My Top 10 Doctor Who Music Tracks Part I


A lot of TV shows have good music, but then there are TV shows that have GREAT music that set them apart from other shows. These particular TV shows have music that makes the show that much better, by setting the mood perfectly, capturing the essence of a particular character, adding drama etc. In my opinion a television program’s music can either make or break their own show, making you more engaged or completely losing your attention. Doctor Who is one of those rare cases where the music makes the show that much more exciting to watch! The music is phenomenal (thanks to composer Murray Gold) and that’s why I have decided to compile a list of My Top 10 Doctor Who Music Tracks split into two parts! Here is Part I!



10. “A Dazzling End” (Series 4, 2008)

This track is played near the end of the Series 4 episode, “Turn Left,” in which we are shown a world where The Doctor never existed and never met his companion Donna Noble! This track is one of my absolute favorites, because of how well it captures the moment when Donna realizes in order to get her past self to turn left, she needs to sacrifice herself. The build up is fantastic and really captures the moment perfectly, with great fanfare. Also the title of the track is perfect, indicating how this alternate version of Donna Noble will die, but it will be a dazzling end!


9. “The Mad Man with a Box” (Series 5, 2010)

Another great track by Murray Gold that captures the essence of The Eleventh Doctor. When Amelia Pond meets The Doctor, he is very much The Raggedy Man, and is crazy, fun, manic, and goofy but so lovable! This track captures how The Eleventh Doctor really is like a character right out of a fairy-tale! To Amelia Pond, The Doctor is an imaginary friend, who whisks her away and takes her to see the stars! The Eleventh Doctor is very much a “Mad Man with a Box,” and this track really captures that well, while also getting across that this Doctor is a fairy-tale character.


8. “The Sad Man with a Box” (Series 5, 2010)

A variation of the track “The Mad Man with a Box,” except this has a build-up to a great section that is very bombastic. This track is first heard in the Series 5 finale “The Big Bang,” where The Doctor is ready to sacrifice himself to reboot the universe! It has some of the same parts as the previous track I mentioned, except there is this build up to a great section, that is very epic! There is also a little piece of “I Am The Doctor,” played near the end which pretty much tells the audience “Here comes The Doctor to the rescue!” You really get a sense of how lonely The Doctor is from this piece of music, and how sad his existence can be sometimes.


7. A Secret He Will Take To His Grave (Series 7, 2013)

Another great track, that is probably one of the saddest musical pieces of Doctor Who I have ever heard. This piece is heard in the Series 7 finale, “The Name of The Doctor,” when The Doctor discovers that his friends are being held hostage on the planet Trenzalore. When The Doctor is given this news from his companion Clara, he breaks down and begins to cry, remembering the prophecy Dorium told him in “The Wedding of River Song.” The prophecy states “On the fields of Trenzalore, at the Fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked, a question that must never, ever be answered. Doctor Who?” The Doctor remembers this and is convinced he is about to die, breaking down into tears. This piece is actually a re-arrangement of the track “This is Gallifrey,” and really captures the sadness of The Doctor and his current incarnation’s impending death.


“The Long Song” (Series 7, 2013)

An incredible track that is first heard in the Series 7 episode “The Rings of Akhaten,” when the Eleventh Doctor is allowing a parasitic planet to absorb his memories in order to satiate its appetite. The whole scene is very emotional, beautiful and acted phenomenally by Matt Smith. The lyrics seem to apply to The Doctor just as much as they do to the parasitic planet. “Rest now my warrior, rest now your hardship is over. Wake up and let the cloak of life cling to your bones.” These words describe The Doctor just as much as they do the parasitic planet. This scene also has one of the best speeches of any Doctor and in my opinion is one of Matt Smith’s best scenes in the show. “The Long Song” is one of the best tracks in Doctor Who, it’s emotional, it’s epic, it’s beautiful, it’s touching and that’s why I put it on my list!

Well, that concludes Part I of My Top 10 Doctor Who Music Tracks! Part II will be up shortly!


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