The Walking Dead “Four Walls and a Roof” Recap/Review (10/10)


Well can I first say that I am loving the new season of The Walking Dead, only three episodes in and the writing has been great! This is an episode that I was really excited to talk about, because of everything that happened. Okay let’s get into the episode!


Okay, so the episode opens pretty much right where it left off, with the Termites (The Terminus People), including Gareth enjoying eating Bob’s leg for dinner as cannibals would. We can tell from the scenery that they are camped outside an elementary school, with Walkers trying to break through the school’s windows right behind them. Gareth starts talking to Bob and tells him how him and his group used to help people, and that something bad happened to his group causing them to change their philosophy. He says they soon realized that in order to survive they resorted to becoming cannibals (Hunters) and that he didn’t intend to harm Bob, and Rick and his group but was going to offer them a choice to join them and their cannibalistic lifestyle or be killed and eaten. Gareth says that Rick and his group destroyed his home and now he is going to have his revenge on Rick and the others. Gareth also mentions that a grey haired woman killed his mom, but drove off with Daryl, and he couldn’t catch them. Suddenly Bob begins to laugh and the other people are confused assuming that Bob is just in shock and dealing with the situation by laughing. Bob begins laughing harder, pulls the collar of his shirt and says they all ate tainted meat, revealing he was bitten by a walker at the food bank! (Hahaha, take that Gareth!) The Termites begin panicking, spitting out the food, but Gareth calmly tells them he cooked the meat so they should be fine, Gareth then kicks Bob to shut him up.

We then are shown Sasha in the woods with a rifle with a night-vision scope who is aware Bob is missing and is looking for him frantically. While she is using night-vision she sees a walker in front of her and then begins to stab it with her knife. Rick finds Sasha in the woods and Sasha tells Rick someone is watching them.

Rick and Sasha return to the church and Sasha grabs Father Gabriel assuming he is laying a trap for the group, which would explain why there are people watching them. She interrogates him, but gets no answers, then Rick grabs him and begins screaming, asking Father Gabriel what he did. Rick mentions the words carved into the side of the church “You’ll Burn For This,” asking what it means and who the woman was at the food bank who had turned and tried to kill Gabriel. Gabriel begins to tell Rick and the group that at the end of every night he always locks the church doors, and the day the zombie apocalypse happened the church doors were locked and people looking for help(which included women and children) and shelter tried to get into the church by prying the doors open and eventually they were all killed by a herd of zombies. This has left Father Gabriel a guilt-ridden man, who believes Rick has been sent by God to punish him and begins crying on the floor. One can only assume the zombie woman at the food bank was one of these people, which explains why Gabriel looked so guilty and upset when he was nearing his death.

Suddenly, the group hears a whistle outside and they open the church doors, and Sasha sees a one-legged Bob lying outside near the front steps. Some shots are fired and Rick begins shooting his revolver into the woods, and the group returns into the church with Bob. Bob explains what Gareth and his group did to him and then reveals to Sasha that he was bitten at the food bank. He also tells the group that Gareth and his group were camped outside a school. Abraham says he is leaving for Washington with Eugene, and he and Rick butt heads until Glenn stops them and gets Abraham to agree to help them fight Gareth and his group. Abraham says he is leaving for Washington in the morning, and there is no negotiating. Rick asks Father Gabriel if there is a school close by them and Gabriel says that there is an elementary school ten minutes away that is located through the woods near the church.

After agreeing on a plan of action, Rick, Sasha, Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Michonne and Rosita all leave the church and head into the woods, headed for the elementary school. Meanwhile, Gareth and his group are walking towards the church, and enter. The church is dark and appears empty and Gareth begins to yell saying he knows Rick and a group left, and that Carl, Eugene, Tyreese and Judith are hiding in one of two rooms. Judith begins to cry giving away Carl and the others’ location and Gareth tells one of his men to shoot at the hinges of the door, when he is suddenly shot in the head! Another Terminus person is shot and Rick and his group appear from the shadows! Rick tells the remaining group to lay down their weapons and Gareth refuses until Rick blows off his fingers! Gareth surrenders and gets Martin (the Terminus guy Tyreese failed to kill) to surrender too. Gareth begs to Rick for his life telling him that he and his group weren’t always like this and that they were good people once and helped others. Gareth says to Rick this isn’t the way, pleads with him saying that if he lets them go, he will never cross their paths again.

Rick who doesn’t trust Gareth at this point begins to grab his machete, and Gareth screams as Rick hacks at him again and again! (Go Rick!) Abraham, Rosita, Michonne and the others begin beating the other Termites with the butt of their guns until they are dead, and Sasha stabs Martin multiple times. Michonne recovers her kitana from one of the dead Terminus people, and seems glad to have her trusty sword back. (yay, Michonne is back!) Father Gabriel is upset with this development yelling “this is the Lord’s house!” obviously not happy with Rick and his group slaughtering a bunch of people in his church. Maggie responds “No, it’s just four walls and a roof,” (wow, that’s intense).

The next morning Sasha sits beside Bob as he dies, and Sasha sobbing uncontrollably has her knife ready, but cannot seem to stick him with it and Tyreese offers to do it making sure Bob does not turn.  Abraham, Glenn, Maggie, Eugene and Rosita leave on the bus they repaired and head for Washington, hoping to find a cure for the zombie virus. Rick opens a map he is given by Abraham and reads a message that says “Sorry I was an asshole. Come to Washington. The new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes.” Rick then goes to help Tyreese bury Bob.

Later that night outside the church Michonne is standing guard and she hears some movement in the woods. Michonne draws her kitana and walks into the woods to be met by Daryl! Michonne is glad to see Daryl and she asks where Carol is, and Daryl says to someone in the woods “okay, come on out!” ending the episode.

What I Liked:

Bob laughing during Gareth’s speech, knowing that he was bitten by a walker at the food bank, and that Gareth was eating tainted meat.

The reveal that Gareth and his people were eating tainted meat, that was handled very well. Plus the reactions from the Terminus people were perfect.

Finally getting an answer to what Gabriel did that made him feel so guilty and upset.

Rick and Sasha confronting Father Gabriel about possibly selling their group out to Gareth and his group.

Rick screaming at Gabriel forcing him to tell him what happened that forced someone to carve “You’ll Burn For This” into the side of the church.

Rick and his group tricking Gareth and the Terminus crew and eventually slaughtering all of them, it was mighty satisfying.

The surprise return of Daryl at the end of the episode!

What I disliked:

Gareth being killed so quickly, I thought that he could have stuck around until the mid-season point, but oh well, his death was satisfying.

Bob dying, him and Sasha made a good couple. I liked Bob’s character, he became more likable the latter half of last season into this season. I really wanted him to die in season four when he almost got Daryl and some other people killed when he tried to grab a bottle of vodka. 

Glenn and Maggie leaving with Abraham and his crew, they are some of my favorite characters.

Overall, I really enjoyed “Four Walls and a Roof,” it was action packed and full of exciting developments including Gareth getting what was coming to him!  I cannot wait to see what happens next!


What about you? Did you enjoy the newest episode of The Walking Dead? Were you surprised how quickly Gareth and his crew were killed off? Did you like seeing crazy Rick go berserk on Gareth? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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