My Favorite “Doctor” Moments from Doctor Who Part I


Every TV show has great moments where the main character kicks into action and saves the day and this is especially true of the Doctor in Doctor Who. Every incarnation of the Doctor at some point has that “Aha!” moment where they come up with a solution to the save the day, whether it is spur of the moment or they were ten steps ahead of everyone else from the get-go. The Doctor has a lot of these moments, especially ones where he asserts his power and control over his enemies. These moments are what make The Doctor such a great character, that you can’t help but root for. That’s why I’ve decided to compile a list of My Favorite “Doctor” Moments split into four parts! Here is Part I!



“The Doctor Dances” (Series 1, Episode 10, 2005)

By the end of “The Empty Child,” it seems like all hope is lost for The Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack Harkness, when they are surrounded by people being turned into gas-mask wearing zombies in 1941 World War era London. Luckily, the Ninth Doctor discovers what is going on and uses nanogenes that are able to cure everyone of the disease turning everyone into gas-mask wearing zombies! The Doctor is so happy proclaiming “Everybody lives! Just this once everybody lives!”

This moment is so great because it shows how often The Doctor is unable to save everyone on his many adventures, but this time he gets a rare chance to save everyone!


“The Parting of The Ways” (Series 1, Episode 13, 2005)

Another great moment where The Ninth Doctor saves Rose by absorbing the time vortex, knowing full well that it would kill him. This moment is a great insight into The Doctor. Before Nine met Rose, he was brooding and full of guilt, having just destroyed Gallifrey to save the universe. The Ninth Doctor tries to live with that guilt, but really hates himself for what he did. When The Doctor meets Rose, she helps him move on and gets him to realize that he can still do good things. The Ninth Doctor falls in love with Rose and cares for her so deeply that he is willing to sacrifice himself to save her. The Ninth Doctor is willing to regenerate for Rose which is very telling for the character.


“The Christmas Invasion” (Series 2 Christmas Special, 2005)

The introduction of The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) saw The Doctor facing off against The Sycorax who were invading Earth! The Doctor refreshed from sleeping after regenerating allows the Sycorax leader a chance to surrender and is about to walk away when the Sycorax leader charges towards him with his sword! The Doctor throws an orange at a switch opening a trap door leaving the Sycorax leader to fall to his death. The Tenth Doctor walks away with a straight face saying “No second chances. That’s the sort of man I am.” This episode illustrates how dark and unforgiving The Doctor can be, when his enemies threaten to hurt his friends or the planet Earth. The Tenth Doctor gave the Sycorax a chance to surrender but he would not accept surrender forcing The Doctor to kill him.

This moment is great because it showcases the darkness of The Doctor and shows just how cold he can be. This moment shaped the rest of The Tenth Doctor’s time, who managed to balance a happy/goofy side with a very cold, dark and at times ruthless side.


“The Runaway Bride” (Series 3 Christmas Special, 2006)

In this episode, The Tenth Doctor meets his future companion Donna Noble as she is about to get married. The Doctor realizes that something is amiss, and begins to investigate and discovers that The Empress of Racnoss (who is part of an ancient spider-like alien species that was destroyed by The Time Lords) plans to revive her species, which will destroy all of Earth! The Doctor offers to take The Empress to another planet to repopulate, but she refuses forcing The Doctor to kill her! The Doctor drowns her and her offspring in the basement of the building where Donna works.

This much like the confrontation with the Sycorax leader is another great moment where The Doctor proves that he is not one to be messed with. If you threaten to harm innocents he will put you down! This moment is another great look into the darkness of The Doctor and the lengths he is willing to go to protect those he cares about.


“The Family of Blood” (Series 3, Episode 9, 2007)

In “Human Nature,” The Tenth Doctor is being chased by aliens who he says will chase him to the end of universe to kill him. The Doctor entrusts his companion Martha Jones to be his carer because he is going to make himself human to hide his Time Lord essence from the aliens chasing them. The Doctor ends up settling down in 1913 London becoming a teacher called John Smith at a all boys boarding school and falling in love with a school nurse. The aliens eventually locate The Doctor, and kill three people and take over their bodies to be able to blend in with everyone else. In “The Family of Blood,” John Smith is faced with the choice of becoming The Doctor again, but refuses. John Smith surrenders to the aliens known as The Family of Blood, and meets them in their spaceship. Unbeknownst to the aliens John Smith pushes a bunch of different buttons knowing it will destroy their ship! He reveals himself to being The Doctor, pretending to not know what was going on! The Doctor punishes each of the alien family members. He traps the little girl in a mirror, the father in unbreakable chains forged in a dwarf star, throws the mother into an event horizon, and places the boy in suspended animation forcing him to be a scarecrow watching over the fields of London. All The Family of Blood wanted was to live forever and The Doctor granted them their wish, but in a very “be careful what you wish for” way.

This is yet another moment showing just how far the Doctor will go if pushed to the limit, he is one not to be trifled with. Some people said this was something the Doctor would never do and it’s too ruthless, but I don’t think it’s that simple. The Doctor is forced to make really difficult choices like whether or not he needs to kill an enemy to protect others. Remember what Twelve said to Clara “Sometimes there are only bad choices. You still have to choose.”


“Voyage of The Damned” (Series 4, Christmas Special, 2007)

This episode saw The Tenth Doctor enjoying a nice vacation on the cruise-line spaceship The Titanic. However something is amiss, there are angel-like robots being controlled to kill everyone on board and crash the ship into Earth! The Doctor takes control of a group of people including an overweight couple, a waitress, an alien/cyborg and a rich businessman, who is a bit of a jerk. The Doctor tries to help getting everyone to listen to him, prompting the rich businessman to question The Doctor, asking him why he should listen to him. The Doctor introduces himself as a 904 year old Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who is going to save their lives and the people on planet Earth below. The rich businessman begins to listen to The Doctor knowing that he is more than qualified to lead the group haha.

This is a great moment because it shows how easily The Doctor can take control of a situation and gain the attention of any people who don’t trust The Doctor. This is one of my favorite Tenth Doctor and Doctor moments.

Well this concludes Part I, Part II will be up shortly!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite “Doctor” Moments from Doctor Who Part I

  1. I agree with you all of your choices except for Human Nature/Family of Blood. II have always hated that story because I think they go to far in trying to make the Doctr nasty. I accept that he would kill peopl, but having him torture them for reason just makes him look like a sicko.

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