay with her travelling and that she wants to keep travelling with the Doctor.

I really enjoyed this episode, I thought it was a pretty good standalone adventure. One of the highlights definitely has to be the return of the Jelly Babies! (a Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker reference).

My only gripe was how Clara was in it, because of the way things ended in “Kill The Moon” between her and the Doctor. I felt this episode kind of took away that great moment where she yelled at the Doctor for abandoning her and forcing her to make an impossible choice. Despite that, I did love this episode and I really enjoyed the twist as well! This is probably one of the best episodes of Doctor Who!


2. “Flatline” (Series 8, Episode 9, 2014)

This episode saw The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) MIA because he is stuck in his TARDIS, which keeps shrinking! Clara is forced to investigate what is causing The Doctor’s TARDIS to shrink, and takes on the role of the Doctor! Clara is faced with two-dimensional alien creatures who are trying to become three-dimensional! People in Bristol are disappearing and it seems these two-dimensional creatures are responsible, sucking them into the walls and wearing their bodies like camouflage! Clara, taking on the role of the Doctor, begins to realize how tough it is for The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and how he struggles to keep everyone alive in life or death situations.

Clara takes charge of a group of community service workers, and ends up saving a few of them and is able to revive the Doctor’s TARDIS! The Doctor steps out and names the alien creatures The Boneless and banishes them, using his sonic screwdriver to send them back to their own dimension!

The Doctor admits to Clara that she was “an exceptional Doctor…goodness had nothing to do with it.”

This was a great episode, the story was intriguing and the villains were intriguing as well. This introduced some original Doctor Who villains that I really do hope return at some point. I also liked seeing Clara pretend to be the Doctor and her understanding how difficult it is, having to make impossible choices. It also showed the Doctor how he acts in these survival situations and the negative impact he has had on Clara and he had time to reflect on that.

Some of the highlights of the episode include, the Doctor using his hand to move The mini TARDIS out of the way of an oncoming train (which was a nice reference to Thing from The Addams’ Family films) and of course the Doctor dancing to celebrate moving the TARDIS out of the way of the train haha.

Here is a nice GIF of that dance, enjoy!


Well, despite how much I enjoyed “Flatline” there is only one episode I could reserve the Number One spot for…



1. “Listen” (Series 8, Episode 4, 2014)

I had to put this episode at number one because I really enjoyed it. Once again writer Steven Moffat plays on our fears and introduces an interesting idea that leads to an interesting twist near the end.

This episode saw The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) obsessed with the idea of a creature that had become adept at hiding and was able to avoid detection. The Doctor brings Clara along and it leads to them finding a young boy named Rupert (who is revealed to be a young Danny Pink), who the Doctor protects from a mysterious figure under a red blanket sitting on Rupert’s bed. The Doctor tells Danny that being scared is good because it is a super-power that will make him run faster, jump higher and fight harder! The creature eventually leaves Rupert’s room and the Doctor and Clara leave.

Eventually Clara meets Orson Pink, who is revealed to be part of Clara’s timeline from the distant future (most likely a descendant of Clara’s). The Doctor found him at the end of the universe where he was trapped, after Orson explained that he was part of a project that sent him two weeks into the future, instead he ended up at the end of the universe.

The Doctor still obsessed with this “creature” decides to open the door to the space station, believing that it will reveal itself. The Doctor is rendered unconscious and something is trying to get into the TARDIS, so Clara uses The TARDIS’ telepathic circuits to fly the TARDIS!

The TARDIS lands and Clara decides to investigate. She tells Orson to watch the Doctor, while she looks to see where they have landed. Clara walks out into a barn to hear someone crying, when two people enter the barn! Clara hides under the person’s bed as she hears the two voices talking to the person, who is revealed to be a boy, but not just any boy, but in fact a young Doctor! (possibly a younger version of The First Doctor, William Hartnell)

The Doctor wakes up in The TARDIS and yells for Clara, wondering where she is. This noise wakes up the young Doctor and he turns on the side of the bed, and then Clara grabs his leg! Clara asks the boy to go back to bed, and she returns to the TARDIS, telling the Doctor not to look where they landed and to just leave. Clara believes there was no creature and that the Doctor is just afraid to admit he is scared of the dark. The TARDIS leaves and then we are shown Clara talking to the boy in the barn!

Clara tells the boy that it’s okay to be scared and that he will return to this barn one day and he will be scared and we are then shown a clip of The War Doctor from “The Day of The Doctor!” Revealing that this barn was the same barn where The War Doctor planned to use The Moment to destroy Gallifrey! Clara tells the young Doctor that it’s okay to be  scared, because fear is a superpower and that it can make you brave and that if you let it, it can also make you kind.

I loved “Listen,” it was a great episode! It had some really great moments and Capaldi was fantastic in it, showing how scary and unpredictable the Doctor can become when he lets an obsession take hold of him to the point that it puts his companions and friends in danger. The revelation that the crying boy was a young Doctor and that the barn was the same barn The War Doctor visited in The 50th Anniversary episode was a stroke of genius,   that really added to the episode. I loved the Doctor’s speech to Rupert and how despite Twelve being a less cuddly Doctor this time around, he still cares about people, especially scared children.

This was my favorite episode of Series 8, and would argue that it is one of the best episodes of Doctor Who!

Well that concludes My Top 10 Episodes of Doctor Who Series 8!

What say you? Do you agree with my list? What episodes would you put on your Top 10 list? Whatever your thoughts let me know!




4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Episodes of Doctor Who Series 8 Part II

  1. IMO Into the Dalek was the best. I wasn’t so keen on Deep Breath. I felt it was silly for Clara to fee uncomfortable with him changing. Surely if there is anyone who could cope with it it would be her? Also I hated Matt Smith’s cameo. I love Matt Smith of course he is easily my third favourite Doctor after my two childhood faves Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee, but it was such a slap in the face to have the previous Doctor show up and say to the audience “please like him, please like him, please, please, please, please!” No other Doctor has needed that they have just won the audience over themselves. It looked as though they didn’t have faith in Capaldi. Also I found all of Clara’s conversation with Vastra about flirting just painful to listen to. Moffat needs to get over this obsession with flirting he has. I agree though that 11th Hour is probably one of the best first doctor stories it and Power of the Daleks are probably the two best IMO.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I can understand that and felt very much the same when I first watched “Deep Breath.” However the more I thought about it, Eleven never really had his goodbye with Clara in “The Time of The Doctor,” he really said goodbye to Amy even if it was a hallucination. The scene in “Deep Breath” allowed Eleven to say goodbye, even if it was also like Moffat was getting Matt Smith to ask the younger audience to keep watching because Moffat and the BBC were afraid they would lose some viewers because The Doctor was no longer “young and hot.”


  2. I sure agree with your top two! I think those two puppies stand up against the best of any other Doctor. It’s kind of unusual to have two that powerful in one season, actually. We lucked out. I wasn’t a huge fan of “The Orient Express,” though, because it felt contrived to me. The givens of the show–66 seconds, Clara’s anger, the scientists on board–came off as formulaic, to me. You’ve got some nice strong episodes in your list. Thank you for sharing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea “Listen” and ‘Flatline” were amazing episodes! That’s a fair criticism of “The Orient Express,” I just enjoyed the plot, Capaldi and the return of the Jelly Babies! Also I noticed that Captain Quell was Mr. Collins in the A&E mini-series Pride and Prejudice! Thank you and thanks for reading!


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