My Top 5 Doctor Who Season Finales


At the time I am posting this it is still Halloween, so Happy Halloween everyone! Well seeing as how the first part of the series 8 finale of Doctor Who is about to hit our TV screens this Saturday night, I thought what better time to do a list of My Top 5 Doctor Who season finales! This list will only consist of New Who episodes (for the record I have seen Classic Who episodes) and two and three part episodes will be considered one episode. Okay here is my list!



5. Series 2 “The Army of Ghosts”/”Doomsday” (2006)

The series 2 finale saw the ghosts of loved ones reappearing all over the world, until it was revealed that they were Cybermen crossing over from a parallel universe preparing for an invasion! The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) along with his companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) are called into action to save Earth from The Cybermen, along with the help of Torchwood! The Doctor discovers that The Cybermen were crossing over from a parallel universe  and that they plan to convert all of humanity into Cybermen!  According to The Cyber leader a sphere in our universe drew The Cybermen here and they have no idea where it came from. The sphere is revealed to be a ship holding an army of Daleks who appeared from a void, and prepare to do battle with The Cybermen, and eventually come out victorious. The Daleks are looking for a capsule which is Time Lord technology and is revealed to be holding a group of Daleks, known as The Cult of Skaro who were trapped during the Time War! The Doctor manages to stop The Daleks, by reversing the breach sending all the Daleks back into the void they came from, but loses Rose in the process! Rose is trapped in a parallel universe, the same one The Doctor, Rose and Mickey visited in “Rise of The Cybermen” and permanently separated from The Doctor. The Doctor has a tearful goodbye with Rose via a hologram, where Rose confesses her love for him. This was a very action packed season finale, and I enjoyed it a lot, my favorite parts having to be when The Daleks and Cybermen confront each other, when The Doctor laughs after a Dalek orders him to hand over his Sonic Screwdriver and when The Doctor starts wearing 3D glasses. This was an exciting season finale, but the romance between Rose and The Doctor seemed silly to me, and that’s why I put it at Number 5.


4. Series 4 “The Stolen Earth”/”Journey’s End” (2008)

The series 4 finale saw The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) along with companion Donna Noble dealing with stars and all the planets disappearing, including Earth. The Doctor discovers that all the planets have been stolen by Davros, the creator of the Daleks! The Doctor’s former companions: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith, and Captain Jack Harkness all meet via a conference call and try to get in contact with The Doctor to save the Earth! The Doctor is about to reunite with Rose when he is shot by a Dalek forcing him to regenerate!

The Doctor is able to avoid changing his face and siphon the remaining regeneration energy into his spare hand that was cut off by The Sycorax leader in “The Christmas Invasion.” The Doctor, and his companions face Davros and are trying to stop him from destroying the universe. Davros has a device called a Reality Bomb, which will destroy all of reality leaving only The Daleks to rule the universe! Donna is trapped in The TARDIS while it is being incinerated on Davros’ ship, when she touches The Doctor’s spare hand, creating a Doctor clone, who is half human, half Time Lord and has The Doctor’s knowledge and intelligence, but Donna’s sassy attitude as well haha.

The Meta Crisis Doctor or Ten Two along with Donna who after touching The Doctor’s spare hand gained all of his Time Lord knowledge is able to disable all of The Daleks weapons! Ten Two destroys all the Daleks, something that really angers and disgusts The Doctor. The Doctor wipes Donna’s mind, telling her that all the Time Lord knowledge is too much for a human brain and will overwhelm her brain and kill her. As a result Donna forgets all of her travels with The Doctor (so sad!) This is one of my favorite finales of Doctor Who, because we get to see a group of former companions come together to help The Doctor save the Earth! The first part ending on the cliffhanger of The Tenth Doctor regenerating completely shocked me! The Daleks were finally terrifying again in this episode and I really enjoyed the story as well.


3. Series 3 “Utopia”/”The Sound of Drums”/Last of the Time Lords” (2007)

The Series 3 finale saw The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack Harkness travelling to the end of the universe, because The TARDIS was trying to shake off Captain Jack who clung onto the TARDIS as it was travelling through the time vortex! The Doctor meets a Professor YANA who in one of the best twists I have ever seen on Doctor Who is revealed to be The Master in disguise! He was resurrected by The Time Lords and forced to fight in The Time War, but ran away to the end of the universe and made himself human via the Chameleon Arc and used a FOB watch to hide his Time Lord essence! (Wow, what a great plot twist!) The Master steals The Doctor’s TARDIS and they are seemingly trapped at the end of the universe, but The Doctor rigs the controls so the TARDIS can only travel between to time periods, one of them being the 21st Century.

The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack use Jack’s Vortex Maniputalor to travel to present day and soon discover that The Master through mind control has influenced the British population to make him Prime Minister of Great Britain! The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack are captured by The Master, and using The Doctor’s TARDIS as a paradox machine is able to open a rift in space and time and all these alien creatures known as The Toclafane to come into our universe and to begin to destroy 1/10 of the Earth’s population. The Doctor (who has been aged by The Master through his own sonic device) whispers something into Martha’s ear and Martha then uses Captain Jack’s Vortex Manipulator to leave The Master’s ship, The Valiant and goes on a journey around the world trying to avoid The Master’s detection. A year goes by and The Toclafane are very close to wiping out humanity completely, while Martha discovers one of The Toclafane is one of the people she met at the end of the universe!

Martha ends up captured by The Master and Martha reveals her plan was to spread the word of The Doctor all over the world and that when the countdown (which will unleash a fleet of Toclafane ready to wipe out humanity) was up all the people needed to think about was one word  “Doctor.” The Doctor reveals that over the past year he has psychically integrated himself into The Master’s Archangel Network, which The Master used to control people’s minds, making him The Prime Minister! The Doctor is restored to his normal self, and tells The Master he is defeated. The Master is shot by his wife, and he refuses to regenerate, leaving The Doctor the last of his kind again (so sad!) I really enjoyed this finale, it had twists, action, a great story, and a season long arc that had a great payoff!


2. Series Five “The Pandorica Opens”/”The Big Bang” (2010)

The Series 5 finale saw The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) venturing to Stone Henge, along with Amy and River Song.  When River discovers a painting by Vincent Van Gogh depicting The Doctor’s TARDIS exploding, she is forced to contact The Doctor, who ends up in Stone Henge when it’s discovered that a mythical box known as The Pandorica is about to open. River meanwhile is in Roman Britain in 102 AD pretending to be Cleopatra being kept under the hospitality of the Roman army. All of The Doctor’s enemies arrive at Stone Henge, and in one of Matt Smith’s best speeches on the show, The Doctor warns his enemies mentioning all the times he has stopped them in the past. Long story short a plan was devised through Amy’s memories to construct a scenario that The Doctor would be drawn to investigate and the Pandorica is a prison for him, because the Doctor’s enemies have all calculated that the universe will end because his TARDIS will explode! They imprison The Doctor believing him to be responsible for the end of the universe! River ends up trapped in The Doctor’s TARDIS as it explodes! Rory who is one of the Roman soldiers created from Amy’s memories ends up being revealed to be a robot and kills Amy!

The universe now no longer exists, minus the Earth and the moon, thanks to The Doctor’s exploding TARDIS! The Doctor using River’s Time Vortex Manipulator instructs Rory to save him from The Pandorica and to place Amy in there keeping her alive! Rory guards Amy for 2,000 years, making sure no one touches The Pandorica and becomes the legend known as “The Last Centurion.” Through a series of really Timey Wimey events The Doctor ends up saving Amy and River and while The TARDIS is exploding,The Doctor realizes he can use the remaining remnants of the old universe in The Pandorica to reboot the universe by piloting The Pandorica into his exploding TARDIS! The Doctor succeeds and with the help of Amy is brought back into existence!

I really enjoyed this finale, it had some great twists, some great acting by Matt Smith and it answered some questions that were brought up earlier in the season! Even though I really enjoyed The Series Five finale, I couldn’t put it at Number One, that spot is reserved for none other than…


1. Series Seven “The Name of The Doctor” (2013)

The Series 7 finale saw The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) travelling to the one place he is never supposed to venture to, his own grave. This episode saw the return of The Great Intelligence (Richard E. Grant) as he holds The Doctor’s friends: Vastra, Jenny and Strax hostage until the Doctor opens the door to his own grave. The Doctor discovers that his grave is located on the planet Trenzalore, which was first mentioned in a prophecy foretold by Dorium Maldovar at the end of “The Wedding of River Song.” The Doctor discovers that at some point in his future, his TARDIS will die and will house his essence, which is scar tissue left behind from all of his time travelling. The Great Intelligence wants to destroy The Doctor by jumping into his scar tissue (which is The Doctor’s time stream) by turning all of his victories into defeats.

While The Doctor lays dying as The Great Intelligence alters his timeline, Clara realizes what she must do, she has to jump into The Doctor’s time stream to save him! Clara ends up saving The Doctor but is trapped in his time stream, forcing The Doctor to jump in and save her! Clara is found by The Doctor as she discovers another version of The Doctor, who she has never seen before. The Doctor explains that when he became The Doctor, he made a promise to himself and that he is The Doctor that broke the promise! Clara passes out as The Doctor catches her and The unknown Doctor begins to speak saying “What I did, I did without choice. In the name of peace and sanity.” The Eleventh Doctor angrily replies “But not in the name of The Doctor!” and walks off as we are shown John Hurt introduced as The Doctor!

Okay, I really really enjoyed this episode, despite the fact that series 7 was not that great overall. Matt Smith is fantastic in this episode and even had me a bit teary-eyed in one particular scene, which is shown above. This episode was very grim and dark, but had some great scenes, with stock footage used showing Clara encounter every Doctor to date! We finally got some answers to questions that were driving me insane! I also loved the cliffhanger ending and it was a perfect way to lead into the 50th Anniversary! I think this is one of if not the best season finale of Doctor Who. Well that concludes My Top Five Doctor Who Season Finales!

What say you? Do you agree with my list? Do you disagree with my list? What is your favorite season finale of Doctor Who? Whatever your thoughts let me know!



6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Doctor Who Season Finales

  1. The Series 5 finale was my favourite – it had a great overall story without any silly moments letting it down, and there was some good action and comedy too. The Series 4 finale is second as it was brilliant seeing so many of the Doctor’s friends all together.

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    • I agree The Series 5 finale was awesome, it didn’t disapppoint! I would even say that Series 5 is one of the best series of Doctor Who. I loved the Series 4 finale as well, I kinda geeked out when all the Doctor’s friends came together to save the Earth! Series 4 and 5 were both great Series!


  2. “The Name of the Doctor” was easily one of the best Doctor Who stories I’ve seen, and I’ve seen them all. It was a beautiful season closer because of the last two minutes. I fell in love with it, however, before the opening credits, when they blended in the Classic Doctors with the current companion, Clara. Like you, I wasn’t as impressed by the Seventh Series as I had been by the Fifth or Sixth. But boy did that episode go a long way in changing my mind. Thanks for your list. It’s interesting. I think mine would have to include the First Series, although like you I found the romance with Rose a little uncomfortable.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes “The Name of The Doctor,” was just a great episode all around, and the idea of The Doctor’s grave was very interesting to me. “The Name, Night and Day of The Doctor,” all changed how I viewed Series Seven as a whole, and salvaged it in my opinion. No problem, thanks for reading! I also enjoyed “Bad Wolf/Parting of The Ways,” that finale has one of the best regenerations!

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  3. Great article. I think the season 5 or 4 finale’s were the best. I love the Daleks an they were at their best in either 4 or 1 or 2, but 4 just had so many amazing moments like 10 regenerating and the bit where the Daleks first appear. Series 5 is my favourite new who season, but I am not sure its my favourite finale. Name of the Doctor was a great love letter to the show. Seeing Hartnell again after 40 years since The Three Doctors made my whovian heart explode with joy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I agree seasons 4 and 5’s finales were awesome ! I loved Series 5 too, and I agree I felt that “The Name of The Doctor,” was fan service, but in the best possible way! I had a nerdgasm when I saw Hartnell at the beginning of “The Name of The Doctor,” it was so perfect!

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