The Walking Dead Season 1 Recap/Review (10/10)


Seeing as how we are already into Season Five of The Walking Dead, I decided to do a recap of the first four seasons split into four different parts! Throughout my recaps I will talk about story, character development, and my overall thoughts and feelings on the seasons as a whole. Let’s get into the recap of Season One!



The series starts off with Sheriff’s deputy, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) waking up after spending months in a coma in a hospital in Georgia. He is horrified to discover that he has awoken to a post-apocalyptic zombie world! The thing I find so incredible about this is the fact Rick just immediately accepts it, he has his quick moment of disbelief, but quickly kicks into survival mode, understanding the situation he is in.

Rick goes to his home and discovers his wife Lorrie and son Carl are missing and meets Morgan Jones and his son (who explain the whole situation as to what is happening in Georgia, and that the CDC supposedly is where people can find safe haven). Rick then retrieves his Sheriff’s deputy uniform and trusty revolver, finds a horse and rides into Atlanta, before he discovers the city is filled with walkers! (zombies). Rick meets a young man named Glenn in Atlanta on his way to the CDC (where he heard he could find safe haven), and is surrounded by zombies and forced to crawl into a tank to avoid the zombies.

Once Rick is freed with the help of Glenn, he meets some of Glenn’s group, who are staying in a department store to protect themselves from zombies. A group of zombies attack the group in the store and Rick decides a member of the group Merle Dixon is too unstable and handcuffs him to the roof of the store. Rick and the rest of the group escapes leaving Merle to die on the roof. Rick discovers that if you cover yourself in zombie guts and blood, other zombies will believe you are a zombie, which he uses to his advantage. Rick and Glenn cover each other in zombie guts and slowly walk through a herd of walkers as it begins to rain! The rain starts to wash off the zombie blood and guts and Rick and Glenn start to get noticed by the zombies! Rick successfully avoids the zombies and finds a truck and Glenn jumps in his car and blares his horn to get the walkers to follow him as they drive back to the camp.

Rick travels with Glenn and the rest of his small group to the outskirts of Atlanta where Rick reunites with his family: his wife Lori and son Carl and Shane (another Sheriff’s Deputy, who is Rick’s partner) and meets other people who have formed their own group. Lorrie and Shane are shocked to see Rick because they believed him to be dead because he was stuck in a hospital during the zombie outbreak and it’s clear that Shane is not happy Rick is back, having fallen in love with Lori. It is revealed Shane and Lori have begun a romantic relationship while Rick was presumed dead, and Shane feels it is his duty to protect Lorrie and Carl.

Rick assumes command of the group along with Shane and decides to head back to Atlanta to rescue Merle (after his younger brother Daryl gets angry when he hears that Rick and his group abandoned him) and to retrieve a bag of weapons he dropped in the street. A small group including Glenn decides to join him. When Rick and his group try to rescue Merle, they discover all that is left of him is his hand in his handcuffs, apparently he sawed his hand off so he could escape (yikes).

While Rick and his group are in Atlanta, a herd of walkers attacks the camp at night, and a woman (who is the younger sister of one of the people in the group) is killed by a zombie.

Rick, Glenn and the rest of his small group return to camp to discover it has been attacked by walkers and decide they need to find safety and head for the CDC. When Rick and the group reach the CDC they meet Dr. Jenner (the surviving scientist in the CDC headquarters in Georgia). Dr. Jenner explains that scientists tried to understand the zombie virus and how to cure it, but that there is no known cure. After spending a few days inside the CDC, the generators run out of power and Dr. Jenner initiates a lock-down, which will destroy the whole building in order to prevent dangerous diseases being studied from spreading. Dr. Jenner decides to stay and die in the building’s destruction, believing there is no hope for humanity with no cure to the zombie virus. Rick pleads with Jenner to open the doors believing all hope is not lost and before Rick leaves Jenner whispers something (that cannot be heard by the audience) and Rick is visibly shocked and horrified by whatever he is told. Someone uses a grenade to open a window and everyone is able to escape, and  avoid a group of walkers and get to their vehicles and live to fight another day ending the season.

What I liked: Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and seeing how he just accepted this post-apocalyptic zombie world and then went into action mode. 

Rick retrieving his Sheriff’s Deputy uniform and revolver and making himself the sort of Sheriff of this new world (which is pretty bad-ass).

Rick thinking quick and realizing zombie blood and guts could be used as camouflage against other zombies.

Just being thrust into this zombie apocalypse world and not having some silly exposition explaining how it happened.

What I disliked: Merle Dixon (what an a-hole!)

Not knowing what Dr. Jenner told Rick that was so shocking. (of course I know now)

I really enjoyed Season One of The Walking Dead, it was a great introduction and I felt the pacing was perfect and the characters are very interesting!


What say you? Did you enjoy Season One of The Walking Dead? If so what did you like? Whatever your thoughts let me know!


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