My Top 10 Doctor Who Music Tracks Part II


As I mentioned in my previous post, I think that Doctor Who is one of those rare shows that has GREAT music that adds to the show, making it much more enjoyable to watch. Doctor Who has some of the best music thanks to the genius of composer Murray Gold and because I am really into music, I decided to do a list of My Top 10 Doctor Who Music Tracks. I have already posted Part I, so without further delay here is Part II of My Top 10 Doctor Who Music Tracks!



5. The Wedding of River Song (Series 6, 2011)

This piece of music is first heard near the end of the Series 6 finale, “The Wedding of River Song,” where The Eleventh Doctor is trying to ensure his death on a beach near Lake Silencio in Utah, so that the universe and all of time will keep moving. The Doctor has Amy and Rory marry him and River Song, so that he can get time to start moving again once he comes in contact with River. The Doctor is able to repair time and everything returns to the way it was, while The Doctor “dies” on the beach in Utah like he is supposed to. This track is one of my favorites, it’s so mysterious, beautiful, sad, epic and just amazing! The build up is great too, right when The Doctor kisses River the music picks up and begins to speed up, while time is restoring itself. This piece of music really captures the essence of River Song and how mysterious, and enigmatic she is and it’s no wonder this same track was played when The Eleventh Doctor met the curator at the end of “The Day of The Doctor!” Despite my overall disappointment with the conclusion to The Doctor’s death at the end of Series 6, I still really enjoy this song and track, it’s one of Murray Gold’s best!


4. The Doctor Forever (Series 3, 2007)

This amazing piece of music is first heard in the Series 3 episodes, “Human Nature”/”The Family of Blood.” It is heard when The Doctor is described by a boy at a boarding school who comes into possession of The Doctor’s FOB watch, which houses his Time Lord essence. The song encapsulates The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) so well, with a choir singing to describe how ancient, mysterious and amazing he is. The song also really captures the loneliness and anguish The Doctor has endured throughout his long life. At a certain point the song speeds up tempo, which captures the adventurous aspect of The Doctor, and how this particular incarnation of The Doctor is a swash buckling hero! “The Doctor Forever” manages to capture the different aspects of The Doctor, and how exciting it would be to travel with him! This is one of my all-time favorite tracks from Doctor Who!


3. All The Strange Strange Creatures (Series 3, 2007)

This incredible track is first heard in the Series 3 episode “Utopia,” when The Doctor discovers that Professor YANA is actually his archnemesis, The Master (another Time Lord who is obsessed with conquering the Earth) in disguise! This track serves as The Tenth Doctor’s action theme, but is just so amazing when it is played along with the camera showing The Tenth Doctor’s face when he realizes that Professor YANA is The Master! The music is amazing, with this slow, intense build up to the reveal of The Master, and it just sets the mood perfectly. This is one of my favorite tracks and it’s no wonder it was also played in Matt Smith’s final episode!


2. This is Gallifrey, Our Childhood, Our Home (Series 3, 2007)

This piece of beautiful music is first heard in the Series 3 episode “The Sound of Drums,” when The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) is describing Gallifrey to his companions Martha Jones and Captain Jack Harkness. This track is so beautiful capturing the majesty and wonder of The Doctor’s home planet Gallifrey. It also captures the intensity of The Time Lords and the initiation of Gallifreyan boys into Time Lord society. The way The Tenth Doctor describes the beauty and amazing sight of Gallifrey, with their blades of red grass that stretched for miles and the red sun setting over the planet. It just makes the viewer want to travel to this distant planet! This is just an amazing track encapsulating how incredible the planet Gallifrey is! Even though I really enjoy this track, there is only one I could reserve for the number one spot…


1. The Majestic Tale (Of a Madman in a Box) (Series 5, Series 6, 2010, 2011)

This track is first heard in the Series 5 episode “Cold Blood,” where The Eleventh Doctor is trying to broker piece between humans and Silurians (Classic Who villains who are brought back) who are fighting for control of the Earth. This track is played when The Doctor is ready to save the Earth from The Silurians, who believe themselves to have ownership of the planet because they have lived underground for millions of years. This piece of music is a variation of “I Am The Doctor,” which serves as one of The Eleventh Doctor’s themes, but is much more intense and epic. The full version of the track is heard in the Series 6 premiere episode “The Day of The Moon,” when The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) uses subliminal messaging against alien creatures known as The Silence with video footage of one of The Silence saying “You should kill us all on sight!” This message is transmitted in 1963 on TV’s all over the world the day of the Apollo moon landing. This message allows humankind to fight back against this alien race who have invaded them without their knowledge. This track is one of my absolute favorites because of how heavy, intense, and epic the build up is. This track really captures how much of a bad-ass The Eleventh Doctor is and how dark, and intense his particular incarnation is when pushed to the brink. The choir that sings in the track also captures the age, wisdom, and bravery of The Doctor. I always think the choir is used in the music of Doctor Who to give The Doctor this ancient, godly and mystical vibe. The Majestic Tale (Of a Madman in a Box) is one of my favorite tracks of Doctor Who and just one of my favorite musical pieces in general, and that’s why I gave it the number one spot on My Top 10 list!

Well that concludes the list of My Top 10 Doctor Music Tracks! What say you? Do you enjoy the music from Doctor Who? What is your favorite musical piece from Doctor Who? Do you agree with my list? Do you disagree with my list? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


8 thoughts on “My Top 10 Doctor Who Music Tracks Part II

  1. I’m a big fan of Murray Gold too. I think the Classic Doctors also had some epic music, especially Two and Three. I had a harder time with Six and Seven’s music (including the theme), but then, they had their moments. I enjoyed both this post and your Doctor Who themes list. Not many people would think to do that–have you considered reviewing the opening credits, the visuals and music together? Thanks again for your posts.

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    • He is amazing! I need to check out some of the Classic Who music, I did like the theme that played in “The Invasion,” that was kinda spy-thriller-esque. Thanks, I’m a big fan of Doctor Who, especially the music! I guess I could do that, thanks for the idea! No problem, thanks for reading! I plan on doing a list of my favorite Doctor Who episodes and my favorite episodes for Doctors numbers 9, 10, and 11! I’m also going to do a list of my favorite Twelfth Doctor episodes at some point!


      • I can’t wait to read them! I was actually planning on doing the same. I love hearing what other people think of the episodes, though, because I just go around and around in my own mind with my favorites, but other folks’ lists give a new perspective–and maybe even change my mind.

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      • Me too, it’s great to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions! I can’t wait to read yours as well! Same here, I just re-watched “The End of Time”today with my girlfriend and despite some it’s flaws and utter cheesiness, I still really love that episode. I couldn’t have said it better myself, sometimes people change my mind on an episode, it’s rare but it happens haha.

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  2. Great choices my fave bits of music are probably The Doomsday theme, The Rueful fate of Donna Noble, The Long and endless Dalek knight, the Cybermen theme, Davros’s theme and the Master’s theme. RTD era for me had the best music, though I think 11 had the best them of any of the Doctors in new who. As for classic who I liked the music they played in Troughtons stories when the Cybermen are breaking out of their tombs in Tomb of the Cybermen and th Yeti attack in The Web of Fear.

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