My Top 10 Episodes of Doctor Who Series 8 Part I


Well Series 8 of Doctor Who has officially ended, and Peter Capaldi has one full season as the Doctor in the books. Since I have seen all of Series 8, and can say without a doubt which episodes I really enjoyed, I’ve decided to do a list of My Top 10 Episodes of Series 8 split into two parts! Here is Part I!



10. “Death in Heaven” (Series 8, Episode 12, 2014)

This episode which is the second part of a two part Series 8 finale and written by Steven Moffat, picks up right where the first part left off. The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is still coming to terms with the revelation that Missy (Michelle Gomez) is a female regeneration of The Master and that she has formed a Cyberman army from the dead. Meanwhile, Clara is in danger from a group of Cybermen who want to kill her, and Danny Pink has been converted into a Cyberman. The Doctor discovers Missy is planning on converting the dead all over the UK into Cybermen and eventually reveals that the Cyberman army is for The Doctor, so he can have his own personal army to save everyone, like he has always wanted to. Danny Pink sacrifices himself along with a group of Cybermen to prevent all of Earth being converted into Cybermen. The Master is seemingly destroyed by a Cybermen, who is revealed to be Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart. The Doctor and Clara both lie to each other, the Doctor believing Danny has found a way to return to Clara and that she wants to stop travelling with the Doctor and that the Doctor found Gallifrey and is returning home. It’s a very great scene, especially seeing how angry the Doctor is when he realizes Missy lied about the coordinates of Gallifrey’s location.

This was a good episode that had some great moments, but was not a satisfying season finale. I found it to be a disappointing finale and that’s why I put it at number 10 on my list.


9. “The Caretaker” (Series 8, Episode 6, 2014)

This episode saw The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) pretending to be a caretaker at Coal Hill School, to stop an alien robot called The Skovox Blitzer from wreaking havoc at the school. The Doctor meets Danny Pink (Clara’s boyfriend) and clashes with him, but eventually begins to respect him when Danny helps the Doctor defeat The Skovox Blitzer.

I enjoyed this episode, it was fun and it was great getting to see the Doctor try and blend in with humans and fail miserably.This is probably one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who, that I would put up there with “The Lodger,” and “School Reunion.” I would have placed this higher on my list, but there a few episodes I enjoyed more than this one.doctorwho_s08e07_01

8. “Kill The Moon” (Series 8, Episode 7, 2014)

This episode was the Who debut of writer Peter Harness, and saw The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi), Clara, and Coal Hill student Courtney Woods (Ellis George) travelling to the moon in 2049. The Doctor discovers that the moon is an egg about to hatch and leaves the decision of whether to kill the creature or not up to Clara and seemingly abandons her. The Doctor eventually returns to save her, but Clara gets upset with him, explaining that he forced her to make an impossible decision and was worried she might make the wrong decision and asks him to leave and never come back.

This episode was great because it had a very Classic Who vibe to it with the creepy spider bacteria and the overall mood of the episode is very creepy and unsettling. Plus we get to see how sometimes the Doctor puts his companions in difficult positions and is unaware of how dangerous he can be. This was a great debut for writer Peter Harness and I for one hope he comes back to write another episode!


7. “Robot of Sherwood” (Series 8, Episode 3, 2014)

This episode saw The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) taking his companion Clara to visit Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest in the year 1590. The Doctor and Clara meet Robin Hood (Tom Riley) and end up saving England from the Sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Miller) and his robot knights.

This was a fun episode and it was great to see The Twelfth Doctor being skeptical of the existence of Robin Hood. This was one of my favorite period episodes of Doctor Who and the interplay between Robin Hood and the Doctor is fantastic.


6. “Dark Water” (Series 8, Episode 11, 2014)

This episode saw The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) helping Clara to find out where Danny Pink (Clara’s boyfriend) went to after he was tragically killed by a car crossing the road. The Doctor discovers that there is an institute known as 3W that has numerous dead bodies encased in water tombs. The Doctor discovers that his arch-nemesis, The Master (regenerated into female form) now known as Missy or The Mistress is behind everything, and is converting the dead into Cybermen!

This is a great episode that finally reveals what The Nethersphere is and who the mysterious character of Missy is. It’s a great setup for “Death in Heaven,” and is one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who, despite the revelation of Missy’s true identity being a bit too predictable.

Well that concludes Part I of My Top 10 Episodes of Doctor Who Series 8! Part II will be up soon!

What say you? Did you enjoy Series 8? What are your favorite episodes of Series 8? Do you agree with my list? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Episodes of Doctor Who Series 8 Part I

  1. I definitely enjoyed Series 8 – approaching it mathematically and comparing its scores to those I gave to other series, it comes somewhere in the middle.

    The Caretaker was my favourite episode, with Dark Water coming second. But if The Caretaker was one of your favourite episodes, why is it only 9th on the list?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree, it was a good series! I had a hard time deciding where to place it, at first I wanted to put it at Number 6, but then I kept saying “No, I like these episodes more!” It really came down to me being indecisive. I would put it higher, but there were episodes I enjoyed more. I hope that answers your question haha.


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